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hello i am very new to the mchanzo scene what with how i do not nor ever plan to own overwatch but i love all of your fics for them and was wondering if you could recommend some other fics? thank you! i hope you have a great day!

Aww, thank you! :D

Unfortunately, I haven’t actually read any fic in months, so I don’t have a lot to offer right now, especially nothing new. ;_; But I do have a few fics squirreled away that I enjoyed, and a few others I remember really liking before I stopped reading so much.

Need to Know by EtLaBete–some good angst, some slightly different McCree that I like, boys not talking about their feelings like idiots

To Make It Right by canterville–a little silly, some flirty Hanzo, but couched in some more serious character development

Familiar Habits by Philosophics–a good burn done in 8k words

four days by starscray–fake dating trope. for like 4 days. it hurts so good.

Points on a Circle by Hubris_And_Crafts–I actually stopped reading this back around chapter 12 or something, but I remember it fondly for lots of good characters, A+++ pining, and an interesting plot

Crossroads by blurimuri–again, stopped reading halfway through, but I highly recommend it for the following (paraphrased) exchange between Genji and McCree:

“Fuck my brother.”

“Now hold on, that ain’t fair, he’s doing his best–”

“No, McCree. Fuck my brother.”

Considerable Grace by nan00k–Hanzo Pines and is Awkward

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what are some of your favorite fics, mchanzo wise?

oh gosh, that’s a hard question

tbh I haven’t read any new fic in several months, for reasons of my own, so some of my recs are probably a bit old by now, but:

four days by starscry is one of my big faves; I go back and read chapter 4 sometimes just for the hurt and the reveal

Considerable Grace by nan00k is a really good one-shot; I LOVE me some pining Hanzo, and the oblivious McCree is the icing on that cake

Need to Know by EtLaBete–pining PINING pining pining and misunderstandings and ow it hurts so good

To Make It Right by canterville–a more lighthearted one, more of a pleasant short burn than pining, and some playful Hanzo that is just A++

there’s more around somewhere but those are the ones whose bookmarks of mine haven’t scattered to the four winds