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Latest haul

I don’t post pictures because it’s too much work and knowing me, I’d forget to get rid of the exif data or whatever the fuck it is. Anyways, I had a freaking amazing ass haul today! I’m thinking I might need to take a break because I think I might be getting addicted. If you want names of stores or tips, you’ll have to dm me.

Store 1
So, I managed to get 2 fans - a pedestal fan and one that goes in the window. Super excited. I live on the top floor so it gets hot up here. Also got the game cards against humanity and a few other health related items.

Store 2
Got some pet food. Whenever I’m out of town near a pet store, I try to get some just in case they run low and I CAN’T lift for some reason.

Store 3
Lifted a z-palette and a bunch of shadows by nyx, buxom, and urban decay. Some buxom lippies too. I’m going to create my own sunset themed palette and it’s going to be better than the Natasha Denona one, since I can’t lift it 🙁

Store 4
Bunch of cute tribal style jewelry. A penguin lunch box for a gift. Cute comfy cold weather socks for a gift a cute tea infuser bottle and some teas from Cambodia. Junk food.

Store 5
Jewelry. Cute sandals. A kimono style wrap. And a new lifting bag, since my current one is big and black and that’s sus.

Store 6
It cosmetics CC cream since it’s getting hot out. Aloe Vera gel. More eye shadows.

Store 7
Another pair of comfy ass shorts (See prev post) and a cute comfy pair of “cooling” workout Capri leggings. Most everything was tagged but this was what I wanted so it’s all good!

Store 8
Hair color developer and 2 tubes of color. Squeeze bottle hair dying kit.

Estimated savings: $1500 - $1700

It doesn’t seem like I got that much.


Annie on my mind- Nancy Garden

Keeping you a secret- Julie Anne Peters

Leaving L.A.- Kate Christie

Me and you and daisies- Lily R. Mason

The world unseen- Shamim Sarif 

Wildthorn- Jane England

Tipping the velvet- Sarah Waters

Dare truth or promise- Paula Boock

And Playing the role of herself- K.E. Lane

Hunter’s Way- Gerri Hill

Ash- Malinda Lo

The price of salt- Patricia Highsmith

Patience & Sarah- Isabel Miller

The Gravity between us- Kristen Zimmer

Her name in the sky- Kelly Quindlen 

Taking the long way- Lily R. Mason

Fingersmith- Sarah Waters


hades is the smell of the cold winter mornings, the smell of the pavement after it has rained, and the lingering scent left on your clothes after a camp fire. he holds your hand as you cross the street, watches the moon with you, and is sitting beside you on long car rides. he is both the coldness of your room at night and the warmth of your bed after a long day.

aphrodite is the smell of rose petals and your newest fragrance. she is the smell of the fog after a nights rain and the odour given off while romantic sex is taking place. she is the taste of your lovers lips and the feeling of your own skin after a shower. she is the butterflies in your stomach, and always has your name on the tip of her tongue. she is the one who sends you your next relationship and ends the bad ones. 

poseidon is the smell of the moist air as the water rolls over the rocks near a lake. he is the smell of the mud in a play ground and the scent of your newest body wash. he’s the one who stares back at you as you stare beyond the horizon of the sea. he is the feeling you get when you jump into a pool after being in a hot tub or sauna. 

apollo is the smell of breakfast cooking in the morning and wet wood. he is the split second of pain in your eyes from the light after being in the dark for long periods. he is the summers day spent at a park, and the excitement of remembering lyrics of your new favourite song.

artemis is the natural smell of your hair. she is both the smell of bark on a tree and your fingers after picking up a wet rock. she gives you grass stains on your pants, and blows your hair in the wind. she finds your favourite places to go and guards your place to sit. 

ares is the smell of your sweat. he smells like sand and is the scent of your father. he feels like slate and the pain of a bruise. he is the one who pushes you that one extra step, and forces you to lose your cool.

zeus smells like fire. he smells like the cold wind and your freshly washed sheets. he is the one who makes your heart pound and is the one who triggers your anxieties. he is the booming of loud music and the cracking of the floor boards at night. he watches you as you walk home in the rain.

- anonymous author 


So there’s this skele at our school and the students love to dress it up and pose…….and I’m just really mesmerized by their inventiveness. And by fact that the skele didn’t fall apart yet IT WAS FRICKEN EXPENSIVE HOW DARE U DO THIS WITH IT AND MAKE IT LOOK SO GREAT.

Naming Characters

1. Check root meanings- for example, my character Carling’s name is derived from the word carlin meaning witch and she is a witch

2. Check the era and location- example, a woman from ancient Greece isn’t going to be called Riley, more like Euphemia

3. Borrow from family and friends

4. Borrow from famous people/ people that inspire you

5. Consider your character’s background- example, if hey are rich and upper-class they might have names like Charles or Elizabeth

6. Make them age appropriate-  if your character was born in 1965, look up popular names from that year

7. Make them pronounceable 

8. Consider their ethnicity (While not being stereotypical) 

Regency Era Names

Took me a while to look these up and make this. Hope it can be of help to some people, I’ve put a star next to the most popular names.




Anna *













Elizabeth *






Georgiana *







Jane *

Joan *







Mary *



Myra *

Maria *








Sarah *



















James *

John *

Johnathan *

Jack *














Thomas *

William *

like real people do p.2 | jungkook

summary: the feelings for your friends with benefits are changing. months pass, and you feel your gut telling you that you want more. you’re just not sure if he feels the same.

college student!reader, friends with benefits!jungkook

piece 1, piece 2, piece 3

this component is based off russ’s cherry hill

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Step it Up

Requests: “You are one of the only blogs that write quality Barry Allen smut, so thank you. Can you please write a Barry smut where he always is gentle with the reader because he doesn’t want to lose control with his powers. One night she confronts him and a night of vibrating hands and speedy enhancements occur? Thank you 💕” Credits to gif owners!

It was the same thing every time. Slow thrust, kiss, whisper your love for each other and then hand holding. You loved every second of that. Barry told you every single hour that he loved you. And all he did was make love to you, nice and slow, where you could be close to each other and rest your foreheads together. You loved Barry with all your heart but slow just didn’t cut it for you anymore.

The first time you confronted Barry about it, he reasoned with you, sped up a little bit and you made a really strange noise (indicating you loved it) and he figured he hurt you by accident because he was too fast. If Barry even thought about thoroughly fucking you, he would start to vibrate. But he’d never touch you when he did, his excitement about his fantasy would scare him into thinking he would lose control.

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Thank you Matt ♡  ||   video
[and for the record, my name is Inka :’)]

anonymous asked:

Is it alright if I have made-up names for my story? Do I need to have a balance of normal and made-up?

By “made-up” I assume you mean names you literally invented for the characters, but have never heard used as an actual human name. My advice, look up your name anyway and see if it is an actual name in another country or language. There are other sites you can search aside from the one I just linked.

As for usage, it depends on your genre. If it’s speculative fiction like fantasy or sci-fi made up names can be mixed with etymological names (see Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Hunger Games), or the use of different types of names can imply differences in species (Star Trek uses etymological names for humans and made up names for aliens, while the Redwall series differentiates predator and prey names that same way).

If your story is contemporary, you should stick to known names (and diversity is cool too). I’ve seen a number of teenage writers flex their creativity by inventing names and inserting them in settings where they stand out awkwardly, especially in school settings where a strange name in the real world would get one ridiculed. This could be the reason you give your hero a strange name, but it could also lead the reader to ridicule your character if you’re not careful.

I really related to this meme after reading scifi/fantasy novels.

Conclusion: your names should reflect your setting, and a standout name should have a reason for standing out. I personally would advise against using names you made up or names you can’t find the meaning of if your story is not speculative.

About Storytelling
  • Max: You know from the set-up, from the initial set-up of the series that Kvothe is alive. He's troubled but he's alive. So whenever he's in mortal peril it lets some of the air out of that tension because you know he makes it through. And it's an amazing feed of storytelling how much your pulse still races because you've given him this very specific fears of his hands being damaged, his very few prized possessions being taken from him...
  • Pat: And that's the conventional thought process. And honestly, you know, a lot of writer go into it, too. It's like you need to threaten somebody's life or else... But here is the thing and it's very sensible: it seems very reasonable, but if the only, if the best tension, came from fear of the protagonist's death nobody would ever read a book twice. [...] There are so many other ways. It's harder and one of the things I'm most proud of. It's easier to kill somebody and break your heart as the reader. But it's like I will break your heart because somebody's shirt got ruined. [...] What breaks your heart is that there is this boy, who wants nothing more than to get in the Archives for his whole life and he can't. It's like I will break your heart over a fucking library card.
  • (Max Temkin and Patrick Rothfuss on "Unattended Consequences", 07/14/15)

this is a totally straight anime

anonymous asked:

So I got really inspired in my Intro to Shakespeare class and started rewriting Twelfth Night into a modernized story...right now I still have the same character names as the play (Viola, Olivia, Antonio, and Sebastian) and I don't really want to change them because I'm aiming for any future readers (if I finish it and ever actually publish it) to get that it's my reimagining of Shakespeare's work. But is that okay? Or is it considered plagiarism?

That’s really cool! I think you’re okay to do that. You’re paying an homage to Shakespeare’s work, not trying to steal it. Plus any possible copyright laws are definitely up on any of his works! :) Nobody sued the studio that made She’s the Man and they kept the names, I believe. (It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that.) All in all, I think you’re good to go!

Hope this was helpful!