Im Jinah Gif Pack

The following pack contains 48 gifs from The Good Wife, e06. These gifs were all made by me and are for roleplaying purposes only. Please do not repost, edit, add to gif hunts, use in rp bios, etc. You may, however, use them as reaction gifs in replies. Please like or reblog if using.

Im Jinah is Korean; please remember to cast her as such.

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♔♔ 140+ high quality small/medium gifs of the gorgeous, Im Jinah also known as Nana from her role in The Good Wife. None of these gifs are mine and I found them from various sources. If any of these gifs are yours and you would like me to take them down, please let me know and I will. If you use this gif hunt, please like/reblog. Also please don’t copy my gif hunt into another gif hunt. I apologize for any repeats. I will be updating periodically.

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