My Namstar. My Namgrease. My Namabs. My Namaegyo. My Namtree. My Namchest. My Namtroll. My Namtrainer. My Namu. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Words can’t describe how much happiness and joyfulness you bring to my boring life. You more color and brightness to my dull world. I’m very thankful for your existence. Your personality is just FREAKIN PERFECT. You’re bubbly. You’re smile is warm and bright. You’re kind and sweet to your INSPIRIT. You treat your fans as your family, friends even your girlfriend. This year INFINITE is such a DAEBAK!! Your One Great Step is really really successful and as a INSPIRIT I’m so proud of my 7 namja :D And for my Namu just keep smiling brightly and I really admire your smile it makes me happy too. Enjoy your wonderful birthday with your family, friends, fans and of course to you HamstersGyu *kekeke I’m huge WooGyu shipper* Aigoo this letter is long, trust me I like to continue this but it seems it’s take forever to release how grateful I am to meet Namu and INFINITE. So once again Happy birthday my Tree <3
PS. Stop being so greasy ^_^
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