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genre - angst, fluff. 

casts - bts [kim taehyung/v] X reader 

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Kim Taehyung’s group was called out for Korea’s most favorite variety show, Running Man. Kim Taehyung thought that his group was the only one as the guests, then you appeared.

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Thankfully, Yoo Jaesuk dropped the topic since he noticed things were getting more awkward between you and BTS; and he was aware that this topic can make the overly-jealous fans mad at you. “Ah, sorry,” he mumbled, laughing lightly, to lighten up the mood. “I heard you, ___-ssi, covered Gary’s song.” he announced - immediately receiving claps from both BTS and Running Man. 

You smiled sweetly, nodding, “Yes, I did, my manager likes asking me to do song covers; so I did. And I thought Gary-sunbaenim’s song was very beautiful, and very emotional too.” Gary cleared his throat shyly, putting his hand to cover his mouth. As you explain about your cover just now, Taehyung was bothering you by his stares. You couldn’t help, but brought your eyes to his. 

Immediately, both of you looked away. “But we couldn’t miss this chance seriously!” suddenly, Jihyo exclaimed. She turned to Bangtan, who was looking at her too – except Taehyung, who was looking down, trying not to look at you; not wanting to make it suspicious. “Bangtan Sonyeondan, show us some of your new song’s dance steps!” Jihyo exclaimed, grinning. 

Without any words exchanged, the music was played already - BTS’ Run. Almost immediately, all seven members ran in front, and scattered everywhere for their places. It didn’t take them a few seconds until they got their places right, immediately dancing to their song. You licked your dry lips, looking down. Jihyo, who requested them to dance, glanced at you. “___, you okay?” 

“Yes, unnie,” you replied, looking up at her. “I’m just a bit flustered.” you admitted, hoping you weren’t too loud. Gary though, heard it. “Why are you flustered?” you sighed at his question, glancing down. “I-” before you could continue, the music was turned off as the others clapped their hands for BTS, who finished dancing. “___-ssi, go sing for us!” Haha exclaimed. 

“Ne?” you faked exclaimed, slowly and nervously walking to the front. You heard the Running Man casts and BTS’ (Jimin and J-Hope’s are the loudest) excited screams, clapping their hands. “What song?” you asked the PD, but instead of replying, he smiled and turned on the music. You immediately recognized the instruments from the song. Ailee’s Singing Got Better[x]. 

Though you felt a bit relieved it was a song you knew well, you wanted to curse out the PD for choosing this song – because this song, was related to you and Taehyung. It was like as if those lyrics were actually made by you to Taehyung. Since you couldn’t reject, you took the microphone one of the staffs gave you, and sang. Taehyung clenched his fists when you started singing. 

Those lyrics–

I was out of it because of your gentleness
Because of your sweetness, because of your lies

“I’m sorry, okay, jagi? I’m sorry I can’t come home tonight and cuddle with you, thought I really want to! An idol’s life is such an utter shit.” you laughed as he apologized and complained over and over again. “It’s okay, Taehyung. And, be strong there working! I know how you feel. I’m busy working out for my new choreography too. How about tomorrow, you free? It’s okay if you aren’t.” 

 Taehyung all suddenly let out a soft moan; you actually furrowed your eye-brows to it, questioning it in your mind, but you didn’t want to not trust your own boyfriend. “L-Let me check, jagi,” his voice were shaking, you didn’t know why, but you shrugged it off and leaned back on your sofa, nodding, as if he would see you. “A-Ah! Jagi!” he screamed. “Tae, you okay?” you asked. 

“Kyaaa! I’m free tomorrow!” he screamed. You laughed, shaking your head. “You scared me to death, Kim Taehyung. Anyway, that’s good, see you tomorrow I guess! Bye! Stay strong at work!” you exclaimed. “Jagi!” before you hung up, he yelled out. “Yes?” you asked. “I love you.” he mumbled, hanging up the phone without you replying anything. You again, laughed. 

“I love you too, dork,” 

and of course, your heart ached when that memory came again. 

My dream changed – instead of a famous singer;
I tried to become a good wife

“I’m okay, jagi,” Taehyung coughed, smiling weakly. “You have practice to do, go.” he continued, trying to assure you that he’s fine, when he’s obviously too weak. You rolled your eyes as you put a wet towel on his forehead, sighing. “I had ask my manager if I can take a day off for you, he said yes. So today, I’ll take care of you!” Taehyung gripped your hand, sighing in relieve. 

“Thank you, ___, my love; this is why I want you to be my wife.” 

Taehyung noticed your eyes were getting teary, but you quickly blinked them away. He gulped as you did this. If he can turn back time, he would. He wouldn’t leave you just like that, he’ll hold your hand, telling you you’re the only one he wants and he’ll love you forever, and how he’ll never hurt you anymore. But, in reality, he can only drown in guilt and regrets, nothing else. 

I was such a fool, 

“It only happened once, please don’t leave me.” you stared into those empty eyes, still thinking that behind those emptiness, he still loves you. “How would I know you wouldn’t do it again, Kim Taehyung?” you asked, gulping painfully. He didn’t say anything, but he pulled you into a hug. Heol, he was really good in acting, isn’t he? “I was drunk, and it only happened once,” he said. 

“You know I only love you, right, ___? I know you do too. I’ll never do it again. I promise.” you sniffed your tears, totally falling for his fake, loving words. “Okay, I love you.” you chocked out, hugging him back. “I love you too.” how you wished that was true. 

You glanced at the PD, secretly asking him if you can stop now. But he shook his head. You wanted to stop singing — because the more you sing this song, the more the painful memories replay in your head. Taehyung clenched his fists even harder, so hard that it became white, thankfully, Hoseok stopped him ; or else his knuckles would bleed in no time. 

  I was such a fool.

“B-Babe, I-” you slapped his hand away, sobbing harder than you expected. You were such a fool, believing in his fake loving words ;; you finally had enough. The pain was enough. “You fucking lied to me, Kim Taehyung! You said it was only once and you wouldn’t do it anymore!” you screamed, pushing him back, making him hit the coffee table. 

“___–” he began talking, but you didn’t listen, instead, you ran to the shoe-rack and snatched your favorite sneakers, ignoring Taehyung, who was talking to the wall. “___, are you listening?!” he finally yelled out. You stopped whatever you were doing, facing him, glaring at him. “No, I’m not! Why would I?!” he groaned in frustration, running his fingers through his hair. 

“Am I not enough, Taehyung?!” you screamed. “Am I that ugly, that you had to find another woman who’s prettier than better for you to fill in your desires!?” Taehyung stare at you blankly, no tears showing, but tiredness was showing. He nodded without thinking, “yes, that’s true.” your heart paused. “W-What?” Taehyung laughed at your taken back reply, shaking his head. 

“If you want to go, go ahead,” he snort. “No, actually, you have to go.” he turned his back from you, and began walking away, to the room you both used to share.  “I need a better person, you’re not enough.” he spat, before losing his butterfly. 

You had hit the high note, but the PD quickly turned off the music, probably because he saw tears by tears streaming down your cheeks. You quickly wiped your tears and sighed, walking back to your normal spot. “Yah! Why?!” the Running Man members complained. “She was hitting that note!” Kwang Soo complained, pointing at the PD. You had to fake your laugh. 

Things were getting even more awkward for you and Taehyung since then. “Okay, everyone, please settle down,” the PD cleared his throat. “So today’s mission is–” before he could continue, fifteen strong men suddenly ran to the set, putting on blindfolds on all of you guys’ eyes. Of course, the situation became chaotic. “Mwo-yah?!” “What is this time?!” “Andwaeeeeee!” 

You wanted to scream, but the man had cover your mouth with both of his hands, and the next thing you knew, he dragged you to somewhere. 

“Where are you bringing me?” Taehyung asked as the man brought him to somewhere. He heard the car click, and he was pushed in, and the door was slammed close. “Oh~ So I’m in the car?” he mumbled. The man knocked Tae’s car window, “Take of your blindfolds and drive to Namsan Park.” Taehyung immediately took of his blindfolds. 

And yes, he was in a car. He grinned cutely, starting the engine. “Namsan Park, huh? What’s awaiting?” 

After fifteen to twenty minutes, he arrived to the destination. Apparently, he was the second-last who arrived. Everyone was on set, except for you. “Yah… Where did y/n go?” Jae Suk asked. The PD cleared his throat, “so as I was saying just now, today’s mission is…”

“–Finding Y/N.”

“Whattt?” Everyone was beyond confused and surprised by the concept today. Taehyung, especially. “As you can see, everyone is here, except for Y/N. She was kidnapped by some man who works for the villain. Both teams, Team RM and Team BTS, needs to find her by clues. Every time you win a mission, you’ll be given a clue where she is kept.”

Taehyung lets out a sigh, scratching his head confusedly. “About the villain, (s)he’s among you guys.” with that, everyone started looking at each other, bewildered. “Who?!” Haha screamed, making everyone laugh. “So, while you search for clues for Y/N, you also have to search for the villain.” Taehyung leaned closer on Jungkook, who’s the closest to him. 

“It’s not you, right, Kookie~?” Taehyung whispered. Jungkook smirked, wrapping his arm around his hyung’s shoulder, “I don’t know~” Taehyung squinted his eyes at Jungkook, before flicking the maknae’s forehead. Jungkook laughed, flicking Tae’s forehead back, “I’m joking, pabo!” Taehyung and Jungkook didn’t know what the PD was talking about next, but the next thing they knew was the PD saying “Start!” 

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Omg the one time I actually write a decently long post and recap about things… my browser randomly closes. Perfecttttttttt. Welp, not going to be writing that again! I guess the tumblr gods are against my rambling today. >_<

Basically my weekend was lovely.. as are all my weekends (so why can’t the dang weekdays be?!?! a.k.a today was tiring and frustrating ㅠㅠ). I’m really glad the rain decided to wait until today because the gorgeous weather on the weekends is making my life atm!! Spent my time roaming around Itaewon and Namsan with HK and eating the yummiest chicken/ drinking the most amazing lemonade beer (I don’t know the name of it but when I find out I will def be drinking more of it!) at a SK vs. Samsung baseball game.


5월13일 월

Namsan Park, Gwangjang Market

Monday we wanted a relaxing day and decided to go to Namsan Park, but we ended up hiking all the way up to Namsan Tower haha

The moment we got off the bus, I felt really weird because it was so quiet. Oh and it didn’t take us long, so we stopped by namdaemun and gwangjang market. Gwangjang market was so stressful because my sister and I could not settle on anything… and the ajummas just kept yelling at us to sit down already.