Haru be like: “Wait! This isn’t Rin’s handwriting!”, “Let’s eat something then. Just so you know, there’s no meat here.”, “You didn’t bring your pillow? Will you be able to get to sleep?”, “My Shining…” -recites the whole poem while struggles with Rin as if he knows it by heart-

And then; “I want to see, too!” (what kind of magazines Rin has under his bed), “Who on earth… was Rin intending to give this to?!” (supposed love letter), “I see… then, Rin, does that include you?” (about all guys having books like that under their beds), “RIN SAID WAY TOO LITTLE” (when asked what did they think from reading the other boySSS’ interviews)

No wonder the boy remembers every stupid thing about Rin, he’s always trying to know more about him… 

S01E12 is the epitome of how inconditional Nanase Haruka’s feelings for Rin are, how much he wanted him in his life no matters what their current, at that point, situation (the boy was even supporting Rin during his race, believing in him implicitly, and when he saw Rin in that state, he chased after him without thinking twice because he couldn’t bear see him like that. The thing is, they were on such bad terms; what was he even thinking of saying to him if he would have found him? Without knowing what Rin have told Rei yet?)

But one of the unspoken factors here that I love, is that he wants Rin in his life because of who exactly he is, with the good and the bad things.

And it’s not that he got used to his presence, it’s not about loneliness, it’s not about missing someone because he was feeling alone. Because we know that it’s not the case. We know, too, that there are other such wonderful people in his life who don’t “threat” that shell he created, thus people who makes his life easier from his perpective, so to speak. Because regardless of how wrong he can be about some aspects of his way of living, how he wasn’t really a happy kid when he “used water as his reason to live” before Rin “appeared in his life” (and was the key, the root, so he learned something that brings him happiness), and obviously he couldn’t be happy without knowing what he wanted to do with his life later, it is still what he thinks, that most things take “too much effort”. And again, he still wants him in his life.

And for me that was always so beautiful, just as how Rin came into his life like for three moths and changed it completely, how his life wouldn’t be the same, how his future wouldn’t be the same. And this leads to another thing I love;

(…) Because Rin thoughtlessly enters into his heart (…*)

He couldn’t even help it, *and he even “““disliked””” Rin at first because of it.

And sorry but, that’s too amusing… 

“Without hiding the anger in my eyes at being conscious of each other, I’m unaware of the true colors of that feeling of irritation” (JOY)

“I thought that I’d let go of it, but it had always lurked smoldering in my heart. It was when we fought that I realized for the first time what I really felt.” (REAL WAVE)

You tried, Nanaharu.


Since the winter Oympics is coming up, I wanted to do something in celebration of it.
A few days ago my friend reblogged this and I was mesmirized by his outfit, but as I watched his performance he was just absolutely beautiful. * q * Mizu was like someone should draw Nanaharu in this outfit, so I did. Then I felt like I needed to draw Rin too lol

I was too lazy to think of my own original pose, so I just copied his ; n ;


ok so last night when i made the post about @lazyshark discovering you can add weird ass honeymoon themed shit to your room reservation at the russell hotel, i realized that even though i made like a million different posts back when i first stayed over in Room 25 back in august, there were a couple of pictures i never posted. mainly, because they turned out kinda blurry cos i was too nervous someone would see me (i’m a loser ok) and… cos i just forgot.

but anyway – while i documented the room 25 pretty extensively above, there’s a fun detail at the hotel that i wanted to share. the first picture is the hallway down from the room, and right at the other end is a lovely little lounge area. idk it kinda stuck with me, because with the flowers and the light it gave me a very peaceful feel. i sometimes see people commenting that the show must have been profitable for the hotel, but i’d be really surprised if it made much difference; it’s at a great location, has a very distinctive style, and generally seems like a place i’d pick on a romantic getaway. i mean. a bro getaway. broaway. …. what

fun fact: room 25 is a superior room with ensuite. again, i know it’s not about realism (rather than aesthetic, probably) for kyoani, but damn. this whole “oh no i never saw it coming” honeymoon joke will literally never get old when you know how ridiculously romantic it’s in real life. and i’m the biggest joke ever for going back there w/ my own nanaharu for that exact reason