Bangtan In The Streets

Warnings: some language, mild explicit content

Summary: After another boring day of your unexciting life, just taking one unusual turn changed your life forever.

Part Four

“Ah, Y/F/N, well then, so all of this is your fault.” He says, looking you in the eyes. You freeze, eyes the size of saucers.

“I-I did this? What do you mean? I didn’t do anything! All I wanted to do was help him!” You shout, tears streaming down your cheeks. Jin puts both hands on your shoulders in an attempt to calm you.

“Well miss Y/L/N, Jungkook was in that area in the first place because of you. See, he was following you, trying to get to your apartment by my orders. This technically isn’t your fault, but really your parents. It’s them we need. You, however, are the only link to them left. I sent Jungkook to stake out your house because we need information about your parents, but it seems that we get the prize anyway, that is if you’re useful at all.” RM explains to you as you sit there in shock.

Your parents. You haven’t seen them in 4 years. You came from a very wealthy family, your parents both being politicians, and they tried forcing you to follow in their footsteps but you refused and ran away. You met Jim and he gave you a job at his diner as you stayed at friends houses until you got enough money to buy your own apartment. And that’s what you’ve been doing ever since. They offered to send you money but you refused, wanting to prove to them and yourself that you could make it on your own. They tried calling you and occasionally emailed or texted you, the last you’ve heard from them they were going on a trip out of the country about a month ago.

“You see, miss Y/L/N, your parents got caught up with some bad people, a very powerful gang, led by Jonathan Choi, son of the CEO of Choi Industries. Your parents went to him for money, for their campaign fund, a sponsorship. They took a lot of money, about a million dollars. Now that part I don’t particularly care about. The part I care about is that they went on trial, won because of their incredible lawyer, then immediately left, not paying anything to the lawyer. That lawyer would be Jin-hyung here.” RM continues. He notices your shocked expression and sits back in his chair. Jin notices as well.

“Here, darling you stay here and I’m going to make you tea, you look like you need it. Namjoon, please don’t break her.” Jin rubs your shoulders once more before he exits the room, and you feel cold. You feel Namjoon’s intense gaze on you as you process what he’s just said. After a few minutes you finally gather the courage to meet his gaze.

“So my parents acquired a million dollars from a gang, hired Jin as their lawyer, were found not guilty, and ran away with the money.” You say monotone, scoffing at how silly everything sounds.

“That’s correct. They owe Jin $50,000 dollars. If you didn’t know, Jin is quite a famous lawyer and he doesn’t come cheap. How do you think he pays for this house?” Namjoon asks, raising his hands and motioning to the room around you. So it’s Jin with the fancy taste. “So, if you have any information about where they might be, I’d really appreciate if you shared.”

“I barely talk to them, last I heard they went on a trip about a month ago. That’s all I’ve got.” You tell him, not breaking your eye contact with him until Jin comes through the door again with a few mugs and a tea pot, setting it down on the desk and pouring a cup for you. You gladly accept it, nodding and smiling to him.

“So, what you’re meaning to tell me now is that you’re completely useless to me.” Jin freezes as you shift in your seat.

“Darling, don’t listen to him. You’re not useless. After tonight’s events he’s not thinking straight and hasn’t realized yet that you’re the only one with any connection or contact with your parents.” Jin says through gritted teeth, giving Namjoon a death stare, who seems unfazed by the action.

“Fine, miss Y/L/N, you message your parents and I will be taking your phone and keeping a close eye on it and watch for their response.” Namjoon tells you, seemingly please with his decision. “Until they respond, you stay here with us. You are never to be out of sight of anyone. Am I clear?”

“Hell no, you’re not clear! You can’t just order me around like the others! I’m not a henchman or slave! You can’t just keep me here! I have a job and friends!” You scream at him, standing up and slamming your hands on his desk, fuming with anger at his demands.

“Baby girl if you don’t sit your ass back down in that chair I will personally see to it that you see to my demands and lose the capability to sit for a week.” Namjoon fires back with a smirk, clearly enjoying your outburst.

“Namjoon!” Jin shouts, spitting some of his tea out.

Your anger only increases, but you take a second to remember the situation you’re in, sitting in the office of a seemingly powerful man that practically kidnapped you and could definitely hurt you. You slump down in your chair, pulling out your phone and sending your parents a quick email before tossing it on his desk.

Namjoon smiles, gladly taking your phone and putting it in his pocket. “Good girl. Now, I’ll assign Taehyung to keep an eye on you, you will stay in his room with him.” He tells you.

“When you say someone will always have their eye on me, does that include the bathroom?” You ask nervously.

“Only if you want it, baby girl.” Namjoon teases, seeing you squirm, getting off on making you nervous.

“No, darling, no one will watch you in the bathroom. You’ll have perfect peace in there.” Jin tells you softly, still glaring at Namjoon. “Lets get you out of here. We’ll let Taehyung know about his new assignment and he’ll show you to his room.”

“Wait a minute.” You say, stopping in your tracks. You just realized that the only clothes you have is your waitress uniform. “I don’t have any clothes.” You explain.

“Tomorrow Yoongi and Hoseok can take you back to your apartment. You can grab some clothes then.” Namjoon says, looking back down at his paperwork.

You and Jin make your way back to the living room, finding Taehyung still there watching tv. He sees you and jumps up.

“Princess!” He exclaims, running over to you and looking over you, seemingly trying to find any marks on your body.

“Teahyung-ah, Namjoon has assigned you to keep an eye on Y/N. She will be staying with you. She has no other clothes so please lend her something and Yoongi and Hoseok will take her to get some tomorrow.” Jin explains to him and he nods, happily taking your hand and leading you up to his room.

“Ah, princess, I’m so happy they chose me for this. I promise I’ll take good care of you and you’ll never be bored. Oh right, here you are!” He rambles to you, pulling a t-shirt out of his dresser and handing it to you.

“Um, this is just a shirt, Taehyung. Do you have any pants for me?” You ask nervously.

“Pants? Why do you need pants? I think you’ll be much more comfortable in this shirt. And it’s about the same length as that cute little dress of yours.” He says with a smile. You sigh as you take the shirt into the bathroom, shutting the door behind you.

You strip down to just your undergarments, the coolness of the air now surrounding you relaxing you while sending a chill down your spine. You throw the shirt over your head and pull it down as far as you can. You pick up your dress and feel the cool air hit your backside. Your cheeks are red by now and you take a deep breath as you twist the handle and push open the door slightly.

You’re met with Taehyung laying on his bed, only in his boxers, arms behind his head and a slight bulge in his boxers. His head is leaned back and his eyes closed until you open the door all the way. That was when he opened his eyes slightly, looking at you.

“See, princess? I told you! It covers and it’s comfy!” He says while sitting up, giving a big boxy smile.

“Where can I put my stuff?” You ask nervously, trying not to look at his lap.

“You can out it right in that corner over there.” He says pointing at the corner by the bathroom door. You nod and head over to that area, leaning down and setting your clothes on the ground when you hear a groan come from behind you. You stand up and turn to see Taehyung with a hand in his lap, hooded eyes staring directly at your lower half.

You blush as his eyes meet yours. He bites his lip slightly and looks you up and down once more, admiring the way you look in his shirt.

“Princess, come here please.” He asks you, his voice deeper, making your panties wetter with every step you take. As you reach his side of the bed he puts his hands on your hips. The next action is a blur, ending with him laying on top of you, his knee in between your thighs. You moan and his places a kiss on your neck, his knee moving up to push against your core. You’re not sure wether you should be enjoying this or scared. He is a man you just met a few hours ago in an alley that helped kidnap you. Your thoughts are short lived as he bites down on your neck, a loud gasp escaping from your lips. He smiles and pulls away from you, plopping next to you, leaving you breathless. He turns to face you, wrapping one arm around your waist and intertwining his legs with yours.

“Princess, you’re so hot. And you sound as beautiful as you look. I’d like to hear more of your noises someday.” He whispers as he places one last kiss on your neck before drifting off to sleep. You can’t really move so you sigh and yawn, not realizing until now how tired you are. You close your eyes and immediately fall asleep.

Okay okay so basically one theory is that in this concept they are symbols of fear and turmoil in youth. In the mv each of them is suffering and when Jungkook goes into that coat hanger room, he doesn’t meet a specific member, he meets fear itself. And this stage tells us that in this moment, they all represent fear.

BTS reaction to ruining the mood

Request: Can I get a BTS reaction to you’re in the middle of making out or something and one of you accidentally ruins the mood by doing something dumb? I hope that made sense aha

A/N There is light smut ahead



The sofa cushions gave way to Jin’s weight as you straddled his lap. You kissed down the soft skin of his neck, his eyes shut and his plump lips parted as his head fell back. You could feel him move under you, his throat rumbling with small moans.

Suddenly there was a burning sensation in your nose and your throat hitched, you pulled away as you sucked in a breath of air. Jin’s face went from pleasure to concern when he opened his eyes at the absence of your kisses. He sat up straight, fearing he’d done something wrong when he saw your expression. Before he could ask what the matter was, you turned your head and released a loud sneeze into your elbow. Jin jumped in surprise as you sniffled and looked back at him. You locked eyes, and started to laugh.

“Are you allergic to me?” Jin asked while playfully pushing you away. “Can’t be giving me kisses if you’re just gonna sneeze again.”

You whined and tried to get your arms around him, but he held you at a distance with his own arms. So you went for what you could reach, his sides. Jin twisted like a snake and let go when you poked his stomach, allowing you to lean forward and press a kiss to his cheek. Jin’s face heated up as he laughed, pulling you closer.

“Fine! Even if you were allergic to me, it must be so hard to resist me.”


Having a make out session in the dark seemed like a good idea in theory.

Namjoon had his hands firmly planted on your hips as you both shared a kiss, rocking his hips up to meet yours. Namjoon wanting to gain more control, rolled both of you over so he could take position over you. But when Namjoon moved, he didn’t realize how close he’d been to the edge and his leg made contact with the bedside lamp. You heard the impact of skin on metal, then there was a skid and a loud crashing noise followed by the sound of the lamp knocking everything off the dresser. Namjoon went dead still and everything went quiet.

“… Do you think the cat figurines are okay?” You whispered, which was finally enough for the both of you to start laughing. Namjoon got off the bed and stumbled over to the light switch, flicking the light on. You squinted against the flash at first, then looked over to see the disaster Namjoon had caused. The lamp was shattered, everything on the dresser knocked onto the carpet, and much to your dismay, your cat figurine had also suffered a break. Namjoon stood at the doorway with his hands on his hips, sighing and lowering his head.

“I really am good at breaking things aren’t I?”


If there was any lesson to be learned from your makeout session with Yoongi, it’s to always assure that you’re on a stable surface before doing anything.

You had your arms wrapped around Yoongi’s shoulders, your head tilted back as his lips bit at your neck. Yoongi gripped onto your hips and started to push you back, trying to press you against the wall to gain a bit more access. Your back pressed against the door, but instead of the door being closed and keeping you held against Yoongi, the door swung open. You stumbled over your own feet and fell straight down, pulling a very surprised Yoongi down with you into the hallway. You hit the ground, Yoongi tripped over your legs and fell on top of you causing you two to knock foreheads.

“Wow Yoongi.” A voice called from down the hall, you turned to see the members laughing at you two.

“Ya! I told you no making out when there’s children in the house!” Jin scolded while blocking the maknae’s view. Your cheeks burned red, but you started laughing. Yoongi scrambled off of you and helped you up, his pale skin ablaze with blush. He brought you back into the studio and hurriedly closed the door.

“Well, let me just add that to the list of embarrassing moments I lay awake thinking about at night.”


The matress dipped when Hoseok moved on top of you, his hands at either side of your face and his lips crashing into yours. You felt his knees come next into position besides your thighs, and you tugged on his shirt to signal him to get it off. You twisted to move out of his way when he reached for his shirt, and felt a searing pain go through your side. Instead of fading, the pain latched and held on tightly. You realized you’d just gotten a muscle cramp in your side, yelling out as you instinctively moved your hand to your stomach and rolled over. Hoseok jumped so far back in suprise that one of his knees went over the side of the bed, and he came tumbling off the mattress. You started laughing, which made the pain worse and now you were just a mix of whimpering and laughter.

Hoseok scrambled to stand up, running over to your side.

“Y/N are you okay? Did I hurt you? What’s going on??” This worried boy was so confused as to what had happened.

“Its n-nothing I just got a side cramp.” You stuttered through airy breaths as the pain raged on and squeezed at your muscles. Hoseok laid down besides you, rubbing the area where the pain was until it finally subsided. He started to laugh when you looked at him.

“,Should we try that again or?”


Jimin had his head leaning back into the pillow, his lidded eyes watching you. You carefully climbed over his waist in a straddle position, positioning yourself over him as he guided you with his hands. However, the bed was not cooperating with you. Your knee sunk too much into the mattress, and as you tried to fix your position, you ended up losing your balance. You tried to catch yourself and adjust your legs, but it was happening way too fast. Your whole body fell forward and head butted the headboard with a loud thump, Jimin crying out in surprise from under you.

You pulled yourself off and sat besides him, holding onto your head which was still trying to recover from the hit. It took you a minute to realize that Jimin was absolutely cracking up, hiding his face in the pillow while his chest heaved with laughter. He was laughing so hard his voice was squeaking. You couldn’t help but laugh along with him, wondering how it must have looked to Jimin when you suddenly rammed headfirst into his headboard. After the two of you finally calmed down, the mood was pretty much ruined and all you could do was sigh and shake your head. Jimin looked over at you, a grin on his face before asking if you were okay. When you assured him you were fine, Jimin pulled you back into a cuddle.

“Maybe next time, you can stay on the bottom. You know, where’s there’s less of a risk of injury.”


Taehyung had brought you along with the band on a trip, and your dorms had bunk beds. The members were out, so you’d started getting touchy with Taehyung in the top bunk.

“Y/N~” He cooed when you playfully pushed him away. He bit his lip and leaned in towards you, going in for a kiss before you could stop him. You tried to roll over so that you could straddle his lap, but it seems that you completely forgot where you two were. When you flipped over to get on top, you ended up smacking your head into the cieling. You flinched, holding your head and groaning with pain as you slipped off of him. Taehyung’s eyes went wide with concern for a split second, but then he started roaring with laughter as he rolled onto his side. You held your head, chuckling at your own mistakes as Taehyung wheezed besides you. After listening to him laugh for what must have been a straight minute, he managed to get himself together and looked over at you

Taehyung wiped an imaginary tear off the corner of his eye.

“Oh Y/N, you should have seen your face. Im sorry that was hilarious.”


You watched Jungkook approach you with a predatory look in his eyes as you sat on the edge of the bed, you could already tell what he wanted. Jungkook leaned down and pressed a hungry kiss to your lips while starting to move you back on the bed. You followed his lead, leaning back until your back was pressed to the matress. Jungkook climbed onto the bed, trying to get over you. However, he failed to realize that he was very close to the edge. When he put his knee up besides you, it slipped and Jungkook cried out as he fell on top of you before slipping off the bed, reaching out blindly for somewhere to hold on. You tried to reach out for him like some scene out of the titanic but it all happened too fast. He hit the ground with a thud and rolled over onto his back, staring blankly at the cieling once he processed what had just happened. He didn’t know if he could face you after that.

You burst out howling with laughter, not being able to get the image out of your head of Jungkook’s face when he realized he was slipping. After you finally got yourself together, you peeked over the edge of the bed and looked at Jungkook who was still frozen in place. His brown eyes moved away from the ceiling and looked over at you.

“I’ll give you ten dollars if you don’t speak about this again.”

“Hm.. Ten dollars seems pretty low.”

“Fine, ten dollars and I dont tell Jin that you’re the one who put flour in his hairdryer.”

You squinted. “… Deal.”

“That’s what I thought.”