New Trans-inclusive liturgy from the Reform Movement
Hebrew is such a gendered language, curious at how rabbis and cantors can easily work with the difficult language to create a more inclusive Judaism for all? Check out this link!

With the passage of resolutions on transgender rights and the rights of non-gender conforming individuals by both Central Conference of American Rabbis and Union for Reform Judaism, the Reform Movement is pleased to share several pieces of trans-inclusive liturgy developed by CCAR. These include a Blessing for Those Called to the Torah, a Gender Affirmation Naming Ceremony, and language for use in wedding ceremonies for a couple who would like to indicate complex genders


Everett’s naming ceremony!

So, me and Mark had our naming ceremony for Everett. It was great, we planted a young apple tree for him. Me and Mark put the tree in the hole, then the grandparents and two chosen guardians all put the dirt to plant it. 

A big crowd of our closest family and friends attended to celebrate with us, you could really feel the love in the air for little boy. They all loved his little outfit and were fighting to get a cuddle with him. 

We had a BBQ, hundreds of cakes made by me and my mum as well as the baby dinosaur cake made for Everett (again by me and Mum!). I even made the bunting myself!

Not everyone going knew each other so to break the ice I planned school sports day themed games! We had egg and spoon races, sack races, three legged races, balloon between the legs relays, doughnut eating competition and even our very own home made obstacle course! It really helped the two families to mix and have fun while getting to know each other.

Later on in the night two of our friends from the band “The Caves” played some music (with my dad on bass!) and gave a really chilled out vibe. 

The weather was lovely, we were surrounded by people we loved and everything was great fun!

Promises to my son

My son.

I cannot promise that the world will always be kind nor treat you kindly. I can however promise that I will always be by your side; to guide you, to support you.

My son.

I cannot promise that the path you tread will always be an easy trail. I can however promise I will always walk along side you, holding your hand and showing you the way.

My son.

I cannot promise that you will never hurt. I can however promise that I will share with you in your hurt - what will break your heart will also break mine.

My son.

I cannot protect you nor shield you from the badness in this world. I cannot promise you will never fall. I can however promise I will pick you up, kiss your hurts and dry your tears.

My son.

Life will not always be a celebration. I can however promise you that I will always celebrate you.

My son.

I cannot promise that you won’t make mistakes. I can however promise I will always teach you, talk with you, advise you and love you.

My son.

I cannot promise you will always take pride in yourself. I can however promise I will always be proud of you.

My son.

I cannot promise to give you everything you want. I can however promise to teach you to appreciate and love all that you have.

My son.

I cannot promise that we will always laugh; always play. I can however promise to always take the time to enjoy the small things, to laugh often.

My son.

I cannot promise that you will always know love. I can however promise to show you, in loving your daddy, what love truly is.

My son.

I cannot promise I will always be there. I can however promise to prepare you to go on when I am gone.

My son.

I cannot promise that the memories we create will always be good. I can however promise that we will make memories and that you will be able to look back fondly on the things that we did together.

My son.

I cannot promise you everything. But I can promise you everything of me.

White Buffalo Calf (Tatanka Ska in the Sioux language) - Gale Courey Toesing

This white buffalo born on Peter Fay’s Mohawk Bison ranch in Goshen, Connecticut and will be named by a Lakota medicine man in a naming ceremony.

“The other bison treat him differently. Around five hours after he was born, I couldn’t find him. I looked everywhere. The next morning I went out to look for him and he was standing in a circle of big bulls,” Fay said. “He somehow got through a fence and there he got in with the bulls by mistake. Usually the bulls kill the calves if they get the chance to. It was amazing. There he was standing in a circle of big bulls.”

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What's in a name ?

I’m not the only one who names their boards right ?
From my pivoted pulpit, I regard it as utterly impersonal to not dignify your broad with a name. Unless it means nothing to you. I got my robot a few weeks ago and I’ve been falling deeply in love with her riding to work and back everyday.

Critical Mass was like an awkward first date, but by the next day we knew how to get the best out of each other. I’ve always been an advocate of organic nomenclature - don’t force a name on your board, one will come naturally. Sounds very Harry Potterish but it’s true. This is the story of how my boards came to be named.

As you remember, I was lucky enough to go to Madrid for the best weekend of longboarding on offer to man. There I encountered Moyano, sweet Moyano. With comparison, the best spot I have ever skated. Halei (my sector9) was not quite suited to it with her chunky cored wheels and her too-loose sidewinders, but we made it work. By the last night in Madrid, I was bombing that hill with my new bros and I knew I had to get a free ride board. Madrid changed me, as a longboarder more than anything else. I wanted to name my board Moyano. But I couldn’t. I thought about it, but it didn’t stick. It didn’t feel right.

Bombing the hill to the train station this morning I thought about just how I ended up in Madrid and the kindness of a very dear friend, Sonso, for putting me and 8 other Longboarders she hadn’t met up in her lovely home. I wanted to name my board Sonsoles. But I couldn’t name my board after her, as fun as saying “I’m riding Sonso” would be, it wouldn’t be true to myself.

Going further back I remembered how I had started speaking to admins of other groups in europe early spring and how I had wanted to organise a trip to Madrid for a few of us. Over the months this lead to the monster/super crew that is Longboard Europe. Then I smiled and thought about the many new friends I’d made through LE. LE… ? LE ! Ellie !!! Yes ! It felt so right. LE, the reason I had gone to Madrid, the reason I went to the longboard loft to meet with Push Culture, Ellie, the reason I was smiling. I thought about naming my board Ellie, Ellie Sonsoles-Moyano.

And I did.

The new born infant would be placed upon the floor remaining there without being touched by any person, until the infant was picked up and put into the folds of the infant’s father’s cloak, by the infant’s father; in the absence of the father the nearest of kin would assume the role of the father, thus the ceremony acknowledged the legitimacy of his offspring. By appearance only the father would hold the infant in his arms and judged the temper, proportions, fortune, luck in war and decided if the infant should live or be exposed and left to die.

If the infant was allowed to live the sacred rite Ausa Vatni, which seems to have consisted either in pouring or sprinkling of water over the child, a custom that was so common there is not even any descriptions of how the water was poured or sprinkled over the infant, it would seem most likely to have been done with a hand. This sacred rite is an integral part of the Asa creed and consequently of great antiquity, antedating Christian baptism and most binding among the ancestors of the English speaking peoples: to expose a child after this rite was considered murder.


Norns and the Children,  “Norns” are female deities, the Norse equivalent of the Fates.

The Romans had a similar ceremony, with a baby being placed on the floor and only recognized as a living child when the father picked it up.


A few shots from last night’s Naming Ceremony for the tree that Rigs and Tanner live in. Didn’t get so many from the actual hunt, but got a good few from before the hunters set off and their return.

Of course, Kali went naked and returned covered blood and other various fun bits of gross. How she even ended up on the hunting side of things, given her affinity for communing with the Weave? Who knows, but she was happy to help however she could and they were most successful, if her appearance was any indication to such. 

Those back at the tree comuning were success as well! Apparently the very sleepy tree’s name is Avan'ch'osh!

Part 2 of the The Naming event is tonight! Starting at 9pm (EST), on Tanwyn Windstar’s plot. Feast and party night!

have something mun related.

three summers ago I was given my name in an aboriginal ceremony. The fire keeper dreampt of a fox and working with the medicine women they came up with the name ‘medicine fox’.

I was presented with an eagle feather off the fire keepers headdress and he added a beaded handle. Its an incrediable honor to recieve an eagle feather and I could not be more amazed that I was accepted into the crow clan.

Eagle feathers have to do with finding a spiritual path, as well as courage and leadership and strength as it comes from a sacred bird. The feather above is an bald eagle feather. Eagle feathers are revered above all others as they are believed to be messengers to the creator for they fly higher and see more.

“A central purpose of Judaism is tikkun olam, repairing the world. Much of the pain in the world is a result of repeating old harmful patterns of behaviors. By breaking a chain of pain, forgoing circumcision contributes to our healing. As we heal from this pain, we will be better able to heal others and reach our ethical and spiritual potential.” ~Ronald Goldman