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Tables Turn

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~ EXO!Gangsters/Mafia

~ Junmyeon x (she)reader

~ Just a little something… hope you enjoy xxx

Being married to the leader of the EXO aka Asia’s biggest and most feared mafia gang had its perks: nice car, nice house, traveling, respect from others, and a nice life overall. Except the reason that you were here in the first place… Junmyeon. You have no choice in this marriage, Junmyeon wanted you for himself, all for himself. If only he could get the same message.

You didn’t want to admit it but you were jealous, girls and boys practically throw themselves towards Junmyeon and the other EXO members, some of them gladly respond but the thought of Junmyeon with someone else sickened you to the core.

A soft voice pierced your thoughts. “(Y/N)?”

You jumped slightly at the noise and came back from your imagination. “Sorry, I was just thinking about tonight.”

The maidservant smiled as she set out your outfit for the evening, a long pearly white dress with a silver belt decorated with beautiful gems and diamonds; paired with bedazzled shoes to match. “Mr Junmyeon will love to see you in this dress, my lady.”

You nodded in response and turned back to your dressing table. The maidservant walked over to you and began to work her magic. Slowly taking pieces of your freshly washed hair and creating a small plaited bun on the back of your head. Usually you would have another person to do your hair and makeup, however Charlotte is talented in those areas, despite her being just a servant.

“There… finished,” She said proudly. You closely into the mirror beside you and saw her wonderful creation. You looked beautiful, even if it was hard to admit.

Charlotte’s eyes frantically went from your hair to the reflection, back and forth, back and forth. “So… do you like it?” She asked hesitantly, grasping her hands tightly together.

“Yes, I love it.” You smiled back. She breathed a huge sigh of relief. “Now let’s get you dressed.”

You gently walked down the long steps into the front foyer, holding onto the banister for support in your tall heels. There were many people waiting in the huge room for transportation to arrive to then be whisked away to the ball. However, Junmyeon was nowhere to be seen. Your bottom lip protrudes slightly in sadness, even if your husband did annoy you most of the time, you did miss him. Especially on a night like this, these balls were infamous for hosting great mafia gangs and groups alike, it was an evening filled with trades, deals, and negotiating; in an orderly fashion.

You feel a warmth on your shoulder. Jongdae greeted you in a tight embrace. As if he read your mind he says, “Junmyeon hyung is going to meet us at the ball, he had some work to deal with.”

If you had a penny for each time you heard that, you would be able to take over the mafia yourself. Jongdae noticed your sudden drop in mood and gave you a reassuring smile. You liked Jongdae a lot, and the other EXO members too, but Jongdae knew about your jealously and love/hate about Junmyeon, he’s the only one you trust with such secret information.

“Come on babe, let’s go.” Jongdae said holding out his arm for you to grasp.

You snorted at his words, “My husband would kill you if he heard you say that.”

You’d seen some amazing things in your life but this place was unforgettable. A tall singular chandelier hung from the ceiling, the light coming through projected rainbow patterns onto the decorated walls. The humongous room was filled to the brim with people, all dressed to their best. A soft tune of jazz echoed in the background which had people slowly swaying too. This place screamed the life of luxury and lavishness.

After taking in the beauty of the setting, you focused yourself onto one thing. Junmyeon. Jongdae said he was here… where is he??

You squeezed through the crowd and bumped into people but he was nowhere to be seen. You had even asked rival gang member Namjoon from BTS if he had seen your husband, you received no answer.

You huffed out in frustration and brought your hand to your hurting head. You needed a breath of fresh air to calm your senses. You made your way towards the back entrance, which overlooked the gardens to the mansion. Even during the dark night, it still looked beautiful.

The cold evening air prickled your skin as you walked towards a rock bench. You plopped yourself down and looked at your surroundings. Your eyes scanned the setting. People, people, another bench, more people, Junmyeon, a plant, even more people… wait… Junmyeon??

You blinked your eyes in shock and tried to focus on the figure in the distance. He was stood with a woman, who was wearing a tight black dress. She was clearly trying to get his attention, showing off her long legs, flashing a toothy smile. You were used to this kind of stuff, it happens on a daily. You sighed at her attempt.

You start to make your way over to your husband for a strong word to word when you’re stopped in your tracks. He was… smiling at her. Laughing at her jokes. Looking her up and down like a piece of meat. He was liking the attention he was being given. This was your worst nightmare. Your heart shattered. Your gasped at the scenery so loud it alerted Junmyeon. Abruptly, he averted his eyes to meet your broken ones. His face went blank, guilt rushed over.

You ran from the scene with tears biting at your eyes. You dashed towards the next empty vehicle, not stopping despite the shouts from your husband behind you.

“Take me home please.” You said quickly to the driver, slamming the car door.

“Which house ma’am?” He questioned looking at you through the rear-view mirror.

“The EXO house.” You sighed.

Once you saw your bed, you collapsed onto it and burst into tears. Everything was coming up to that one moment, all your jealous thoughts had been true. You tried so hard to deny your love for Junmyeon, despite all the love he gave you. Seeing him looking at someone sparked this emotion you had never felt for him before. If only you knew this sooner. Now here you are, enveloped by your tears and dirty tissues. Welling over your husband you now only love due to jealously and envy. Oh, how the tables turn…


You know that voice so well.

You couldn’t bear to look at him, you were torn between punching him straight in the jaw or tackling him to the bed in kisses. Best to look away…

Junmyeon sighed and rested himself next to you on the bed. His dark eyes showed concern and sadness.

He gently placed his hand onto yours and rubbed slow circles onto your thumb.

“(Y/N)… I am so sorry for what I did.” You didn’t respond. “But I had to.”


Your head quickly snapped up to look at him in confusion. “What do you mean you had to?” Your words turning slowly more sinister as each syllable was spoken.  

Junmyeon chuckled slightly and moved his lips to your forehead, a soft kiss. He pulls away. “Blame Jongdae.” He said smirking “He told me everything.”

You couldn’t help but smile a little. “Remind me to never tell anyone anything around here.”

Junmyeon’s smile grew wider and he kissed you again on the cheek. Hand placed on the lower part of your back.

You turned to look at your husband. For the first time in years you look at him with love. This is all Junmyeon could ever ask for, his dream had come true.
You both leant forwards to embrace in a passionate kiss. You were finally both happy, with each other. Forever and always.

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Don't want to spam, but I need to scream about my continued foray into TCW: Battle of Mon Cala, everyone in wetsuits and armour. Except Kit Fisto. Who is barechested. In swim trunks. Posing. Tentacles waving in the currents, smirking against a backdrop of explosions. Snarking at Anakin. FFS! Was Obi-Wan worried Anakin would be lonely and Kit was like "No worries I've got this!" ? Or has the need for drama infected the whole bloody order?! Also, Gungan shock troops. WTF? I <3 this show. So much.

Let the record show that I will always welcome people coming to my inbox to scream about TCW. Or Obi-Wan’s hair. Or Obi-Wan and Anakin. Or any combination of those things. Or most things Star Wars-related, really. 

Anyways: yes, Kit Fisto wearing swim trunks like he’s on a damn vacation while everyone else is fully-suited is AMAZING. He’s having the time of his life! 

I also want to know how Anakin, Son of the Desert, became such a good scuba diver. Does standard Jedi training include getting Scuba certified? Does being the Chosen One just make you good at all of these things without trying, or was Anakin wearing water wings in a YMCA pool like 6 months before this while Obi-Wan taught him how to swim in the shallow end?

id like to just sit here for a minute and imagine what the world would be like if blender wasnt the death of me

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The " SHE IS SO CUTE ONE" nsfw like in sex what they think is cute

2p France: He finds it cute when your super super submissive.

2p America: When you can’t stop moaning his name. He loves the way it rolls off your tongue.

2p Canada: How blushy and shy you get when you both are naked.

2p England: The noises to make in surprise when he does something new or unexpected.

2p China: When to start to squirm around!!! He loves how cute you are when you do that.

2p Russia: When your lovingly and calm and tell him that he’s perfect even if he’s a little chubby.

2p Italy: When your face is bright red after he cums inside or on you.

2p Germany: The way you laugh when he makes jokes during sex. Always loved a girl with a good sense of humor.

2p Japan: Those low moans that give off how much pleasure your feeling.

2p Prussia: He finds it cute when you show him with kisses before giving him a blow job.

2p Romano: When your shy about your kinks.

2p Spain: The way you get so needy during sex is cute to him~

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Melbourne uni anon - I'm Singaporean! TQ for answering (gosh, rip wallet...)

Ohhh hi!! Thank you for replying!!

So, let’s see… 

  • The advice I gave you last night
  • Here’s my general advice about moving to Australia from another country (this asker was American, but all of it still stands)
  • The entire city is built in a grid formation, with wide main roads and smaller laneways running between. It’s pretty easy to navigate if you memorise the pattern of main street names, which is made easier by the fact that for a large chunk of it they go “Street Name” “Little Street Name” one way, and “King” “William” “Queen” “Elizabeth” the other way
  • Trains will get you pretty much anywhere, utilise them.
  • Also trams. They’re slower, but still great.
  • There is always something happening in Melbourne. Whatever sort of food or entertainment you’re in to, you will definitely find it
  • To generalise, the south side of Melbourne is snobby, the north side of Melbourne is full of hipsters
  • On escalators, if you’re just standing and riding it up or down, STAND ON THE LEFT. People will push past you on the right in their haste to get to wherever they’re going. This is especially important at train stations

I can’t think of anything else to add right now, if anyone else who knows Melbourne wants to add anything feel free (✿◠‿◠) 

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  • every cis person i ever met: hum... is that... your real name??? are you sure???!! did your parents name you this way???!!????? i, as a Great Specialist With Extended Knowledge And Absolute Neutral Scientific Objectivity Who Met You Three Minutes Ago, am sure i know your Real Name™ better than you do, so you owe me the Truth™ about your name!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

love you like fireburst (1/8)
↳ from yoongi to taehyung

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this