People called me a ‘pushover’ in high school. I could see clearly that everyone approached me because they wanted something from me, but what could I do? I just went along with it all; it’s easier that way.

Yoo Jung, Cheese in the Trap.

In order to survive in this cold, harsh world, he eventually chose to use social manipulation in order to defend himself against those who approached him. It is his way of quietly fighting back.

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I figured since we were getting a few more requests (and hope to get some more in the future as well) I would make a Masterlist so that our scenarios are easier to find. They’re going to be separated by which Admin wrote them rather than which group or which member it was written for. Hope you enjoy :)

(A) = Angst

(F)= Fluff


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Male Rookie Award: Song Jaerim (along with Jaerim)

The proud wife to her nampyeon..
SJR: I have never expected myself to receive this award. I only get married.. will treat this as belated gift. I’m not the only one who win this award. because of my partner, i want to share this award. Thank you ! SoEun-ah… [cto, soompi trans.]