Jin: The question was about adopting not about MAKING, Namjoon!

RM: We can try both ways, I just really need your little copy,sweetheart. Remember what I have a name Namsoon for a daughter?

Jin: I can NOT give you a baby!

RM: Why are you giving up so fast, babe?

bts 150521 jung joon young's shimshimtapa radio: rapmon's name is kim namsoon?
  • (JJY obsessing over Jimin's part in 'Danger')
  • Rapmon: Didn't you get my name wrong once?
  • JJY: Yes? How did I get it wrong?
  • Rapmon: In America when we did a stage together once.
  • JJY: Yeah, I had a performance with Rapmonster in LA once. I forgot your name then?
  • Rapmon: Was it Namsoon?
  • (V: Kim Namsoon you!)
  • JJY: No, but what's Rapmonster's Korean name?
  • Rapmon: I'm Namjoon.
  • JJY: Ah, Namjoon, but I shouted Namsoon instead?
  • Rapmon: Yes.
  • JJY: Ah, really, I'm sorry.
Why Go Namsoon is the best

Source: Xina
Translation note: This is an interview with the writers of ‘School 2013′, Lee Hyun Joo (who worked with Jongsuk in WIWTP) and Go Jung Won.

Reporter: When people see Go Namsoon, they joke and say that it is the character that the writers put the most effort into. So which is actually your favourite?

Writer Go: It’s Namsoon.

Writer Lee: Our love for Namsoon is too obvious. In the beginning, we already gave him all the background setups. Our drama is about the teachers and the students – Namsoon is the main character among the students. There’s deep trauma and wrongdoings in his past, so he has to be extra charismatic now to make up for it. That’s why gave all the good setups to Namsoon. Namsoon is a person who doesn’t know how to rescue himself from hurt and pain. Through ‘School’, he comes to terms with his past and breaks through. Lee Jong Suk really acted it out very well.

Writer Go: Exactly. When ‘School 2013′ revealed the title cast, there is a photo of Jongsuk leaning by the window. When we saw that picture, we couldn’t help but exclaim, “Wow, that’s Namsoon!”

Reporter: So why did you pick Lee Jong Suk to portray Namsoon?

Writer Lee: Firstly, we weren’t the ones who picked him.

Reporter: So what were your feelings when you heard he got the role?

Writer Lee: Of course I was happy! I had always envisioned Namsoon not as some rough guy, but a pure and gentle soul. Someone who looks a bit spaced up, that kind of image.

Writer Go: Especially since Writer Lee had worked with Jongsuk in her previous project, so she added Jongsuk’s own charming qualities into the character of Go Namsoon. It really helped enrich the character’s image.

Reporter: What kind of charming qualities does he have?

Writer Lee: Hm… he looks a certain way, but his character is actually very manly? There is a gap there. A manly guy with gentle and elegant features. When I worked with him on the TV movie, I thought he was quiet but then he would suddenly be very masculine. After talking with him at length, I found that he is a very masculine person; he is mature and thinks in a deep manner. However, his looks are like an idol. So I felt that if I can use these qualities in the character, it would bring more charms to our President Go.

Writer Go: It is usually tough for two writers to get immersed in the same character when you co-write a drama. However, when Writer Lee explained to me what kind of people Lee Jongsuk and Go Namsoon are, I managed to understand Namsoon almost immediately.

Writer Lee: We never could imagine it would turn out so well. Lee Jongsuk is amazing as an actor. By the second episode, he fell completely into Namsoon and would talk about him all the time. ‘Namsoon… Namsoon…’ He is more Namsoon than even the Namsoon we had written; he worked so hard, it was like he was placing his life on this.

(T/N: He WAS betting his life on it, and he won. Actor Lee, looking forward to your amazing acting again soon.)

LnL Translations?

Doing the ones I haven’t seen translations of yet. ^__^ Much thanks to ddoting for correcting my mistakes in reading his handwriting! -__-|||

1. Do you want to do a drama or a film next? A: Both! 

2. Do you thought about going on a cable channel? A: If the project is good!

3. Want to go on ‘Law of the Jungle’? A: No.

4. Which pairing do you like the most in ‘Reply 1988′? A: Taekie <3

1. Which character was the hardest to act as?
A: Namsoon, Jonghyuk, Sooha, Hamyoung, ✓ Park Hoon, Joong-gil

2. What is the snack food that you like (or comes to mind) the most in winter?
A: Hobbang (red-bean bread), ✓ cocoa, boongibbang (fish-shaped hotcake), hoddeok (red-bean pasty), ✓ odeng (fishcakes), mandarins

3. Give us a hint about your next project~ In two words, no, just in one word!
A: <3 (T/N: that is not a word)

1. Tea that you like? A: Camomile

2. What is the most amazing thing you ever cooked? A: Chef Baek’s Beef Brisket Bean paste soup

3. What is the first thing you do when you arrive home? A: take off socks, play with Saja

1. Boiled eggs: fully-cooked vs.  ✓ half-cooked

2. ✓ Vegetable hotcake vs. red-bean hotcake

3. Middle hair parting vs. ✓ All-back hairstyle

4. Would you rather:  ✓ on Three Meals a Day, get fed properly and healthily vs. Go sky-diving and doing aaing

Doing your rest-time, have you thought about doing blonde or silver hair again? It was so pretty
1. My scalp was too painful so I won’t do it again
2. My scalp was so painful but I have thought about doing it one more time ✓
3. I’ve done it once so won’t do it again
4. Others

Millet Fan Sign Question Translation 31/10/2015

- 2016 Lee Jong Cow’s plan?

Drama (1) Movie (1)

- If you do action film, which?

Knife, sword ( ), gun (tick), dirty fight (tick)

- Most curious about the present condition of which character?

1. Namsoon (tick) 2. Sooha 3. Joongil 4. Jung Hyuk 5. Park Hoon 6. Dal Hamyoung

- Is there a scenario which makes you think  “It’s this one!” now?

Yes ( ) No (Tick)

- Apart from orange, any colour you like?

(Left blank)

- The perfume you are using right now?


(Pic Cr: DC)

P.S. The security guard saw this long list of questions and so he took her list away, and JS got it back from the guard and filled it for her.