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Reel New Hawaii (the news site that first revealed the ‘Inhumans’ filming date and location) are reporting that Marvel are eyeing the state as the filming location for a secret ‘Namor’ project. Production Weekly also has ‘Sub-Mariner’ listed as a project going into production soon, adding further evidence. It’s currently unknown whether the project will be a movie or a TV show. As of right now this is strictly a rumor and has not been officially confirmed by Marvel!

Justice League Action: The Future Family/ Doc Future, Vanishing Queen, Fireball, and Golem

A hero team from Earth-8

When scientist Frank Future, his wife Sophie Drizzle, her brother Jerry Drizzle and his best friend Bjorn Andersen went to space they were blasted with cosmic radiation gaining Fantastic powers in the process!

Together they fight the villainous Lord Havok! the armored sorcerer ruler of Slovekia, Mr. Nebula! the consumer of planets and his herald the Blue Boarder, Annihilate! who is a king of his own dimension, and Barracuda! the ruler of Atlantis on Earth 8.

(notes: the names Vanishing Queen, Sophie and Jerry Drizzle, Bjorn Andersen came from the Inferior Five comics Kookie Four who were pastiches of the Fantastic Four, while the name Fireball came from the Crusaders who were pastiches of Marvel’s Invaders with the Human Torch robot being called Fireball and Namor being called Barracuda)


Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox) and Layla Miller meet Cyclops’ Brotherhood of Mutant Utopia - Emma Frost, Magneto (Max Eisenhardt / Erik Lensherr) and Namor. 

- Nation X: X-Factor #1, 2010

The Wakandan-Atlantian War: A Retrospective View

The Wakandan-Atlantian War, an important plot point of Jonathan Hickman’s New Avengers, has become one of the more memorable events in Black Panther lore. The war, in retrospect, was an event ripe with inevitable clashes: Wakanda clashing with Atlantis; Queen Shuri clashing with Prince Namor; T’Challa’s “bigger picture” perspective clashing with his obligations to his nation.

What began with a surprise attack by Namor during the events of Avengers vs. X-Men escalated into a full-scale war, resulting in tremendous loss of life on both sides, the eventual destruction of both nations, and the apparent “deaths” of both Shuri and Namor.

In the midst of all this was the incursion crisis, which greatly affected T’Challa–the King of the Dead—and his relationship with his nation. While publicly affirming his responsibilities to his nation (including swearing to kill Namor), he decided to work secretly with Namor and the Illuminati to save the planet from imminent death.

In this write up, I’ll mostly focus on the motivations of the key players of the war. The first player was an unexpected, but critical one.


This is a rare instance in which the Wakandan people were a factor in influencing a major conflict in the Marvel Universe. Usually, that rested solely on T’Challa, his enemies, and/or his inner circle, as far as Wakanda was concerned.

This time was different, and rightfully so. Namor’s attack on Wakanda was the third known successful attack by an outsider (following Morlun and Doom) and his attack was by far the most public attack of the bunch. There were no doubts on who attacked and how the attack happened.  A significant portion of Wakanda was destroyed and the death toll was high.

Simply put, the Wakandan people had enough and demanded retribution. We never got to see the general population on panel but their stance was made clear by members of the Wakandan government, and said government members agreed with the people.

Wakandan officials went even further: Wakanda must also send a message to the world. Atlantis must be crushed, showing the world that no one openly attacks Wakanda without consequences.

This was the political environment in Wakanda at the time, and it greatly affected the motivations of…


Shuri’s stance on Atlantis and war with Atlantis was very clear.

It’s easy to say that Namor’s attack alone was enough for her to take such a stance, but there’s more to to it. Additional context can be found as far back as the Skrull Invasion during the events of Secret Invasion.

During T’Challa’s reign, the Skrulls attempted to invade Wakanda, only to be annihilated. This was a decisive victory that also served as a message to future invaders.

Yet, under Shuri’s reign, outsiders managed to successfully attack Wakanda on three occasions, all of them resulting in notable loss of Wakandan lives. The previous two attacks didn’t receive too high of a reaction due to their respective nature: Morlun’s attack was seemingly a one-off and he ended up trapped in Limbo. Meanwhile, Doom’s coup was so secretive and covert that the Wakandan monarchy didn’t have enough proof to publicly accuse Doom of it.

Namor’s attack was so brazen, so public, and so deadly, that it practically put Shuri on the spot. Combine that with high public opinion for war, her own strong opinions on protecting Wakandan sovereignty and her tumultuous relationship with Namor—which I’ve written in detail here—and  it’s not too surprising that she stood firm in deciding to go to war.

It would’ve taken an incredible reason for Shuri to possibly decide not to go to war, and even that may have not been enough. That incredible reason was unknown to her, but it was known to…


The incursion crisis forced Namor and the Illuminati to work with T’Challa in secret to find a solution. Considering the magnitude of the threat, Namor and T’Challa begrudgingly decided to temporarily put their differences aside to tackle the issue head on.

This was easier said than done. While the incursion crisis was ongoing, Namor was engaged in a cold war with Shuri. Wakandan and Atlantian forces and officials clashed on several occasions, with each nation committing retaliatory acts on one another. This caused an even greater strain between Namor and T’Challa’s partnership.

Despite being very confident in his forces’ abilities to defeat Wakanda, Namor approached T’Challa with an offer of peace, in light of the incursion crisis: cessation of Wakandan hostilities in exchange for favorable terms.

This olive branch, however, didn’t come entirely out of goodwill: Namor knew that such an offer being accepted at that moment could destabilize Wakanda from within. The Wakandan people demanded retribution and Shuri accepting the offer could mark the end of her reign. As it turned out, elements from within Wakanda were colluding with Namor in an attempt to topple Shuri’s rule.

It’s also important to mention that, throughout the war, Namor showed little to no remorse for his initial attack. As it turned out, he had no regrets committing such a grievous act.

As far as Namor was concerned, he was facing a win/win so long as the incursion crisis was being handled, an optimistic stance he would later regret. Things, however, weren’t going so smoothly for…


T’Challa is known for his pragmatism and his inclination for looking at the bigger picture. The war greatly put those principles to the test, at a great cost to his relationship with his nation.

Believing that the incursion crisis was a far bigger threat (and it was), T’Challa decided to work with Illuminati to solve it. Working with the Illuminati meant working with Namor, the man who had Wakandan blood on his hands. Even so, T’Challa and Namor worked together to solve the problem, both agreeing that the incursions were the bigger threat.

In addition to working with the Illuminati, T’Challa agreed to keep the incursions a secret. The Illuminati believed that they would work far more efficiently and expediently if they kept a lid on the crisis.

Yet, things weren’t going smoothly from T’Challa’s perspective. The Dora Milaje agreed to keep Namor’s presence on Wakandan soil a secret for T’Challa’s sake, but they strongly disagreed with T’Challa working with an enemy of Wakanda. Meanwhile, Namor and Shuri were engaged in a cold war, inching their respective nations closer to a full-scale conflict as the incursion crisis was ongoing.

Namor’s unexpected offer of peace didn’t allay T’Challa’s concerns. He knew that this offer could have dire consequences to the domestic affairs of Wakanda. He also didn’t trust Namor and suspected that he wouldn’t keep his word concerning his offer.

Nonetheless, T’Challa felt peace was the best path to ensure that the incursion crisis would be solved. He argued for peace during the Wakandan war council meeting (while keeping the incursions a secret). It’s there that we first see members of the Wakandan government openly disrespecting him, something we would’ve not seen previously and would continue to occur as the war went on.

This is just one of many decisions T’Challa made based on what he believed was due to pragmatism and the greater good. Unfortunately for him, the clash between achieving said greater good and the expectations of his nation continued, and the price he paid for choosing the former continued to grow.

I sure can’t wait until Marvel brings Namor into the MCU so we can have our old school Defenders team. I cant wait until they adapt the classic story where Doctor Strange, Namor, and Hulk are captured by Dormammu amd his sister Umar. While Strange and Namor are getting tortured Hulk gets laid and relaxs so well that he turns back into Bruce.

Which pisses off Umar that she demands he changes back

Which he cant do and meanwhile Namor and Strange have freed themselves from torture

So then Strange makes a deal with Umar to bring down Dormammu and his evil plans

Just so I can have this scene in the MCU:

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You’re an extremely sketchy-looking person…

Namor, Thanos and Maximus from Avengers #44 (Vol. 5)

  • Jonathan Hickman
  • Stefano Caselli
  • Kev Walker
  • Frank Martin
Shuri’s Greatest Adversaries, #1: Namor

In this series of posts, I profile four of Shuri’s greatest adversaries in comics. Said adversaries come in various forms: physical, political, psychological, and so on.

Be sure to read my previous posts on Ohyaku, the Desturi, and Proxima Midnight.

First Encounter with Shuri

Black Panther Vol. 5 #11


Ruler of Atlantis, mutant, and the very first Marvel character ever created.


-Amphibious physiological adaptation

-Superhuman strength

-Superhuman speed

-Superhuman endurance

-Superhuman reflexes

-Extended longevity

-Aquatic telepathy



When it comes to Shuri’s greatest adversaries, Namor couldn’t be topped; not even by someone as dangerous as Proxima Midnight. What sets Namor apart from most characters is his political position as ruler of Atlantis. This position, combined with Shuri’s position as ruler of Wakanda at the time, resulted in a political clash that we don’t often see in mainstream comics.

Namor’s relationship with Shuri went from starting off on the wrong foot, to entering a phase of détente, to deteriorating very quickly, to becoming irreparable. Considering the personalities involved, it was perhaps inevitable that they would clash in a major way.If it wasn’t for the common relationship they both shared with T’Challa, they would’ve been at each other’s throats much sooner.

Their relationship ended up being costly not just to themselves but also their respective nations, causing a major amount of destruction and loss of life via the Wakandan-Atlantian War.

The war also showed that Namor was as big of a threat politically as he was physically. Shuri and Namor had both their nations enter a cold war phase prior to the escalation of hostilities, with both sides sporadically clashing in various parts of the world.

The issue of Namor even managed to severely strain Shuri’s relationship with T’Challa. At one point, the siblings’ relationship, which has always been very strong, nearly reached the “irreparable” stage as well.

Overall, the Shuri-Namor relationship ended being one of distrust, hostility, disrespect, and outright hatred. Once the war went into full gear, whatever chances of these two rulers easing tensions between each other disappeared.


It all started with a misunderstanding.

Shuri was investigating who was responsible for nearly T’Challa during the events of “Deadliest of the Species.” Thanks to false evidence planted by the Desturi, Shuri concluded that Namor may have been responsible for the attack. Shuri confronted Namor about it and Namor—in a rather dismissive manner—denies being responsible. Shuri wasn’t convinced and after several insults towards each other, they fought.

Thanks to an intervention by the Fantastic Four, Namor and Shuri stopped fighting. Once things calm down, Namor insisted that he had nothing to do T’Challa being harmed. Reed Richards not only agrees, but provides evidence that shows that Namor indeed wasn’t responsible. Shuri, Namor, and the Fantastic Four decide to work together to go after a lead to someone who may actually be responsible, or at the least know who was.

Shuri and Namor worked effectively together and they eventually find Walter Declun in a secret facility. Declun, in turns out, was directly to the Desturi and Dr. Doom.

During the events of Avengers vs X-Men, Namor was possessed by the Phoenix Force, which greatly enhances ones abilities and possible reveals one’s true personality. Angered by Wakanda harboring the Avengers and seemingly holding the mutant Transonic captive (we have no idea if Transonic was captive or not, as it wasn’t shown in later issues), Namor decides to attack Wakanda with Atlantian forces. Namor drew first blood via a deadly, biblical flood.

Whatever phase of détente between Namor and Shuri went away that instant. Thousands of Wakandans were killed and a great amount of the Wakandan capital was destroyed. Namor became public enemy number one and the Wakandan people demanded retribution.

In the midst of these high tensions, T’Challa discovers an end-of-the-world phenomenon called “incursions.” Unsure on how to solve the problem, he decides to invite the Illuminati to the Necropolis. Namor was a part of the Illuminati and his (secret) presence in Wakandan soil caused tension between T’Challa and the Dora Milaje.

Tensions between Wakanda and Atlantis continued to grow, with Wakandan and Atlantian forces clashing despite not being officially at war. Namor decided to approach T’Challa with an offer for Shuri: a cessation of hostilities between both nations and a promise by Namor that he would offer favorable terms. T’Challa warns Namor that Shuri will refuse the offer, but Namor feels T’Challa can convince her to accept it.

It’s also during that conversation that Namor reveals that there are elements within the government that want Shuri out of power, and have been colluding with Namor and the Atlantians during the cold war between both nations.

Namor’s offer for an end of hostilities, in reality, was him trying to get his cake and eat it too. If Shuri were to accept his offer, he no longer would have to worry about Wakanda while working on solving the incursion crisis. However, Namor likely sensed that the majority of Wakandans wanted war with Atlantis. Shuri accepting the terms could’ve resulted in public opinion and the Wakandan government turning against her and supporting a new ruler to take over. Clearly no love was lost between the two.

Shuri gathered a meeting to decide whether Wakanda should go to war. She was in favor of war; so were the majority of the Wakandan government and the Wakandan people. T’Challa pushed for accepting Namor’s offer. After a back and forth between T’Challa and a Wakandan general, Shuri makes her decision: Wakanda will go to war.

Namor learned via Wakandan diplomatic channels that Shuri had apparently considered his offer and was thinking about it. That was a lie: Shuri actually deployed Wakandan forces to Atlantis while Namor was still in the Necropolis (Namor’s actual location wasn’t known to Shuri). By the time Namor arrived at Atlantis, most of it was destroyed.

Soon after, Proxima Midnight and a portion of Thanos’ army arrived at what’s left of Atlantis, seeking the infinity gems. Finding a destroyed Atlantis, Proxima offered to spare Namor in exchange for his loyalty to Thanos and information on the location of the gems. Namor decides to answer with a lie of his own: that the gems was in Wakanda.

Proxima lead the charge against Wakanda, with the full might of Thanos’ army. Caught off-guard by the scale of the attack, Shuri orders Wakandan forces to retreat.

Noting that T’Challa was missing from the battle with Proxima, Shuri decided to look for him and eventually found him in the Necropolis.After confronting him about his whereabouts—and T’Challa not revealing the truth about where he was—the Dora Milaje arrived at the scene, revealing to Shuri that Namor has not only been at the Necropolis, but has been there many times while Wakandan and Atlantian forces were clashing. Shuri presses T’Challa more for an answer, but T’Challa decided to adhere to his pact with the illuminati: do not reveal anything about the incursions to anyone. Thus, he refused to answer her questions, at a great cost.

Despite T’Challa making major sacrifices for what he felt was the greater good (not killing Namor, not revealing the incursions, getting exiled by Shuri and disowned by T’Chaka, and so on), it all seemingly backfired when Namor revealed to T’Challa that he was the reason why Proxima Midnight attacked Wakanda. To make matters worse, Namor showed absolutely no remorse for his attack during AvX or for sending Proxima to Wakanda under false pretenses.

Namor left the Illuminati soon after and gathered Thanos, the Black Order, Black Swan and Maximus the Mad to tackle the incursion crisis via destroying worlds. They formed a cabal and procured the anti-matter bombs the Illuminati once held in the Necropolis.

The Cabal eventually blackmailed the world’s governments: either they gave up Wakanda or the Cabal would not save their world from the incursions. The world government’s obliged and Wakanda was attacked by Thanos’ Black order and his army. Still recovering from the two previous attacks by Thanos’ army while having no government intervene in their behalf, Wakanda couldn’t resist this time and the nation was destroyed, with all but less than 2,000 of its people dead. T’Challa and Shuri tried a last ditch effort to steal the anti-matter bomb, but the intel given to them was faulty, resulting in a set up by Proxima Midnight and Maximus.

With no hope left for Wakanda, Shuri decided to stay back and hold off Proxima while T’Challa escaped. In her final act as queen, she tells T’Challa to “finish” the job and transferred the rulership back to him. That “job”, it turns out, was Namor and one T’Challa intended on following through.


Marvel and DC’s Orginal Trinity

1. Captain America/Steve Rogers & Batman/Bruce Wayne:

Has a clear sense of right and wrong. Is a symbol for his people. Likes to use one gadget/weapon in particular (shield/utility belt), wears a mask. Is a fighting expert and has trained many heroes to fight.

2. Human Torch/Jim Hammond & Superman/Clark Kent:

Is not a human (android/alien), can fly, doesn’t wear a mask. Most human of the team and really feels for the people. Has extraordinary abilities. Fights for his adopted home and people.

3. Namor the Sub-Mariner/ Namor Mckenize & Wonder Woman/Diana Prince :

Is royalty of their people (prince/king/princess), their people are isloated or do not interact much with the world. Has a strict sense of honor. Doesnt let anyone tell them how to get shit done and does as they see fit. Is often at odds/confused with the world and it’s ways yet still fights for it’s people. Doesn’t wear a mask and has the most revealing costume. Is usually always tied up in various… poses by their enemies when they’re caught. Wears bracers (for magic/signature look).