namita makes things

Words weren’t Doc’s currency, so how could he thank his masked mate? Here, Chooch. The home plate that the Marlins dug up and presented to Doc after the perfect game—it’s yours. Here, Chooch. A wristwatch and a stunning diamond ring with that game’s date and line score and thanks, roy etched inside it—yours. Here, Chooch. The topper, a brown box with to chooch and from roy scrawled in the corner, left on a chair in front of Chooch’s locker in spring training: an exact replica of Doc’s 2010 Cy Young Award. Then came the commercial for the MLB 2K11 video game in which Doc couldn’t decide anything—whether to eat a turkey or ham sandwich for lunch, whether to wear his red shirt or blue one—without looking to a Chooch blowup doll for a signal. Each gesture stunned Chooch. He kept Doc’s offerings near his father’s photograph, police belt and badge, and his eyes filled with equal reverence when he spoke of both men and their keepsakes.