namor the submariner


Reel New Hawaii (the news site that first revealed the ‘Inhumans’ filming date and location) are reporting that Marvel are eyeing the state as the filming location for a secret ‘Namor’ project. Production Weekly also has ‘Sub-Mariner’ listed as a project going into production soon, adding further evidence. It’s currently unknown whether the project will be a movie or a TV show. As of right now this is strictly a rumor and has not been officially confirmed by Marvel!


You’re an extremely sketchy-looking person…

Namor, Thanos and Maximus from Avengers #44 (Vol. 5)

  • Jonathan Hickman
  • Stefano Caselli
  • Kev Walker
  • Frank Martin

my list of characters that need to be in the marvel cinematic universe- Namor 

fan-cast: Jonathan Rhys Meyers

“…Perhaps I am not the Namor you knew. Perhaps I am the menace now, the threat to all you hold dear. But if so, I do not care. And I will tell you this: Get out of my way – or I’ll leave you broken and bleeding in my wake.”


I’ve got some serious love for baby Namor and mama Fen.

Was reading on the Marvel wiki that Grandpa Thakorr made them go into exile for 10 years. Just when I thought he couldn’t get any more jerky (after reading the most recent submariner series…).

On another note, this is one of the better babies I’ve drawn. 😁