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Can we all notice how the computer Flowey is using is called, "B🍌Nana

B🍌nana was founded by Stan Cobs, Stan Mazniac, and Donald Payne in April 2076 to develop and sell personal computers. It’s credited for such products as the mePhone, mePad, B🍌nana TV, and the web browser JungleJourney.

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are there any new a/b/o taekook fics? or namjin?

Jealous by lavenderperfume [rated E, 10k]

Idiosyncratic by jiminsfw [rated E, 19k]

Smile with me by narcisara [rated E, 11k]

Amazing Taste by bimeetsstigma [rated E, 3k]

My Alpha by Wontonz [rated M, 2.5k]

Winter Heat by peachgalaxy [rated E, 3.6k]

I Know You’re The One For Me by hanaadaichi, seaofsakura [rated M, 64k]

Sorry I don’t have any NamJin! ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ

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Dating Jaemin would include

Originally posted by nakamotens

Request: Hello! If it’s not too much trouble, may I request a Boyfriend! Jaemin please? Also, can I be a new anon? ^-^ -Nana anon

A/N: I hope u guys enjoy this!!

  • ok so
  • i feel like he’s a v cheesy bf
  • so much grease
  • but he wouldn’t rlly show it in front of his older band members??
  • bcs he’s shy shy shy
  • im sorry
  • he would do it in front of the dream team
  • //que donghyuck faking puking noises
  • “diSGUSTING”-hae
  • “like ur not like this w mark”-nana
  • nana equals grease tho
  • “babe~~~~ur lips look lonely~~~don’t they wanna meet mine~~”-nana
  • “b y e”
  • gotta blocc him
  • he’s also rlly sweet tho
  • like if ur studying
  • he’d suddenly lay his head on ur shoulder
  • and ur like ??what??im busy
  • jae would suddenly put a bag on ur desk
  • “na jaemin im studyin what the”
  • when u look in the bag tho!!!
  • u see all of ur fave snacks and drinks
  • honestly if i were u i’d cry 
  • “it’s all for u!!”-nana
  • he doesn’t want u to pass out while studying ok
  • he lowkey always has your fave drink w him
  • like even when he knows he’s not gonna see u on that day
  • he’ll have ur fave drink w him
  • he’s got two of them
  • he drinks one bcs it reminds him of u
  • and one is for when u suddenly appear
  • OK BUT
  • !!matching sweaters!!!
  • especially when it’s autumn
  • he loves them sm
  • especially when ur sweaters match
  • u kno what else he loves
  • u watching him at dance practice
  • bcs he loves the fact that u always clap after he finishes dancing
  • i mean why wouldn’t u
  • he’s a great dancer
  • i feel like he loves coffee shop dates???
  • like he just orders his hot chocolate
  • “babe can u fedd me cake? :^))”-nana
  • “what are u,a baby”
  • “yeah ur baby~~”-nana
  • it would make u wanna leave the coffee shop
  • but he’ll smile that beautiful smile of his
  • and u wouldn’t want to leave the coffee shop anymore
  • he highkey loves going on walks when it’s chilly outside
  • bcs that way he can hold u closer to him
  • nana holding hands???
  • no
  • nana clinging onto ur arm
  • sometimes you’d feel like ur arm is about to get ripped off bcs he holds on so tightly
  • ur taller than him??holds u by ur arm
  • smaller than him??holds u by ur arm
  • ok but ur name on his phone is probs so cheesy i h8
  • ‘sweetheart the loml 💕💕best thing in the world 💕💕💕💕💕💕’
  • he loves kisses
  • i think
  • lol
  • soft kisses
  • surprise kisses
  • anything tbh
  • he loves it when u give him nose kisses tho
  • and he loves giving u kisses all over ur face tbh
  • he just loves showing u his love ok
  • honestly 
  • dating jaemin would be gr8
  • #alliwantforchristmasisjaemin

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Excuse me, hello! Could you please recommend some good supernatural taekook AU to a trash? Like, werewolves, witches, vampires -- anything. Thank youu!

Yes of course I can!!


Freesia by mintsoda [rated E, 25k]

My blood, sweat and tears, My body, soul and mind by Sophcs [rated G, 1.5k]

Predator by centurystorm [rated M, 4k]


Sphalerite by jeonggukhyung [rated E, 8k]

paint me in faded purples and blues by cherryjjk [rated E, 6k]

Toads and Periwinkle by Kavbj [rated M, 18k]

Hybrid AU:

getting more than you bargained for (and not minding at all) by itsrainingstars [rated G, 5k]

Strawberry Tarts by AlexaLambSkewer [rated ?, 1k]

Perfect Timing by animositae [rated M, 3k]


night winds by sassyneki [rated E, 12k]

Cinnamon Crisp by teatimetaemint [rated M, 21k]

That was a lot less than I thought it would be, but that’s because I have yet to tag all of my bookmarks.. Ahhh i really should get around to do just that…

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