nan x kitty

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Tipping the Velvet

Song: OneRepublic ft. Sara Bareilles - Come Home

Pairing: Nan x Kitty

Vidder: renster2412

Vidder Notes:

When an oyster girl becomes infatuated with a male impersonator musical act, Kitty Butler, she eventually meets her idol and starts to be her assistant. With a big move to the East End, Nan King begins to have musical hall aspirations herself. Seeing the potential in a double act, Kitty develops the duet and success brings passion and betrayal and the act splitting. In one last desperate attempt to win Nan back, Kitty sits in the box seats waiting and hoping, as Nan reflects back in her nervous wait and performance, that the end of the act will be a reverse repeat of the gift of a rose , which signals, “I choose you”

Dedicated in memory of my father’s Great Aunt, Hetty King, one of the top male impersonator Musical Hall Acts Argyle Theatre, who smoked King Edwards,“as only a King is good enough for a King.” 1883-1972 . I hope where ever you are your still singing and dancing, Look I can still slide and twirl aunty Win..thanks Ren x