naming things is not my forte

Things to add to your bucket list:


  • See The Northern Lights 
  • See A Solar Eclipse 
  • See A Waterfall 
  • See Cherry Blossoms in Japan 
  • See The 7 Wonders of The World 
  • See The Mona Lisa, at the Louvre in Paris 
  • See Da Vinci’s Notebooks, Victoria and Albert Museum 
  • Spend New Year’s Eve in Times Square 
  • Spend a day at Central Park, New York 
  • Spend Mardi Gras in New Orleans 
  • Spend La Tomatina in Spain 
  • Spend Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico 
  • Use a Cable Car In San Francisco 
  • Visit Anne Frank’s House 
  • Visit Large Hadron Collider 
  • Walk Along the Great Wall of China 
  • Push A Stone at Stonehenge 
  • Wear an Authentic Kimono in Japan 
  • Make A Guard Laugh at Buckingham Palace 
  • Go to an Olympic Game 
  • Travel All Around the World 
  • Stand at The Equator 
  • Backpack Across at Least 10 Locations 
  • Pack Your Bags and Set Off for A Random Location 
  • Live in A Different Country for at Least 6 Months 
  • Set Foot in All the Continents 
  • See A TED Talk Live 
  • Comic Con or Who Con – Any Con 
  • Tee in The Park 
  • Coachella 
  • Go On a Safari 

Achieve Something

  • Achieve My Ideal Weight 
  • Publish A Book 
  • Get Featured in The Media for Something You Are Proud Of 
  • Start A Movement On a Cause You Believe In 
  • Get A Standing Ovation 
  • Get A Street Named After Me 
  • Give £10,000 To Charity 
  • Create A Famous Quote 
  • Start A Phenomenon 
  • Start A Petition 
  • Prove A Theory 
  • Become an Ordained Minister 


  • Be A Matchmaker 
  • Contact A Company  Just to Thank Them 
  • Fold 1,000 Origami Cranes and Give Them to Someone Special 
  • Pie Someone in The Face 
  • Personally Know Someone Famous 
  • Do Volunteer Work 
  • Be A Mentor to Someone 
  • Make A Difference in Someone’s Life 
  • Teach Someone Illiterate to Read 
  • Give A Heartfelt Surprise to Someone 
  • Perform A Kind Deed Without Expecting Anything in Return 
  • Meet A Good Street Performer 
  • Shake Hands with PM and President 
  • Meet Someone You Can Only Dream of Meeting 
  • Collect Autographs from All My Favourite People 
  • Donate Blood and Meet Who It Got Donated To 
  • Get A Pen Pal 
  • Write 365 Letters to Someone 
  • Write Letters to 5 People Who Positively Influenced You 
  • Leave £100 Tip for a waiter/waitress 
  • Befriend A Stranger 
  • Get A Drink for A Stranger 
  • High Five a Stranger 
  • Take A Picture with A Stranger 
  • Give Free Hugs on a side-walk 
  • Hold Sign Saying ‘Talk to Me About Anything’ On A Busy Street 
  • Order Pizza and Send It to A Random House with Note 

Something for Me

  • Get A Pet 
  • Get A Complete Makeover 
  • Decorate My Room – Paint A Cool Landscape 
  • Fly First Class 
  • Get My Portrait Painted 
  • Legitimately Play a Song On Any Musical Instrument 
  • Get A Signed Copy of a Book I Love 
  • Dye My Hair an Unnatural Colour – Purple/Blue 
  • Get The Restaurant Staff Sing for my birthday 
  • Get A Mani/Pedi 
  • Have A Spa Day 
  • Receive A Postcard from All Countries from Post Crossing 
  • Get A Star Named After Me 
  • Get Picked Up at The Airport by Someone with A Sign 
  • Authentic Chuck Taylors 

Learn Something New

  • Learn A New Language 
  • Learn Morse Code 
  • Learn to Say Hello in 26 Languages 
  • Learn Sign Language 

Try Something New

  • Try A Profession in A Different Field 
  • Try Every Single Ben and Jerry’s Flavour 
  • Try to Be Vegan for A Week 

Once in a Lifetime

  • Fly in A Hot-Air Balloon 
  • Do Public Speaking 
  • Act in A Film - Big or Small 
  • Be an Extra in a Big Film 
  • Crowd Surf 
  • Indoor Skydiving 
  • Wash an Elephant 
  • Ride A Rollercoaster 
  • Be On a Big Screen 

Participate in/Organize  Something

  • Run A Marathon 
  • Volunteer at A Hospice 
  • Go in A Corn Maze 
  • Join A Book Club 
  • High School Reunion 
  • Participate in Holi Festival 
  • Attend A Jewish Wedding 
  • Attend A Christian Wedding 
  • Attend A Hindi Wedding 
  • Attend A Sikh Wedding 
  • Attend A Muslim Wedding 
  • Attend An Atheist Wedding
  • Attend Any Wedding … 
  • Attend A Random Wedding as a Stranger 
  • Treasure Hunt 
  • Scavenger Hunt 
  • Masquerade Ball 
  • Murder Mystery Dinner 
  • Organise A Picnic Outing 
  • Organise A Barbeque 
  • Organize a Block Party 
  • Throw A Mega Party       
  • Put On a Fundraiser 
  • Foam Party 
  • Zombie Walk 
  • National Novel Writing Month 
  • MONOPOLY – actually complete it 

Something Sentimental

  • Walk/Dance Barefoot in The Rain 
  • Experience A Sunrise 
  • Experience A Sunset 
  • Go Stargazing 
  • Plant A Tree and Watch It Grow 
  • Go Camping 
  • Road Trip 
  • Fly A Kite 
  • Fall Asleep On Grassy Plains 
  • Ultimate Water Fight 
  • Message in A Bottle 
  • Sleep Under the Stars 
  • Make A Cool Snowman 
  • All Day with No Technology 
  • Water gun and Water Balloon Fight 
  • Bonfire and S’mores 
  • Blanket and Sofa Fort 
  • Catch Fireflies 
  • Collect Seashells 
  • Messy Twister 
  • Let A Floating Lantern Go 
  • Belong in A Secret Society 
  • Collect A Penny Made in Every Year I’ve Been Alive
  • Food Fight 
  • Leave A Note in A Library Book 
  • Leave A Note On A Car Window 
  • Leave A Shoe at A Ball 
  • Release A Chinese Lantern 
  • Use A Fake Name at Starbucks 
  • Pretend to Be a Window Mannequin 
  • Pull A Fire Alarm 
  • Pull an All Nighter 
  • Put A Pair of My Shoes On a Shoe Tree 

Places to go / Things To See

  • Ballet 
  • Beach 
  • Castle 
  • Concert 
  • Drive-in Movie 
  • Factory 
  • Haunted Place 
  • Laser Quest 
  • Museum 
  • Music Festival 
  • Paintballing 
  • Theatre 
  • Zip line 

Make Something

  • Knit A Scarf 
  • Build A Treehouse 
  • Write A Children’s Book 
  • Start A Vlog 
  • Make A Rubber Band Ball 
  • Start A Scrapbook 
  • Do A 365 Day Photo Project 
  • Wreck-This Journal 
  • Make A Bracelet 
  • Bake Something 

aelin  asked:


23. “Let’s make a pillow fort. It’ll be great.”

  • Neil didn’t have much of a childhood 
  • it usually didn’t bother him that much (he didn’t have time to waste feeling sorry about things he couldn’t change) 
  • But every once in a while something would happen that would absolutely blow his mind and he’d get that little kid giddiness 
  • When Neil walks into Matt’s room to find pillows and blankets all over the floor he immediately thought someone trashed Matt’s room
  • He Is Pissed™
  • who tf would do this to matt
  • But then Dan’s head appears from the mess and he’s chill 
  • “Hey, Neil! Check it out!” 
  • Neil walks over to the opening and when he bends down he sees Allison, Renee, and Matt all crowded under the tent of blankets, with an array of sugary snacks to go around
  •  Poor small child Neil was so confused yet so intrigued
  • “It’s a pillow fort!” 
  • And yes, of course it is. 
  • Neil is Amazed. 
  • They all make room for Neil to squeeze inside, and as he’s sitting there, looking around the only think on his mind is I have to build one

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Yixing as your Boyfriend

Originally posted by kimjongah

Request: Heloo! Can you make Yixing as a boyfriend imagine? Thanks!

A/N: Here you are! I hope you enjoy and sorry for the wait~

- omfg send help

- he’s so god damn squishy

- l i t e r a l boyfriend material

- loves to show you off

- at least to the members

- but doesn’t just boast about your dashing good looks, your personality is what he loves to show off

- “look how caring and nice y/n is~”

- “they’re just the sweetest, aren’t they?”

- so many back hugs

- loves to just cook for you????

- not even just dinner or something

- he does meal-prepping for you so you always eat healthily

- “my baby always has to eat well.”

- so so so protective

- not in an uncomfortable way

- he just wants you to remember that you’re his

- and everyone else in the world

- buying you things

- all the things

- lots of couple items

- park dates

- movie dates

- any place he knows will make you smile

- whispering sweet nothings to you in Mandarin because he can

- teaching you little bits of Mandarin to communicate with his family

- lay is known for being a pretty forgetful person

- but he remembers every little damn detail about you

- your favorite ice cream flavor, shoe size, tickle spots etc.

- probs memorized your cycle if you have one

- please wear this boy’s clothing

- just do it oml he loves it

- although you have to accept the risks that come with it

- *wink wink*

- highkey really kinky honestly

- daddy af

- hickeys everywhere and refuses to let you hide them

- “let the world see you’re mine baby.”

- honestly when he’s horny he’s like a completely different person

- really loud in bed tho

- hmmmm okay moving on

- doing cute little couple things like building pillow forts and not leaving for 3 years

- trying to wake him up in the morning is literal hell

- but he’s so cute with his bedhead and everything that it doesn’t matter

- little unicorn gets so flustered whenever he sees you

- somehow you make his heart flutter without doing anything

- he’s just so in love

- a few cute pet names, but prefers to use your first name

- “it’s just the most amazing thing i’ve ever heard, why would i replace it?”

- ughsjkdfhlkajshfdf my bias wrecker is showing

- i’ll go now

 - just treat him and his beautiful soul right

-Admin Yeonie

Because It’s The Cup (x)

1. Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis / 2. Radio Active by Imagine Dragons / 3. My House by Flo Rida / 4. Old Thing Back by The Notorious B.I.G. / 5. The Nights by Avicii / 6. Centuries by Fall Out Boy / 7. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out Boy / 8. White Walls by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis / 9. No Good by Kaleo / 10. Battle Scars by Lupe Fiasco / 11. Hey Brother by Avicii / 12. Warriors by Imagine Dragons / 13. Jungle by X Ambassadors / 14. Could Have Been Me by The Struts / 15. Welcome to the Show by Adam Lambert / 16. Superheros by The Script / 17. Remember The Name by Fort Minor / 18. Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis / 19. I Lived by One Republic

Hello Jonsa Shippers, DON’T PANIC

SPOILER ALERT: For GOT season Episode 2

I have to many asks in my inbox and I am going to take a while to reply to all of them individually so I thought I’d just do a quick post on my thoughts on S7 episode 2. 

First of all, ep 2 was a classic case of too much expectation and too little content for the Jonsa fandom. I’ll come to the good parts later. I’ll adress the worries, first. 

Listen up, people. A ship, or romance is necessary to the plot of game of thrones but it is NOT the main plot. It is not a FANFIC! We’re not going to get tons and tons of Jonsa scenes. Then there’s this whole thing about Jon calling Sansa his sister. There’s nothing wrong in that. I said this even yesterday while answering a couple of asks that D&D are going to do this. I am going to address the two times he referred to her a sister in this episode and why it was necessary for him to say that. 

Jon: You are my sister and the only stark in Winterfell

People, he is facing a bloody revolt!! The people want the King in the north to stay in the north. They are suspicious of outsiders. He has to assert IN FRONT OF the other northern lords and ladies, that SHE IS HIS SUCCESSOR. So he tells in front of everyone, that she is the KING’s SISTER. The King you chose. And the only Stark in winterfell. Notice how he uses the word ‘only’. He doesn’t include himself when he says that. He’s telling the people, SHE IS THE STARK, follow her when I am not here. He just told every bloody northerner, that she’s the Queen in the north!! OF COURSE he was going to use the word SISTER!! Plus, that’s what he thinks is the truth. 

I can’t even begin about how Jon slammed LF against the wall. OF COURSE he was going to say SISTER, folks!! Consider this, even if Jon is having undercurrents of feelings for Sansa, he has not really embraced it. Of course not. She’s his father’s daugther, his half-sister. But he says Sister to LF because he wants LF to know how personal it’s going to get if he even thinks about touching Sansa. Note how he says, I’ll kill you myself. Note how he says ‘touch’ and not ‘harm’. This is important. I’m going to do a post on Jon’s reaction in this scene a little later, but what a scene it was!!

Next is the goodbye scene. Jon is going to meet Sansa again. They’re going to have a big Stark re-union. For example, If Sansa was going to die in season 7, Jon and Sansa would’ve had a heartfelt goodbye scene, just like Ned and Cat had in season 1. So maybe the goodbye was not so important, because the Big stark re-union is more important. And maybe, we can all sigh in relief about Sansa not dying. In spite of it all, the small wave from the BOTH of them was cute, at least to me. 

I AM NOT ABANDONING THE SHIP, for those of you who are worried. Lol!! I’m here for the big game. SO now moving on to the good parts. 

Jon ASKS SANSA for her opinion on Tyrion and he agrees with whatever she is saying. He’s listening more to her, Thank you Kit. He says, you know him better than anyone of us. SO Starkbowl is officially off! 

SANSA loves Jon. There can be no doubt in anyone’s mind about that anymore. In The meeting with the northern Lords and Ladies (which i’ll be doing in detail a little later) Jon looks at Sansa’s face when he says “I’m going to accept.” She’s shocked and scared. She knows he’s making sense, but her first concern is that he will die (Look what happened to Grandfather.) She backs it up by saying, send an emissary, don’t go yourself. Stark bowl is so off!! And then when he says it has to be him, she loses it, cries out like a little girl, You are abandoning your people, your abandoning your home, (YOU ARE ABANDONING ME!!). She doesn’t want power, she doesn’t want the title, She just wants JON SNOW TO BE HERE AND BE SAFE!! And then Jon gives her his trust vote and names her his successor. STARKBOWL is so far away I can’t see it anymore!! He basically asks her to hold fort until his return. There was so much affection, trust, respect in that scene that it broke my heart. IT WAS GREAT

THE ONLY THING I’m dissapointed about is… WHERE THE BLOODY HELL IS GHOST? People are worried about Jon’s goodbye to Sansa, I’m upset about his no goodbye to GHOST!!!!!

This was just a quick review of some of the scenes. I’ll do more in detail. I’ll reply to all your asks soon. Lots of Love!!

Not Quite a Coffee Shop AU

From a suggestion from @wordsmith-storyweaver

3.8k words of something

Also on AO3

She needs a second job and The Library needs a barista. Who knew she would end up with more than free coffee…

The first time Emma Swan tastes coffee, she is six. Her foster mom leaves a cup unattended as she goes to answer the phone (one of those old kinds with the long, twirling cords that is attached to the wall). It’s bitter. And hot. It burns her tongue and she hates it.


When she is 14 it becomes cool to hang out at the coffee shop, drinking beverages that are more milk than anything else. She has a crush on the barista with the blue streak in his hair. He kisses her behind the store. He tastes like cigarettes. He asks her out on a date but doesn’t turn up at the fair.

She hates coffee again.


At 16, she meets Neal. He takes her to an empty fairground and buys her coffee. (The irony is not lost on her.) She sips and listens as he talks of home and wanting; she falls for him a little after only knowing him for a few hours. He’s real and vital and understands what it’s like: being alone. Feeling lost.


(She should have known it wouldn’t last. Then she’s alone again.)


Years later and it’s become her drug of choice on those cold nights where she needs to stay awake. Bail bonds isn’t glamorous, but it can be lucrative. It’s just unpredictable. Coffee… well, it isn’t. Even the instant kind that clings to the back of your throat has a strange kind of comfort when it’s 4 am and you’ve stared at the same door for six hours.


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10 Tracks to get you going...

Just a couple of things that work for me!

1. Beast, Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard

2. Rollin’ (Urban Assault Vehicle), Limp Bizkit

3. Till I Collapse, Eminem 

3. Trouble On My Mind. Pusha T

4. Warrior. Bonez

5. The Devil In I. Slipknot

6. Throne. Bring Me The Horizon

7. X Gon’ Give It To Ya. DMX

8. Remember The Name. Fort Minor

9. The Sound of Violence. Parkway Drive

10. Arsonists Lullaby. Hozier


During one of my previous volcano forts, I had a !!FUN!! sized zombie siege of ~30 undead. I ordered everyone inside, and closed the gates. It was then I noticed 2 children still outside, obliviously playing as the horde approaches. I was sad, but there was nothing I can do. These children weren’t worth risking the whole fort by opening the gate. 

The Zombies came and killed one of them within seconds in a brutal explosion of guts and bones. The second child (his name was Rovod) somehow dodged them all, gaining a level or two in the process, and ran. 

The zombies chased him for months, across the brooks and in the dried pools and over the mountainside. Everytime they caught up to him, he dodged all of their blows and escaped. By now Rovod was a talented dodger. 

Now two things should be noted- My fort’s entrance was located in a shallow canyon winding into the mountainside. Into the canyon walls I dug pipes that bring lava from the volcano and can be used to flood the canyon. I had used it on a few unlucky undead who passed by, and a lot of lava had still remained on the floor. 

Feeling that I owed Rovod for how well he survived, I evacuated the civilians from the gate hallway and stationed my militia there. I opened the gate, and Rovod began running towards it. 

The zombies were chasing him, but he was faster. Rovod entered the entry canyon with at least 30 tiles between him and the horde. He was mere seconds from making it. 

Suddenly a group of 5 or so zombies jumped down from the level below, chasing a yak. The saw Rovod and began closing on him. Rovod was now stuck in the canyon between two groups of undead. 

It was then that my militia commander jumped out, and attacked the zombies. They now targetted him instead of Rovod. He fought valiantly, and brought down 3 zombies. 

Then he dodged into one of the lava pools, and disappeared in a cloud of smoke and steam and cooked flesh that covered the whole canyon. Amid the confusion, Rovod escaped, dodging every one of the attacks. 

The gate was closed, and the smoke cleared. The militia commander saved Rovod at the cost of his life. 

But the sacrifice was in vain- Not a week later, the zombies caught up with him. He dodged all but one of the blows, but one was enough. Rovod died, and my fort soon followed.

(via DF art album #7 part 1 - Album on Imgur)

Welcome To The Black Lion (A Black Paladin Keith playlist) - By Seabreezy

Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance  ||  Battle Scars - Paradise  ||  Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons  ||  Protectors Of The Earth - Two Steps From Hell  ||  Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons  || Things We Lost In The Fire - Bastille  ||  Immortals - Fall  Out Boy  ||  Coming Home - Skylar Grey  ||  Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots  ||  The Promise - Emma Blackery  ||  Warriors - Imagine Dragons  ||  This Is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco  ||  I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons  ||  Take On The World - You Me At Six  ||  I May Fall (ft. Casey Lee Williams) - Jeff Williams  ||  High Hopes - Kodaline  ||  A Little Too Much - Shawn Mendes  ||  Counting Stars - OneRepublic  ||  Hall Of Fame - The Script  ||  Echo - Jason Walker  ||  Rescue My Heart - Liz Longley  ||  Run To You - Pentatonix  ||  Waves (Acoustic) - Dean Lewis  ||  Wild Things - Alessia Cara  ||  Don’t Forget About Me - CLOVES  ||  Afraid - The Neighborhood  ||  Guillotine - Jon Bellion  ||  Haunting - Halsey  ||  It Has Begun - Starset  ||  My Demons - Starset  ||  Remember The Name (ft. Styles Of Beyond) - Fort Minor  || Peace Sign - NateWantsToBattle  ||  Unaligned - NateWantsToBattle  ||  Glassy Sky - AmaLee  ||  Here Comes A Thought - Estelle & AJ Michalka

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purple was the color of the flower, the first one i gave you. it reminded me of Sappho and violets then i thought of you, after that i never stopped thinking about you. purple because i hoped our love would prosper.

brown was the color i always thought of as being the most unattractive, but you changed my mind about it, just like you did with everything. the things you’d bake for me, the picnic table we carved our names in, the sand fort we built the summer after we met. brown reminds me of home and i’ve been lost ever since.

blue was your favourite color, it was also the color of the the towel we shared when we snuck into the pool and pretended not to care. it was 2am, the night sky was dark, you were shining in the moon light, we were the only ones in the park, in a city i had no familiarity with, but you told me not to worry and i flew into your arms. so blue because of trust, trust i no longer have.

white was my shirt that your hands helped pull off, as the cold wind hit my wet skin and your fingertips quickly scrambled to warm me up. i thought i would die, i’d dreamt of this for so long. your lips licked mine and we danced in time, to the song… something from Ed Sheeran, it was the one you told me to listen to all those months ago, the one i played every night after you left. white because of safety, purity and innocence, the two latter is obvious, but safety is something i no longer feel unless i’m back in your arms.

black was the sky with twinkles of star dust, and your eyes filled with lust, even if i try, i cant remember what they look like now. black is how i feel inside without the color you brought to my life.

- it’s been years and my life has been black and white ever since // cxw

Aegon the Dragon x Stark!Reader...

IMAGINE….being a daughter to King/Lord Torrhen Stark and being summoned to King’s Landing to marry Aegon the Conqueror and be his third wife.

Pt. 2 to

((This may not be THAT good…sorry.))

((Anon asked for a continuation sooo here ya go! Another anon asked for smut with aegon x reader THAT will be coming soon, I promise! I love writing for Targaryens tbh))

Word Count: 1,615

Warning: None

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Make The Most Of It - Trent Seven (Part Two of ‘Not Another Happy Ending’)

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IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING! Little bit of angst and then MAJOR FLUFF! Y'all know I don’t write smut but it’s kinda implied, I guess. I hope it’s not too short.

Tags: @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @wrestlingnoob @alexahood21 @imnobodiesbitch @logandemico @glamlover87 @baleesi @shieldgirl95 @na-nou83 @morgancorbin @lilmisscrisis @rollinsdar @damnbuvky @blondekel77 @imaginingwwesuperstars @mandi512 @wwesmutdonedirtcheap @imagineall-the-fandoms @oreillyskyle

‘Knock, knock!’ Matt exclaimed, waltzing into the room at the back of the church where she waited. Nick followed his brother, hands stuffed into the pockets of his suit trousers.

‘You ready to do this, dear sister? It’s never too late to change your mind.’ Y/N shook her head, standing up and linking arms with the younger man. The heels on her feet killed, the dress was tacky and the veil was itchy but she put on a smile anyway. Her mother was happy, her father was happy, everybody was happy…Almost everybody.

She practically had to beg her father to let the Bucks walk her down the aisle, she nearly resorted to refusing if he didn’t allow it as they had been there through so much heartache and picked her back up again so it seemed right for them to be the ones to give her away. Pete, Tyler, Mark and Adam were all invited, of course. The music of the organ signalled the trio to start walking. All of those eyes on her, waiting for her to reach the man waiting at the end of the aisle. He was there, clad in a suit and tie and ready to marry her.

But he wasn’t Trent.

‘Matt, Nick,’ The brothers both looked at their ‘sister’, ‘Let me go. I can’t do this, tell him I said thank you. He’ll understand why.’

It wasn’t that he was a bad guy, he was lovely but he wasn’t the man she wanted to be with. Trent had always had a hold of her heart, even if he had to go away for a while. Two people who were just so right for one another, forming a bond that not many people seem to understand. She missed him, his touch and his kiss. She missed the words he would whisper to help her sleep after a particularly rough day, his arms wrapping around her waist when she would make tea and the awful, awful dancing to silly love songs on the radio. Leaving him became her biggest regret. His apologies were, at the time, meaningless. All she wanted was to spend her life with the man from Moustache Mountain, protecting one another from any storm that they may face…and she still left him.

Walking away from him was the hardest thing she’d ever had to do; the look of pure anguish and pain evident on her now former lover’s face. A few weeks later, her mother introduced her to Ashley, a mechanic whose mother worked with hers. He also happened to be coming out of a nasty breakup but of much worse circumstances. Ashley was bisexual and the parents of his ex-boyfriend, as well as his father, were extremely homophobic, the result of their prejudice being the arranged engagement between Bennie and an equally lovely young lady. Ashley hadn’t heard from Bennie in months so his mother got talking to her friends, wishing to introduce her son to possible matches.

Several months into the relationship, he proposed. She said yes but they both knew deep down that they belonged with other people. Their mothers meant well, they just wanted to see their children happy and safe. Y/N did wish, however, that she had at least been allowed to choose her wedding dress.

There was not a ‘last night of freedom’ for either of the couple. Instead, they built a stupid pillow and blanket fort in his apartment and cuddled together.

‘Tell me what he was like again?’ She grinned, looking up at the man.

‘Again? Okay. He was the best and kindest man I have ever had the privilege of loving. His eyes were the most beautiful, wonderful things I had seen in my life. We had made all these big plans; eloping to some cute little chapel far away from home, having our own place together somewhere like Amsterdam…Anyway, you never told me about your guy, not really. What was he like?’

‘His name is Trent Seven and he’s wonderful. You never really know what you’ve got until it’s gone, I realise that now. I told you he had cheated on me and I was too heartbroken to forgive him but I wish I had. He’s my soulmate.’

‘Go to him.’

‘What? Are you crazy?’

‘No, but if you’re gonna do it, do it with-’ She cut him off, giggling.

‘Flair?’ The pair burst into fits of laughter at the dumb wrestling joke. And so, they made a plan. Ashley’s father would be livid but it would be totally worth it if either one of them could be with their ‘true love’ again. Their mothers would surely be okay with it, just as long as they thought that they were doing what was best for them.

The moment she was out of the church, the heels were gone and the bouquet had been discarded into a nearby field. And she ran.

Maybe she had thought that happy endings were stupid, that the prospect of something like that being happy was ridiculous. Now, all she wanted. No, all she needed was to be with Trent again.

People in the town looked at her funny. Well, of course they did, there was a woman in a wedding dress running down the street barefoot. It was like a scene from a cheesy 90′s rom-com, especially when it started to rain.


Never had she been more thankful to climb that bloody flight of stairs that led to his apartment. The estate surrounding was almost deathly silent, a weird thing for a Saturday afternoon, and it allowed her to hear the muffled music coming from one of the homes, his home. The soft, sweet voice of Brendon Urie crooning to Death of a Bachelor was mixed with quiet, choked out sobs. God, it was a gutwrenching sound that made her feel sick to her stomach. At first, she doubted he would be able to hear the gentle tapping of her knuckles on the wooden door, having to convince herself to stay put despite how cold and soaking wet she was. A grunted response of ‘I’m coming’ nearly made her cry. It had been so long since she had heard his voice and it was almost too much to handle. Creaking hinges brought the eerily peacefulness of the quiet estate to a screeching halt, a crack of thunder rolling through the sky with almost perfect timing.

Trent looked awful, safe to say. His eyes were bloodshot and red with tears and yet, she had never seen them light up so fast before. Not a word was spoken as he reached out to touch her cheek, her entire body shaking from the emotional assault that was currently taking place in her brain. Moments later, he had pulled her into his arms, holding her tight as if she would be ripped away from him again if he were to let go. The pair slipped into the apartment, closing the door and shutting off the music. Had anyone else been there to witness the moment, they may have laughed at the sight before them; a runaway bride and a scruffy, dishevelled professional wrestler locked in a tight, loving embrace.

‘You’re here, you’re here. Here, here with me. Missed you, missed you so much, needed you. Can’t believe you’re here.’ The weight of nearly a year apart had been lifted off of their shoulders, breaking the dams that held back the tears threatening to fall. Slurred words and messy movements were enough. Neither cared if they were speaking coherently, her only thoughts were about getting out of the hideous dress and making up for all of that lost time. He was still trying to comprehend that she was back in his arms, in his bed.

Only the sounds of the wind howling outside, the movements echoed in the noises made by the cotton sheets and their whispered, breathy declarations of love were audible in the once lonely apartment. Come night-time , a sliver of moonlight shone through the curtains of the bedroom, illuminating the room just enough so that the newly reunited couple could see one another. Very little was said that night, both silently agreeing that any words that needed to be said could be said in the morning. The peaceful silence would likely be gone by morning so they elected to make the most of it, sharing kisses and pressing themselves flush against each other. For now, it was time to sleep, wrapped up in each others arms where they belonged. Yes, this was finally the beginning of their happy forever.

I make one every year, not finished yet but here it is:

[ ]1. Make a summer playlist
[ ]2. Grow my hair
[ ]3. Tan
[ ]4. Pull an all nighter
[ ]5. Nerf gun warrrrrrr
[ ]6. Go to the beach
[ ]7. Go swimming
[ ]8. Get donuts in the morning
[ ]9. Go 24 hours without technology (only exception: ONE picture)
[ ]10. Go to Disney World/Universal
[ ]11. Make shave ice/slushies
[ ]12. Go to the cinema
[ ]13. Try to get a sun tattoo
[ ]14. Watch the sunset
[ ]15. Go to an ice cream parlour
[ ]16. Make gummy bear + sprite popsicles
[ ]17. Take loaaddss of pictures (at least one a day)
[ ]18. Say yes to everything for a day
[ ]19. Have a water fight
[ ]20. How many licks to the center of a tootsie pop?
[ ]21. Climb a tree
[ ]22. Get a flower crown (or make one)
[ ]23. Roll down a hill
[ ]24. DIY a pair of shorts
[ ]25. Make colourful bracelets/anklets
[ ]26. Go to iHop for breakfast
[ ]27. Go mini golfing
[ ]28. Eat pop rocks
[ ]29. Go to a water park
[ ]30. Try Arizona Tea
[ ]31. Midnight movie
[ ]32. Blow giant bubbles
[ ]33. Sparklers at night
[ ]34. Tie dye shirts
[ ]35. Melted crayon art
[ ]36. Make a video star with friends
[ ]37. Do a photo shoot with friends at the park
[ ]38. Go to a concert (preferably a girl artist or boy band bc lol)
[ ]39. Fake names at Starbucks
[ ]40. Helium balloons and impressions
[ ]41. Squad Sleepover
[ ]42. Chalk on the driveway
[ ]43. Spend a whole day outside
[ ]44. Make at least one new friend
[ ]45. Get my ears pierced again
[ ]46. Go body boarding
[ ]47. Take a picture every hour for 12 hours (preferably 24 while pulling an all nighter)
[ ]48. Have a water/water gun fight
[ ]49. Compliment a stranger
[ ]50. Take a huge group selfie on the last day of school
[ ]51. Wear skirts/dresses more often
[ ]52. Post vines on instagram
[ ]53. Photo booth!
[ ]54. Starbucks with squad
[ ]55. Hang out with old friends
[ ]56. Make brownies
[ ]57. Go shopping in Florida and buy SHOES and cute stuff
[ ]58. Take tons of pictures with friends and print them
[ ]59. Go to Camden with friends
[ ]60. Piggyback race
[ ]61. Westfield for cute summer stuff
[ ]62. Be vegetarian for a day
[ ]63. Cute party thing with friends
[ ]64. Disney movie marathon
[ ]65. Make the last day of school perfect
[ ]66. Go a whole day barefoot
[ ]67. Do something to my hair (kool aid dye maybe)
[ ]68. Carve names into a tree
[ ]69. Make a fort and watch movies (preferably scary) with friends
[ ]70. Leave a note in a library book
[ ]71. Try a cute pintrest DIY
[ ]72. Chocolate covered bananas
[ ]73. Bake cake pops
[ ]74. Yell “ANDY’S COMING” to the Toy Story characters at Disney World
[ ]75. Reach 200 on Instagram
[ ]76. Wake up to good music every morning
[ ]77. Drive to Miami for a day (or two)
[ ]78. Get a matching outfit with the bestie
[ ]79. Prepose with a haribo ring


Fort Max can’t handle the Rung.

engine-red and I recently found out that we both share the headcanon of Fort Max burying his face in his hands when getting called cute. I actually have two pages filled with robots reacting in different ways, maybe I’ll post them here one day, too.

I ship Rung with pretty much everybody (Skids, Rodimus, Megs, you name it), but Fort Max has to be my favorite for him. Also, the size kink is strong with this one.

Edit: I’m an idiot and don’t even know the eye color of my favorite character. They’re not blue, they’re the same color as the glasses. I apologize, I guess I shouldn’t color things at midnight for weeks.

Wrestling Masterlist

**= Smut

In alphabetical order by last name.

Dean Ambrose:
Prompt: “Sometimes I wonder if things would be different if you didn’t walk into my life.”
Prompt: “I didn’t know your voice went that high! I should scare you more often!”
Prompt: “There is a common saying about the calm before the storm…but no one ever talks about the deafening silence after the storm hits.”
Backstage Fluff
What Happens On The Announce Table…** (featuring AJ Styles)

Enzo Amore:
Masquerade Love**

Finn Balor:
Prompt: “Keep it up because if you do, you don’t get to come into my blanket fort.”
Universal Relinquishment
I’m Not The Only One
(Un)Happy Birthday
Colorful Signs of Lovemaking**

Dreaming of You

Baron Corbin:
What Was That?**
Partner Search
Happy Ending**
Count On Me**

Tye Dillinger:
Oral Presentation**

Jeff Hardy:
After the Party Is Over**

Chris Jericho:
I Hate That I Want You**

TJ Perkins:
Ain’t Nothing Like The First Time**
Championship Comfort
Morning Surprise**
Anger Management**
When It All Falls Apart (sequel to ‘Circle’)

Roman Reigns:
Don’t Wanna Lose You**

Bobby Roode:
Good Girl**

AJ Styles:
Locker Room Romp**
“We’re Kinda Dating…” **
What Happens On The Announce Table…** (featuring Dean Ambrose)
Backlash Champion**
I Love You More**

Shane Thorne:
Back to Your Heart
NSFW Alphabet

Sami Zayn:
Right Place, Wrong Time

Non-WWE Superstars

Marty Scurll:

All Of Me**

5 things

This is kinda late but thanks for tagging me! @eye-of-elena

(Rules: you have to tag 15 people at the end of this challenge.)

Feyxsand’s note: The challenge doesn’t require you to post pics but I wanted to be a lil extra ;)

5 things you’ll find in my bag

  • My journal (with a bunch of acotar inspired art)
  • A Hogwarts Railways Pin (as seen in the pic)
  • Tissue (y never know when the feysand feels randomly hit again ok)
  • An empty wallet lol
  • Camera (fun fact: i make videos) 

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

  • The ACOTAR trilogy with creased spines from being frantically opened and flipped through far too many times
  • A vintage map of the world
  • A letter gardland that says “PLANET QUEEN” (inspired by Tavi Gevinson)
  • Fairy lights (it’s the closest thing to stars tbh)
  • Lots of tissue (i caught a cold weeks ago ugh)

5 things I’ve always wanted to do

Originally posted by theadventurouslife4us

  • Go strolling through the streets of Velaris
  • Live in Iceland for a month (kinda like a retreat from life lol)
  • Watch the northern lights :”)))
  • Direct an ACOTAR TV series (tho i’d be too scared to fuc it up)
  • Go camping with my friends and watch the stars

5 things that make me feel happy

Originally posted by enjoy-the-life-baby

  • Staying under a blanket fort covered with fairy lights while watching a movie/reading a book as the rain quietly patters against my window in the background
  • THE STARS (u have no idea)
  • My Japanese spitz + Sharpei dog named Bagel
  • Nature walks
  • In depth conversations with good friends

5 things I’m currently into

Originally posted by spiritedwind

  • the ACOTAR series (what else)
  • Conan Gray (he’s the aesthetic youtuber above ^^ go check him out)
  • Retro/Indie things (film cameras, polaroids, clothes)
  • Melodrama by Lorde (SO GOOD)
  • Cute patches/pins to add to my kanken backpack

5 things on my to-do list

  • Finish filling up my college application forms
  • Give Bagel a bath
  • Rewrite college entrance essay
  • Learn Liability by Lorde on the piano
  • Review for college entrance exams :”)))

That’s it! The first two pics are mine but the gifs are made by other users so thank u so much to those people <3 

I tag: (note that we may have never talked but i like ur blogs) 

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Btw if you’re not tagged and you wanna do the challenge, GO FOR IT and tag me if y want bc I would love to read :) 

Ishida x Kubota x Shimizu Tokyo Ghoul Men’s Non-no Interview (Part 2)

It’s finally done! This is the main interview in Men’s Non-no where Ishida-sensei, Kubota-san, and Shimizu-san talk about what they like about Tokyo Ghoul, how Kaneki got his name, and favorite scenes. For those who have the magazine, this is on page 189. There were a few sentences where I had difficulty figuring out how to phrase it. I did the best I could, but as always, if something doesn’t make sense, if you want clarification on a phrase, or if you have suggestions, feel free to send an ask or a message!

I’m very much looking forward to how you two will play Kaneki and Touka’s roles. — Ishida Sui

Kubota By the way Shimizu-san, you were saying “Could it be that perhaps Ishida-sensei is a ghoul? ” right?

Eh, what kind of thing are you saying?

Shimizu It’s not just Sensei, Kubota-san too! Could it be that perhaps everyone besides me is a ghoul? I’m saying, every member is a ghoul, so, in order to convey a ghoul’s sadness to humans [they] say things like “Well, I’ll draw a manga” “Well, I’ll be an actor,” and this time [they] made a movie.

Keep reading

When the French version of TFA serves you Rey & Kylo Ren’s Force bond on a silver plate

I watched TFA one more time recently in my mother tongue, which is French and I noticed something quite strange and interesting at the same time concerning Kylo Ren and Rey.

I don’t know if some of you guys are familiar with the French language but for those who aren’t let me tell you that our language is indeed very complex (too complex even)
Anyway, in French culture, while having a conversation with someone, we often encounter a kind of dilemma concerning what we call “tutoiement” and “vouvoiement” which are terms rather difficult to translate. But in order to explain them to you in an easy way, let’s say that while English people use the “you” pronoun while addressing a person we, French, can use either “tu” or “vous”

“Tu” is a pronoun we use when we talk to someone we know quite well/ we are linked to/ we have affection for (friends, family) or someone younger (a child, a teenager) or of the same age but only if you have some sort of connection with that person (as a colleague for instance).

“Vous” is used when we talked to someone older, to an adult stranger, to someone with a significant status or someone placed high in the hierarchy in working places. It is a very respectful and formal pronoun.

Now coming back to Kylo Ren and Rey.
I noticed that Kylo Ren in the French version says “vous” to Poe (the adult stranger), Hux (General status) and Snoke (Supreme Leader and old) but during the interrogation scene Kylo Ren uses the “tu” form to talk to Rey. We get it, she’s younger than him but she is not a little girl, she’s in a phase between adolescence and womanhood so it would be more appropriate to say “vous”. 
And then I realized that he uses “tu” once he reads her thoughts

- “You still want to kill me
 " Tu as toujours envie de me tuer

Interesting right ?

But what is more interesting is Rey’s way of talking to Kylo Ren.
At the beginning of the interrogation she says "vous”

- “I’m not giving you anything
 "Vous pouvez essayez je ne vous donnerez rien

And then right after she enters his mind she uses "tu”

- “ You, you’re afraid … That you’ll never be as strong as Darth Vader
Non c'est toi qui a peur, tu as peur de ne pas être aussi fort que Dark Vador” (yeah we translated Vader’s name)

My point is that for both of them the use of “tu” comes after the mind reading and that this choice concerning the translation is not made aimlessly.
My theory is that it shows that something happened between them. They learned things about each other. They are not strangers in each other’s eyes anymore. There is a connection between them. They shared something, something that is powerful enough to break the formal aspect of their interaction : their feelings, their memories.

And how did this happen ? Through the Force !!

Now you get it ? A Force Bond definitely happened between them and the French version implicitly confirms it! At least that is what I think.

I don’t know your thoughts about that and honestly I’ll be glad to hear them. Hope your enjoyed this theory