Namjoon「you always prioritize others before yourself」

  • i dont think it’s wrong to be a giver anonie, but i hope you also take a good care of your well-being🤧💞 please stay safe.

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Namjoon really loves your giving rather than receiving traits. He praises you from time to time, but he knows you’re doing all of those not because of his praises. It is just because you wanted to. Recently, however, he stops. He is more worried than happy when you tell him that you’re covering for yet another friend of yours this weekend.

Being an intern as a medicine student is already tough. Covering for your friend who’s also an intern means double the tasks. It means less sleep, less resting, less opportunity to take care of yourself. Namjoon has opposed your idea since the first time you tell him that you’ll be on shift for your friend. But he also knew, nothing will stop you from helping them.

“I thought you help him last week and two weeks before this?” he asked you on the other side of the phone, his voice clearly showed he’s worried.

“I got a call from him. He said he still couldn’t make it this Saturday and Sunday,” you knew Namjoon is going to be mad at you and indeed he has a point to. But you just couldn’t decline you friend’s request.

“You said you might have time for a date this weekend, Y/N.”

“I’m so sorry, love. I really wanted to, but I can’t. I promised I’ll make next week’s schedule empty.”

“I’m leaving for US next week, Y/N.” You were beyond shocked when you remember that Namjoon and the boys are going to leave for a world tour soon.

“I’m- Namjoon, I’ll talk to-“

“It’s okay, Y/N. I’ll see you at home tonight, okay?” You didn’t even have the chance to answer him as he ended the call abruptly.

You really ended up doing the work for your friend, with your mind clouded by the conversation on the phone earlier. Fortunately, you got to leave earlier that night. You took the bus back to your place. It was almost 2 when you arrived.

The apartment was dark and quiet. Namjoon had probably fallen asleep. RM came barking at you and you pet him before heading to the kitchen to cook your dinner. Instant noodle. It was your first decent meal. You checked your phone and Namjoon left several messages while you’re working. You smile to all of them while reading it, feeling guilty at the same time.

You locked your phone, focusing solely on eating your food so you can wash up and get some sleep. While you are washing the dishes, you heard another barking from RM and a pair of strong arms are now hugging you around your waist.

“Welcome home.”

“I thought you went to bed.”

“I do. RM is too excited because you’re back and his barking’s real loud.” Your lips formed a tired smile.

“How’s work?”

“So, a grandma told me I’m beautiful today.”

“So, she’s flirting with my girl?”

“Stop that, Namjoon,” he never failed to make you smile, and it only makes your feel even guiltier. You turn off the tap after cleaning all the dishes, but he still didn’t let go of you.

“I’m sorry,” you said.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. You’re just working.”

“But I promised you for a day out today and I just couldn’t fulfill a promise as simple as that.”

“We still have time.”

“But you are leaving next week and I won’t have that much time during weekdays.”

“Then we can do it after the tour, right?” Namjoon turned your body around. You could see him dimple and his soft smile.

“I am not mad at you, Y/n, you know, right?” You nodded. “I’m worried about you.”

“I’ll leave for tour next week, assuming that you might be covering for another person again. I let you, in the first place, because I was here. And if anything happen, I could take care of you.”

“But I won’t be here for quite a long time after next week.” You couldn’t say anything, simple because he was right.

“I love how loving and giving you are, Y/n, but, you are worrying me at the same time. Could you please, take care of yourself first before other?” You still couldn’t say anything. You are just not sure on what to answer him.

“We can do it slowly, you and I. It doesn’t mean you couldn’t help people anyore. It just simply means you are taking care of yourself first before other.”

“Could you do that, for me? No, for you?” You looked into his eyes. Unlike you, he was caring in his own way. You took a deep breath before nodding to his question. Namjoon brought you in for a hug, a hug long enough to cure all of your tiredness.

“I’ll try,” you mumble against his chest. You could feel him giving you a nod before he added to your sentence. “We will try.”

milking it. part 3. HybridAU.

Angst/Fluff/Mature Themes : Graphic descriptions of depression/ self loathing/ barely mild gore. Degradation/ sadistic Namjoon treating humans as animals. DarkScientist!NamjoonxReader/ Hybrid!AU.

DarkScientist!Namjoon hasn’t been the same since his house burned down. The only thing he was able to save was his cat, Milk. A few years later, his precious pet is now dead. Loneliness drives him to create a serum that turns humans into felines. Test subjects include his unsuspecting friends and the pizza delivery person aka, you.            

  PART: 1  2  3

  Namjoon begins to wonder if seven little kittens are too many.

 “Rot in hell, Namjoon.” Well Yoongi certainly won’t be leaving his room anytime soon. Namjoon wiped a hand over his face and closed the door to the test rooms to go get his own dinner after giving everyone their food. He had been doing the math all day and he knew he couldn’t keep this up. There were just too many of you. Initially, he thought the best way to avoid suspicion was for him to lock all of his friends up. You were an added bonus, a gift. You were his special, little kitten. However, after calculating the cost to feed, clothe and house seven people, Namjoon decided he needed to let some go. He wished he had someone to talk to about it, to help him make a decision. All his friends were now locked up and of no use. He sighed and watched the ceiling fan make rotation after rotation. He wondered if he was doing the right thing. The reason he started this experiment in the first place was to fill the void left behind in his heart but here he sat, still alone and cold. He clawed at his face, how could he be in a house full of people and still feel so…empty? He made his way back down to the basement.

   Usually, Milk would have curled up to him by now. Her soft tail would tickle his skin and fill him with all the happiness he could want. Not anymore though, Milk was gone. He opened the door to the testing rooms and looked across its contents before settling on you. You. You reminded him so much of Milk it hurt. Even now as you lay on your bed with one hand on your tummy and the other playing with the blanket below you absentmindedly. You finished your food and had slid your plate and empty milk bowl out of the small opening on the floor. By now, he trusted you all to finish your milk without supervision. He knew with all your food slots open you could easily communicate with each other but it was silent. After he caught Jungkook and Jimin yelling back and forth, he didn’t give them solid food for a day. Instead, he slid bowl after bowl of milk into their rooms as their only sustenance.

   He cleaned up everybody’s dirty dishes and closed up the rooms for the night. He lingered a moment longer in front of your room and couldn’t help himself when he opened your door. You were too addicting to him

  “Milk?” Sometimes he would call you that instead of your own name, enough times that you looked up when he said it. “I want you to help me with something. Come here, baby.” His voice was gentle and soft. He could see you were still dazed after your meal and moved sluggishly. When you met him by the door he pulled you into a light hug, savoring the feeling of your body against his. He sighed against you and pulled away to hold your hand and bring you into the hallway.

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Caramel macchiato

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Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Summary: Namjoon reminiscing the times the two went out. Based on the song, caramel macchiato.

Word count: 1.5K

Disclaimer: sad ending because it’s technically a headcannon so who knows maybe I’ll have a sequel with a happy ending to this

A/N: technically this isn’t a new fic cause I posted it before but the post kept on crashing my phone for some reason sooo I cleared it up a bit hehe, hope u enjoy! (P.S. Slanted is flashback)

Namjoon tugs his pea coat tighter as another harsh gust of wind blows, goosebumps erupting on his skin as he shivers. The last few days of autumn were significantly colder, indicating that winter was around the corner.

His teeth start to chatter, and that’s when he decides that he will catch a cold if he walks in the street any longer. He enters the nearest shop to his left, not looking at the name of it as he was distracted by the cold.

The door closes behind Namjoon, the bell above ringing, and he stares.

He had unknowingly entered the café he went to with her when they dated.

The café had not changed at all. From its white walls, to its mahogany flooring, to its cute round tables and chairs, they were all there, as if frozen in time.

The café is relatively empty, with only a couple of its tables occupied. It’s warm, the heater is on, and Namjoon sighs in relief as the warm air surrounds him.

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Author: @underthejoon as a part of the Bound series with @kpopfanfictrash 

Creative Content Contributor: @moonmangyu (her mood boards are amazing - like all the damn time)

Rating: M - explicit sex, cursing, drinking

Word Count: 6k

Summary:  Married by obligation, weighed down by circumstance. Except for those nights when you’re both drunk, falling into bed with one another and realizing you’re human. Occasionally this happens, occasionally you fuck. Until your life changes and you realize Namjoon, the very man you’re obligated to, might just be the very man that you crave.

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are u ready for namjoons smile bc im not


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BTS Reaction - their pregnant s/o is insecure

Warnings: Taehyung’s gets a little smutty, but other than that this is pure fluff! 

… Also, these are really fucking long.  Apologies.  


“Shove over.”  You give a gentle push to Jin’s shoulder, frowning at the way he’s leisurely spread himself over the entirety of the couch with little to no consideration of where you’re supposed to sit.  Half asleep already he prises one eye open to peer up at you, a lazy smile pulling at his full lips.  “C’mon,” you prompt again, huffing, “My back’s killing me.”  

Pregnancy is a joy; that’s for certain.  With each week that rushes by you swear your joints become less and less able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life, and now, having spent twenty minutes at the kitchen sink having washed up this evening’s dirty plates, it’s protesting more than ever.  

“I told you you should’ve let me do them,” Jin sighs, sitting himself up and straightening out a crick in his neck as you dig your fingertips into the flesh at either side of your spine, trying to massage away the pain.  

“Maybe.”  You arrange the sofa pillows into an arrangement that appears more inviting, scowling further at how difficult your growing bump makes even the most simple of things - like bending over.  You’re a little scared about how big you’re going to get, actually; you’ve still got eight weeks left till your due date and as far as you’re concerned you’re already the size of a house. “A more chivalrous man might’ve just insisted he do it, you know.”

“I cooked dinner!” he exclaims, feigning an indignant expression that only manages to last until you roll your eyes at him, cracking into a smile once more.  “And you know there’s no arguing with you at the moment.”

“I’ll give you that,” you concede, turning on the spot in readiness to ease yourself down into the cushions but halting when Jin gives a gentle tug on your hand, pulling you towards his end of the sofa.  

“C’mere,” he beckons, “I’m comfier anyway.”  Smiling, you allow your husband to slowly ease your aching body onto his lap.  He’s warm and he’s solid against your back, and it feels so good to finally sit down with Jin’s arms wrapped around you, the feel of his breath on your neck.

You shift your weight and he ‘oofs’ as you feel the meat of his thigh move underneath you, rolling against the bone.  

“Careful; you’re not so light these days,” he chortles teasingly, placing a kiss on your shoulder through the soft fabric of your sweater.  

Jin clearly thinks nothing of his comment, and deep down you know he doesn’t really mean it - he’s just being him, playful Jin - but when you’ve already been feeling a little insecure about the ever increasing mass of your stomach his words really hit home.  You fall silent as the two of you sit watching mindless television, one of Jin’s hands absentmindedly stroking your bump up and down, but after a couple of minutes he seems to realise something’s wrong, resting his chin on your shoulder and peering up at you.

“Are you ok?” he asks softly, passing a tender touch over your side, “Is it really hurting that bad?”

“No,” you answer him quickly.   You wouldn’t want him to start thinking there was actually something wrong with you; he’s been protective enough whilst you’ve been pregnant as it is.  “Am I… do I really feel that much heavier?” you blurt out when he insists on continuing to look at you with those big brown eyes of his.  His expression becomes one of horror once he realises that you actually thought he was being serious.

“Baby, no, I was only joking!”  he assures you, grabbing a hold of one of your hands and lacing your fingers together as he places a softest of kisses against your cheek, “There’s barely a difference, I promise.”  Jin smiles apologetically on pulling back and when you give him a timid, answering smile in return, mollified, his smile grows, handsome face aglow.

“In fact,” he continues, “I think you could do with fattening up a little more.  How about I make us some dessert, hm?  I’ll even wash up this time, ok?”

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OMG I’M CRYING 😭😭💜 More than 5 years have passed. 

They have grown up so much & so have we. 😭It feels like yesterday I was watching their debut trailer 😭💜Omg I keep singing the Graduation song 😂

Video Credit (for gif) : Planet Peach

A/N: have a good day 🌸

IDOL MV & LY: Answer Detailed Analysis 


BTS As Boyfriends:

JinYoongi HoseokNamjoonJiminTaehyungJungkook

BTS being clingy & wanting to cuddle with you: Hyung LineMaknae Line

GOT7 reaction: Doing youtube challenges with you (S/O)



WORD COUNT: 1,373 

FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF with the lightest most PG mention of sex

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Bts ignoring you and you calling them “Daddy” to get their attention

A/N: Second day of everyday doing reactions with Li. I had a very stressful day, but I’m happy I managed to finish this. All reactions are requested. <3 Li


As per usual Jin was too absorbed in thinking about the other members and their health in the form of a nice menu or a place to eat that won’t damage his boys health. That made him forget about you. It was uncommon for him so it made you feel strange-less appreciated. But there was something that always got his attention “Daddy…” the word slipped of your tongue so easily. Jin eyes widen at the beginning and you thought that he’ll react unusual but he didn’t. He just put back his calm face and opened his legs so you could sit on his lap. “Did daddy neglect his princess?”


When Yoongi was working usually meant he waas working so he ignored everything around him. You too. And that was literally the only thing you didn’t like about Yoongi. But he had his weak points,one of which was “Daddy…baby girly is bored.” Yoongi would turn around an evil smile covering his face “Is she now? How sad I have work so she’ll have to find something to do for an hour and after that Daddy is hers. But until then,baby should behave.”


Namjoon was from those people that were getting so absorbed in a book they forget everything around them. It was around 7 o'clock in the night when you understood that if you let him he’ll read all night long. So that called for a good distraction. And the only better thing to do with your free time is…“Daddy?” Namjoon didn’t even move his eyes from the book but his lips did. “What baby?” drastic times, drastic measures “I need you.” this time Namjoon did move his eyes hidden behind Harry Potter like golden glasses. A serious expression has taken his usually soft features. “Very good then. On the couch Y/N. Next to me. Good girl. Now open your legs. Good. Now leave it to me.” his hand made contact with my hot thigh and his eyes with the book.

*I know it’s a picture, but look at him*


Hoseoks attention was always on you when he was with you, so you didn’t understand why now, in your shared bed, cuddling,it was obvious his mind was somewhere else. And obvious the comeback choreography. You loved that he had so many roles in the group and the others called him the base. But you felt the pressure starts to gets the best of him"Daddy?“ Hoseok attention returned to you so fast. "Daddy is sorry baby. I’ve got a lot on my mind lately. I’m sorry. Daddy is in special need of cuddles and a little something else because this nightgown will be the death of me.”


Jimins love and pation beside you was dancing. So it came natural to you that sometimes he would dance all night long, but you haven’t seen him in three days and when you finally saw each other he excused himself and asked you if he could practice while you were talking. That made you bratty af. “Daddy!” Jimin stopped moving, turned around slowly, licked eyes with you and you noticed their color changing from the warm hazelnut color to dark moca brown. “Are you being bratty Y/N? True, I haven’t seen you in few days and it’s true that it’s my fault, but I won’t tolerate that bratty tone. Have you forgotten your manners baby? I think we’ll have a learning session tonight." 


Tae and shopping. Shopping and Tae. Galleries and Tae. Tae and galleries. Tae being aesthetic little piece of ignorant shit. Why did he choose a bratty princess like you? "Daddy…Y/N wants to go home.” you said pounting your face at him. “Y/N will wait half an hour.” said Tae with look of warning. It was way more thab half an hour and you knew that. Lately with all the tours, songs and varieties you were barely been able to see him and him not paying attention to you made you salty “Daddy!” Tae hand wrapped around your waist bringing you to his chest.“Be careful Y/N. My patience is wearing thin and knowing that I haven’t touched you in a while makes me go crazy. So behave little girl.”

*masculine Tae, with meat on his bones is a religion, get used to this gif*

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Jungkook training was the hottest thing on Earth. His hair was slicked back and little drops of sweat were painting his face. His shirt was nowhere to be seen and his expression was one of total concentration. But in reality his home fitness was taking away him from you. And that, no matter how much you liked sucking flowers on those muscles,was a problem. So one day it all became too much. “Daddy.” it slipped without you even realising it. Jungkook stopped in the middle of the push up, amazing you one more time. “Come here Y/N.” You walked to him and the difference was funny, but it was because of him laying on the floor. And in the next second he wasn’t. He was right in front of you. “Say it again.” his expression was wild and holding in the promises of all those times you couldn’t be together.

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