“Um, hey, Kosugi here!”

“And Hibiki…”

“You may be wondering where Nanamine is. Well he’s in Mourning.”

“Still?! But Reversi ended nearly a Year ago! I don’t get paid enough to put up with this…”

“Anyway, in his absence, Kosugi will be evaluating the next idea!”

“I wasn’t told about this, why aren’t you doing it?”

“Well after Manga Captor Nanamine, he kinda… banned me from ever evaluating manga ideas. Ever. Again.”

“…Right. I’m still angry with you about that one myself. What’s the idea?”

“Hmmm? Oh right, here we go, one from another Anon… *ahem*”

A young man who hates his useless editor

“What? Is this one Nanamine submitted himself or something? I swear, there’s something wrong with that ki-“

falls in love with him

“Wait, what?”

and does whatever he can to win the useless and black haired editor. I’m good at love stories, ain’t i?

“… Maybe it isn’t Nanamine then… unless…”

“Hey, Muto Ashirogi Sensei, are you two writing a romance manga now?”

“Stop fooling around, and evaluate it already! Like Master Nanamine would develop feelings for you with someone like me around!”

“Wait, what?”

“But no, you’re *partly* right, this can’t be Nanamine. It’s not his level. Which means it would be hilarious to watch you turn into a real name, just to mess with Nanamine, but no, the idea itself is no good. There’s just no meat on it. What do I edit, I mean, what does the black haired editor edit?”

“I think they edit their manga-“

“Shut up you. Anyway, there’s just not enough to go on with this concept. So I’m afraid…”

“Come back with more details… And damn, I really hope that wasn’t Nanamine, as they’re in a bad enough state as it is…”