ARMY really is the “ask and you shall receive” kind of fandom.

Bts: Melon Award

Army: done

Bts: Daesang

Army: check

Bts: billboard award

Army: finito

Bts: “Her”

Army: #1 pre-order on Amazon bbys

Bts: Anticipate the “DNA” mv :)

Army: *files nails* 30 million views in under 48 hours

Bts: Hot 100

Army: *looks up from nails* do you even have to ask anymore?

Bts: go study

Army: lol what


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[#오늘의방탄] 더쇼 컴백과 함께 1위를 한 #방탄소년단 🏆🥇✨ 응원해준 아미들 고맙습니다! 운명을 찾아낸 우리니까 (D👇🏻N👇🏻A👇🏻)

[#Today’sBangtan] #BTS has won 1st place on THE SHOW Comeback 🏆🥇✨ ARMYs who supported us thank you! Because we’re the ones who found destiny (D👇🏻N👇🏻A👇🏻)

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namjin have soo many harmonious and beautiful aspects it was hard to choose !! truly the canon of bts. let’s look at the most significant ones:

namjoon’s sun conjunct seokjin’s moon:
• “this is likely to be a significant relationship. there is a strong feeling of belonging to one another, for better or for worse, that keeps the two together. it’s an excellent aspect for a union: they are made to go well together, to understand, appreciate, love and complement each other”
• also note that the sun represents masculine energy/the father and the moon represents feminine energy/the mother 👀

namjoon’s moon sextile jin’s saturn:
• “they can lead their lives together, with the moon often bringing fantasy to saturn, who is sometimes too austere (uptight) but whose other qualities (which the moon does not possess) are appreciated. two people whose difference in character is made to complement each other. this is a good aspect to have for long-term compatibility and living together”

namjoon’s sun trine jin’s neptune:
• “this aspect shows an attraction to each other beyond the physical. there is a level of forgiveness and mercy in the chemistry between you. you may share your dreams together with a sense of freedom. tolerance exists between the two of you, which is a very soothing and settling quality”

(the last three gifs relate a lot to that moon sextile saturn i mentioned above.  namjoon’s moon is sagittarius, a fire sign, always ready to take action. maybe even a little too ready. but seokjin’s disciplined saturn energy came into his life and calmed him, grounded him)

namjoon’s venus sextile jin’s pluto:
• any aspects between venus and pluto are very steamy 👀 a lot of physical and emotional attraction
• “great passionate affair, very intense and transforming. they feel that the relationship helps them grow”

Describing Jungkook like...

Jungkook’s innocent eyes. Jungkook’s majestic nose. Jungkook’s soft lips. Jungkook’s sharp jaw.Jungkook’s cute ears. Jungkook’s adorable scar. Jungkook’s fluffy hair. Jungkook’s beautiful smile. Jungkook’s dashing smirk. Jungkook’s piercing eyes.Jungkook’s sensual neck. Jungkook’s broad shoulders. Jungkook’s manly biceps. Jungkook’s sexy waistline. Jungkook’s thick thighs. Jungkook’s long model’s legs. Jungkook’s irrealistic body proportions. Jungkook’s long slim fingers. Jungkook’s delicate hands. Jungkook’s breathy voice. Jungkook’s boyish earrings. Jungkook’s boyfriend shirts. Jungkook’s classic timberlands.Jungkook’s white T-shirt.Jungkook’s adorable beanies. Jungkook’s circle glasses. Jungkook’s evil giggles. Jungkook’s loud cackle. Jungkook’s seal clapping -laugh. Jungkook’s softness. Jungkook’s admirable strength. Jungkook’s workout obsession. Jungkook’s hidden abs. Jungkook’s tears.Jungkook’s meme faces.Jungkook’s love for army 💙

BTS 4th army zip magazine “Rolling Paper Time”

To Rap Monster
Jungkook: to Rap Mon-hyung who is sleeping besides me right now, I think you are really good looking.
Jin: Mon-ah, did you know that I took care of all your belongings when we are in-flight? I bet you didn’t know this right?  You might drop things here and there or forgot about where your belongings are but you are still the cool leader / dongsaeng I know.
V: hyung, please stop being so clumsy! stop breaking things!
J-Hope: my friend! Namjoon! Rap Mon! when are we going out to have fried chicken again?
Suga: our leader Rap Mon, namjoon ah, thank you for being our leader.
Jimin: hyung, please stop losing your phone, you are not going to buy a new one again are you? Rap Mon, #1 the coolest on earth when on stage, and also #1 clumsy off stage *laughs*

To Suga
V: our Suga-hyung please stay healthy and don’t get hurt, world’s best angel Min Yoongi!
Jungkook: Suga-hyung! we should go out to have lamb skewers soon! but first thing, it’s time we need to be active go to the gym and lose weight.
Jin: Yoongi-ah, you are forever my roommate. Even if we get married in the future, can we stay together in the same house too?
J-Hope: hyung! thank you for the birthday gift you got me, promise I will buy one for you when it’s your birthday.
Jimin: hyung, I really like it when you smile.
Rap Monster: hyung, you really look like a grandpa nowadays,please be more active don’t just sleep!

To Jin
Rap Monster: although you sometimes act like you have that mental age of 2.6, you are still the hyung I love and respect.
V: can I please have the “debut Jin” back? not this Jin-hyung who throws dad jokes everywhere *laughs*
Jimin: thank you– JM ; you are the funniest among us– JM ; you like to crack dad jokes– JM ; and sometimes pretend to be clumsy–JM but really, thank you, thank you for everything you’ve done.
J-Hope: our beloved Jin-hyung, I really like you hyung! but please act like your age?
Suga: Please act like your age, hyung!
Jungkook: I really like how you always brings a smile on our face, Jin-hyung hwaiting!

To J-Hope
Jimin: To Hobi-hyung who looks 200% cool on stage, my roommate, sometimes who act like an adult and sometimes like a playful teenager, who always go on a shopping spree with me, who always taking care of the members, who is noisy 24/7, please stay healthy and don’t get hurt.
Jungkook: Hobi-hyung who is always bright and cheerful, I’m learning from hyung to compose songs from now on.
Rap Monster: like a horse, like a pro on stage, with really good fashion sense, who is working hard on composing songs, our center Jung Hoseok. The “Seok” I admire the most? Kim Ji-Seok (south korean actor).
Jin: Hope-ah, you are like the guide in my life, you teach me how to perfect my dance moves, but it’s really scary when you cold me, I’m sorry  ಥ_ಥ
V: I really like when you smile, and your cheerful personality. thank you hyung, and I love you.

To Jimin
Jin: Jimin-ah, you are truly an angel and for that, I wrote an acrostic poem just for you.  박: 박씨가문(the Park family) ;  지: 지인짜 멋있는 친구야 (a really cool friend) ;  민:  민윤기 (Min Yoongi).
Suga: Jimin’s biggest charming point is when he works hard, lets stay together forever and I received the gift you bought me, thank you.
J-Hope: our Jimin! the coolest and handsome Jimin! please clean all the clothes you piled up in the room when we get back to the dorm later.
V: please stop doing aegyo because it’s not cute at all. but then why I still find it very cute whenever I see you do aegyo?
Rap Monster: although you can be very annoying sometimes, you are sexy but minus your short height *laughs* , looks really cool when you dance and is working hard as always, our chim chim.
Jungkook: why don’t you ever call me “hyung”? just joking haha. Jimin-hyung who always shines bright, manggae-tteok forever!

To V
Suga: be it video games or music, you can do it really well, hwaiting!
Jin: whatever video games you are playing, can’t you just turn down the volume a little bit?
Jimin: Taehyung my best friend, can you just stop playing video games for a while? Please stop before I throw your computer away.
Rap Monster: it gets really noisy when you are playing video games but I bet you didn’t know this. You may be really oblivious and didn’t realize whats going on around you, but you are still the cute and lovable Kim Taehyung I know.
Jungkook: Hyung, please stop playing video games, you might get hurt and die if you play too much!
J-Hope: you know I always love you, our Taehyungie~ please stop playing games and come practice with me.

To Jungkook
V: Jungkook ah, I’m the hyung, the real hyung here. our Jungkookie, lets play with me.
Rap Monster: can be very dense sometimes, very good looking like came straight out of manga, with 10/10 passion, have big eyes and is muscular, loves wearing white t-shirts a lot, #1 for lower down our group’s average age, Jeon Jungkook. The “guk/kook” I like the most?  된장국! (soybean paste soup)
Jimin: please stop growing up so fast, you are still our baby.
Suga: Jungkook-ah, it seems like you are learning how to compose songs, hwaiting, don’t give up!
J-Hope: Jungkook-ah, lower down your speaker’s volume please! I can even hear even when I’m in my room, you muscle-pig~
Jin: JK! what’s with you and the speakers? lets go out and play with me will you?

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  • Interviewer: Who's your role model?
  • Namjoon: Albert Einstein didn't just depend on people's beliefs during his days. He made his own concepts. I want to be like that.
  • Hoseok, to Yoongi: Not everyone's special like Namjoon, right?
  • Yoongi: You're special to me.
  • Hoseok:
  • Yoongi: I did not just say that out loud.
  • Jimin: /pats Yoongi's back/ Yes, yes you did.