Namjoon (Joonmonster) 5.2 million subs

  • So Namjoon’s channel would be a series of him vlogging about his daily life and, obviously his days at the studio
  • most of his videos are just his day at the studio
  • tutorials on how to do stuff that involves music and stuff
  • he’ll give you tips on anything that has to do with music 
  • he also has a series called KimDaily 
  • basically just videos about his fashion choices and he’ll post on instagram 
  • and the occasional date vlog with Jin
  • they knew each other before YouTube actually
  • before Jin started making a lot of money on YouTube, he worked at this really small coffee shop
  • and Namoon just stumbled across it one day
  • and then he saw Jin
  • and he couldn’t help but go everyday for months
  • each time after, he documented it on his channel
  • “Guys I just came out of this coffee shop and there was this really cute guy that works there. oh god I think I have a crush”
  • “I went to the coffee shop again and he winked at me? like that’s so weird right?”
  • “seriously thinking about getting his number guys”
  • and of course, Namjoon never showed Jin’s face or filmed his secretly
  • cause that was just really creepy
  • but of course, his fans somehow still found out that it was jin
  • and despite Jin’s pretty big following, he’d never heard of this guy on YouTube
  • and of course he was absolutely mortified once he found out he was a YouTuber
  • oh god, people are gonna show him my videos and now he’s gonna think I’m a total creep
  • Namjoon didn’t dare show his face on the coffee shop again
  • but then one day he got a DM on Twitter
  • and when he opened it, he didn’t know weather to feel completely embarrassed or relieved
  • Hi! My name is Jin, and I think its time we met properly, I’ve seen your videos and you’re really funny! meet me at the coffee shop at 3? that’s when my shift ends
  • and so, Namjoon goes
  • and the rest was history
  • when they announced it
  • it got over a 100 million views on YT
  • and lets just say #namjinisreal was trending on twitter for days
  • and jin always goes back to those old vlogs to watch Namjoon praise about ‘the cute barista that puts little hearts b yhis name on his coffee’
  • and jin well never let Namjoon live that down
  • but yeah, in the end Namjoon is just really sweet guy that will give you useful tips for wanting to make music and is completely head over heels for his boyfriend


Jin (EATJIN)  

Yoongi (MinSuga/talkswithsuga&hope)

Hoseok (Hope On The Street/talkswithsuga&hope) 

Title : Registered Alpha

Pairing : Jikook (Jimin / Jungkook) side Namjiin & Vhope

Writer : Little_Dimples

Genre : Smut, Fluff, Alpha/Omega.

Summary : Jimin has to order an alpha online. It’s required that every unmated omega order an alpha during their heat so nothing dangerous will happen to them. Jimin honestly doesn’t want one but he’s turning 20 and his heat is scheduled to come in a couple weeks and there’s nothing he can do.
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Super Heroes Academy AU. Seven different boys each possess a unique Power, to be trained and controlled within the classrooms of the Academy. In a surprising turn of events, the unlikely group of boys must work together to overcome the greatest threat to their Academy and all they believe in.

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