nan and kitty


I’ve out gayed myself again! Just when I thought I couldn’t get any gayer. I was balls deep into season six of xena when I saw the scene like five minutes into ep. 18 and this is all the fuck I could think of. Then I thought: Hey they both came out in like 2001. Maybe it really is an homage. Which would make it the gayest shit evaa! But they didn’t even— Tipping came out in 2002, so I’m not even right. So, it might be a stretch, but I fucking I love it!!!

Requested by– leggomego

PinkKryptonite– Omgoodness, this set was fun to make! With the characters’ sexuality, various gender roles, and individual personalities, there was a good amount of elements to work with. I was originally going to do just Nan, but then, what’s one without the other? So, voila! Here’s the beautiful pair, Nan King & Kitty Butler<3

Notes: (1) I have yet to read the book. I have only seen the mini series, so forgive me if my interpretation is kind of “off.” (2) I always felt that Nan was the more “feminine” of the two, so I made sure that her outfit reflects that contrast with Kitty. (3) Nan’s ring: A pearl to symbolize where she came from (oysters), and a rose to symbolize her first-sight desire for Kitty.