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Ask me AHS questions.

•This or That?
•Favourite _________?
•Least Favourite ________?
•Marry, Fuck, (Cuddle/Kiss), Kill.
•What’d you think about _______?
•How do you feel about ________?
•Literally anything else.

American Horror Story

Favorite Season: Coven

Favorite Episode: ‘Go to Hell’

Favorite Quote: “It was clearly my destiny to die and be reborn, just like our Lord and Savior” -Madison Montgomery, The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks

Favorite Scene: At the end of 'Head’, as Oh Freedom plays; when Hank shoots up the hair salon, when Delphine was watching the Salma March video, and when Joan smothers Luke with a pillow

Favorite Female Character: Zoe Benson

Favorite Male Character: Luke Ramsey

Least Favorite Female Character: Joan Ramsey/ Alicia Spencer

Least Favorite Male Character: Hank Foxx

Sweetest Moment: When Kyle told Zoe that he loves her and when he turns down Madison for Zoe.

Heartbreaking Moment: When Kyle realizes that his body is made of the scraps of his fraternity brothers (when he looks at the tattoos)

Saddest Moment: When Luke Ramsey is killed by his mother.

Most Disturbing Moment: Delphine La Laurie’s torture chamber, and when Madison brings Zoe to the morgue so they could rebuild Kyle.

Most Touching Moment: When Myrtle requested that Cordelia burn her at the stake.

Most Frustrating Moment: When Madison refused to help bring Zoe back to life.

“Together We Can Rule The Galaxy”

This is my contribution to the Star Wars: Art Awakens art show and charity auction put together by @g1988 , Disney, Lucasfilm, and Bad Robot. This one of a kind print will be auctioned off on Ebay starting Friday night (11/13) . I will post a link to the auction once it’s up! This and many other pieces will be hanging up at Gallery1988 this weekend to see in person!

Luke the guy who charms the heck out of your grandma, joking and laughing and making her blush so when you’re leaving her house she packs him extra leftovers and hugs him a little longer than she hugs you and he throws an arm around you as you walk out and grins ‘think she’s got a new favourite’ and you’re just like 'stop flirting with my grandmother you creep.’

You Meet at a Wedding.

A/N: Your P.O.V


“(Y/N) come on please!” My little cousin begged. My aunt had gotten married and I was now attending the reception. “You can’t dance now, and you need to be quite. They’re dancing their first dance.” I said as I hoisted him up on your knee. “Why do they get to dance? Why can’t we?” He whispered. “Because the first dance of the night goes to the bride and groom. Their first dance to show everyone that their love is gonna last.” I explained. 

“But we love each other why can’t we dance?” He said still looking at your aunt and now uncle. “We love each other as a family silly. They love each other as people do. You’ll understand when you’re older.” I smiled still watching my aunt dance. “Do you love someone like that?” He asked. “Not yet, but I will someday, hopefully.” I replied. They finished their first dance as everyone clapped. 

“Have you met my best friend? Come meet my best friend!” He said jumping of my lap, grabbing my hand and rushed over to a very tall guy, talking to my nan. “Luke! This is (Y/N) she’s my girl friend!” He said. “Woah there buddy, don’t go that far.” I laughed. “I meant as my friend that’s a girl.” He sighed frustrated and walked off. “Luke.” He said as he held out his hand. “(Y/N).” I said shaking it. “So who brings you here?” He asked. “Who? Like my mum and dad? My cousin who just bought me over here? Or do you mean how do I know that bride and groom?” I asked. “Last one.” He smiled. 

“My aunt is the bride. What about you?” I asked. “My mum is friends with the groom.” He said. “Well, it was nice to meet you.” You said. “Wait,” He said grabbing your dress. “uh, I just, uh. I wanted to say you look beautiful tonight.” He blushed as he scratched his neck. “Thankyou.” I blushed. I took a spare piece of paper from the table next to me and grabbed the pen for the card. I wrote my number of the paper and handed it to him. “You should call me sometime.” You smiled as you walked over and picked up your cousin.


“Hi there.” I heard someone say. “Hi.” I said looking up. “Is this seat taken?” He asked. “Uh no.” I said as he took a seat. “Can I help you?” I giggled. “Just wanted to take the chance to sit next to a pretty girl.” He smirked as a blush crept to my face. “Would you like to dance?” He asked. “You just sat down,, I’d hate to make you get up.” You joked. “Anything for someone as gorgeous as you.” He stood up and offered his hand. 

He put his hands on your waist and you hands went to his neck. “So how are you tonight?” He asked. “I’m great. I just love dressing up in a dress I will never dress up in again for people I’m never gonna see again.” I said sarcasm obviously in my voice. “Now, that’s a great way to look at it.” He cracked a smile.

“You know, for all the compliments you’ve given me in the last 3 minutes, you haven’t bothered to tell me your name.” I said. “Do you need my name?” He smirked. “Well, I’d like to think that the guy i’m dancing with isn’t some sort of creep.” I replied. “My names Calum, Calum Hood.” He said. “(Y/N), (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” I replied.

“Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” He said. “You just know all the right words, don’t you?” I said trying to stop the blush creeping on my cheeks. “Well, you need to be prepared when a girl like you comes into view.” He said. “You sure no how to flatter a girl.” I smiled.

“Glad it’s working.” He winked. “You don’t have a boyfriend do you? Because that would just make it really awkward.” He chuckled. “Nope, I’m single. Nothing to worry about.” I said. “Actually there is something to worry about, can’t have a beautiful, single girl running around the place.” 

“So, Calum. What are you saying then?” I asked. “Would you, Miss (Y/N) (Y/L/N) allow me, Mr Calum Hood, to take you out on a date?” He asked. “Surprisingly yes.” You blushed.

Do you want Mashton?