G o d d e s s   o f   D e a t h
                                                                               I   v o w e d
T h a t   I   w o u l d   p r o t e c t
                                                                      T h e   m o s t   d e a r   o n e

Tidbits of Information That Have Probably Been Retconned or Forgotten About:

-There’s an in-universe rumor that Nanamo was fathered by one of Mistbeard’s pirates during a raid on the royal palace on the day of the then-Sultan’s wedding.

-Gridanians would often leave broken possessions at Lifemend Stump overnight, and the Moogles would fix them. This practice is considered sacred, to the point that not even the Redbellies are willing to risk snatching the broken items.

-There’s a legendary gem called ‘the Heart of Infinity’ that is said to have an extremely powerful Elemental sealed away inside it.

-There is still a living member of the Ala Mhigan royal family; Theodred, hidden by his mother in an abandoned Temple of Rhalgr to avoid being killed by his uncle, the King of Ruin Theodoric.

-Sunsilk Tapestries has its own acting troupe, and they perform unique plays where the scenes are staged in various locations around Thanalan and allow for a frighteningly large amount of audience participation. One such play, entitled 'The Girl Who Would Be Princess’, mixes elements of real-world fairy tales (Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White, while the plot mostly adheres to that of Cinderella. Mostly.) with Ul'dahn propaganda. (Portraying Teledji Adeledji as the 'Prince Charming’)

-A tale involving that of the roegadyn Archon Ahldbhar, said to be Rhalgr the Destroyer taking mortal form. It is said that he “fought relentlessly against a clan of wicked sorcerers that sought only to wreak havoc on the world through their dark powers.” But then, for some unknown reason, he “fell into deep despair”, and “turned and took up with the enemy.” After which point the tale is rather lazily cut off, and to this day we still don’t know if this topic will be addressed ever again. It could easily be speculated, however, that the 'wicked sorcerers’ could be referring to the Ascians, and Ahldbhar’s despair and betrayal could in fact be an early mention of possession.