namu hearts

 ive been working on howon’s bday post for the past few day for hours (which will turn out ugly af) and i came to check tumblr for a sec and saw 3 of my beautiful friends being sick/sad, whats wrong with you world? Why are you giving my buddies hard times???

@whiteconfession first of all i hope you get better soon honey, health is the most important thing you know :) and there is always a good in bad things so im pretty sure you not being accepted there, will have been better for you in the long run. Dont beat yourself up too much 💜💜💜

@jdw-juseyo get well soon Millieeee 💜💜💜 *throws healing Namu-hearts at you* 😘

@purpleboyhowonee the only trash you are is ot7 trash Annie. You are amazing and YES we acknowledge you and YES WE LOVE YOU 💜💜💜