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souththth Daisy Mae - Leon Bridges
I love his sounds☺️
souththth One Mint Julep - The Clovers
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souththth :영화 마지막에 느낀 전율은 아마
한동안 잊지 못할 오감의 극치
개인적 근래 최고의 영화. “감정은 우리가 가진 전부야”
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souththth : #지켜보고있따
It’s Official (ERIC NAM)

Type: Fluff

Request:Hi~ I just saw that you do Eric Nam requests and that makes me happy because 1) I have a hard time finding Eric things 🙈 and 2) I love your writing 💜 can you please do a fluffy Eric Nam scenario where you’re one of the MC’s on ASC and you guys have kind of a cute, playful relationship with like playful bantering and a lot of “shut up Eric” and “oh my god Eric” (like Jackson lol) so people ship you together and after an episode one day he asks you out 🙈 omg sorry that was so long 😅 thank you!

Summary: Ships away.

Y/S/N: your ship name

“Hello guys great news for everyone. They have to make this show a million times better by adding even more visual to the hosts of this lovely show. By adding the one the only. Me” you said looking directly into the camera as you filmed for ASC on the V app, before you broke out into laughter. “No but really guys I’m officially a host. Which means all of you Y/S/N can have new material to squeal at every episode” you joke as you grab Eric’s face. “You make it seem like that’s all they watch for” Eric says. 

“Shut up Eric. You know that’s what our fanpages are for” you say letting go of his face. You began to look over the comment that were on the side of the video seeing what everyone had to say. “Oh no I won’t be doing that” you laugh as you read one of the comments about making a move on Eric. “What is it?” Eric asks popping back into frame “will you go away Eric this is about me” you say playfully. “I am the other half of this ship I should stay” he tells you. “Oh my gosh will you stop making life so difficult” you whine. “You just don’t want to share the camera with another pretty face” he says.

You and him went on for a few more minutes before you ended it “alright guys we will see you soon” ending the cast and you and Eric began to get ready for the actual episode of ASC. “You know Y/N you and I should go out for some dinner after this” he tells you as he starts reading over his cards. “Oh really where did you have in mind?” you asked him. Looking over at him he gave you a smile “I just want to go somewhere with you so you can pick” he tells you. You smiled “Eric Nam are you asking me out on a date?” you ask him “it all depends if you say yes” he says nervously. 

 “I think I can make some time just for you”