All LE Writing and Composing Credits

  Hi I’m bored and lonely and I decided to make a full list of songs our Nelli has written or composed.  I also did the math and LE has written and or composed like almost 87% of EXID’s songs. She only hasn’t had anything to do with writing or composing 4 songs out of their discography sooo when will your fave ever? And because I’m making this before their comeback like next month??? this is obviously incomplete but I’ll add their next album when it comes out. 

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royalvampireandwolves  asked:

*Masked saiyan fighter rest in namke section of conton city then wake up and hearing there spar going at patroller academy know get his attention as fly there to check it out*

Susan was fighting the random guy who insults her by calling her a loser…and She HATES being called a loser! ”WHY…YOU!!”