nan desu kan


Here’s the My Love Story!! (Ore Monogatari) doujinshi I debuted at Nan Desu Kan this year~ It was presented in an anthology zine format with @whimsyink and @crystalrmcdowell, and is our first doujin debuted under our “circle” name, Rare Color!

Suna is the best. (Also, Takeo is alarmingly easy to draw once you get the shapes down. Yamato…is hard to draw. For no reason.)


I finally had my first visit to NDK. It was amazing! Especially cuz I had this big guy to hold me and support me and be a total geek with. He sat with me through a crossplay panel, and a lolita for beginners panel. I also bought me a cute little bell, a nice pair of ears, and these adorable tights. Not to mention an awesome book bag for college. And can you believe I found this geeky Genderfluid pin!? I love conventions. And I believe I should introduce the senpai. His name is Em. I’ve known him for two years. And we counted this as our first date. He’s undoubtedly the nicest man I have ever met. Best hugs ever. He seems to really care about me. And I can honestly say I do too. And yes, I am totally looking into lolita fashion. I’ve always dreamed of it. Since I was little. I love conventions. (*‘▽’*) Oh, almost forgot, I got a little color in my hair. :D


My Nah cosplay from Fire Emblem Awakening.
The cosplay was very hot! My head was always sweaty, my butt was like a swamp because I had shorts, a lined petticoat and the bottom of the dress had 3 layers.
I don’t know how long it took me to make everything since I lost count after 48 hours. I had to remake the gloves 3 times and the purse twice. I hade to shorten many things on this costume (my dress, cape, ears, petticoat and wig).
I don’t even want to talk about the cost of this costume…My older sister is awesome and bought the white fabric for me :3 (all 6 yards since I had to double some parts).


Jasprosesprite^2 completed just in time for our sprites shoot!!! I’m so happy with how it turned out and everyone looked so wonderful!! :D

Jasprosesprite^2: Me

Erisolsprite : sperocor

Fefetasprite: gaysymmetry

Calsprite: *to edit tonight* 

Nepetasprite: *to edit tonight* 

Jadesprite: imaginmatrix

Davepetasprite^2: striderbeegod

Aradiasprite: ask-mama-kat

GCaTavrossprite: *to edit tonight*

Tavrisprite: *to edit tonight* 


 Murdoc: peepeeinmybumhole