naming is the hardest part

i’ve had girls break
my heart when they take
another guy
into their bed, i
had a girl use me
for the money
i had saved up from working as a waiter,
i was dumb enough to try to date her,
i had a girl steal my notebooks
so her friends would look
and see she’d snagged an artist,
i’ve put names on my body
and filled hands with poetry
but the hardest
part is
feeling crumpled up after in the trash,
at least have the courtesy
to burn me,
i’d rather be ash,
at least then you took
the time to destroy my book
instead of collecting dust -


- as the ink goes up in smoke -


Requested series: I’m not your first bias??
Hobi ver.
This feels similar to the fangirlin one I did but eh. In sorry I’m short on inspiration. Ill get it together for the maknae line. (I still think the hardest part are the contact names..)
Requests are open.

Imagine #1

[ Anonymous ] Request : Imagine you and Robbie are doing a movie together and he’s always really helpful and stuff and one day at a panel the rest of the cast teases you two and you both turn into blushing messes and it really fluffy and stuff?

Y/N : your name
Y/S/N : your ship name


“So, Robbie, who do you think has the hardest part, acting-wise, in this movie?” A fan asked the boy sitting next to me and he frowned slightly, thinking over his answer.

“I honestly think Y/N has the toughest job because she’s playing such an evil person who’s so dangerous and threatening when, in real life, she’s so small and nice.” Robbie laughed, glancing at me with a smile.

I blushed, shrugging with a smile as the audience laughed at my co-star’s answer.

Another girl stands up, a devious smile on her face. “Speaking of Y/N, do you two ever see yourselves becoming anything other than friends? Considering how close you two are, it could easily be mistaken for a relationship rather than a friendship.” The fan winked as some people started cheering in agreement, so of course, our castmates decided to join in on the teasing.

“You guys should really check out the behind the scenes footage when the movie comes out on DVD because I was looking through it and there are so many clips of Robbie helping Y/N with her lines and the two of them chatting around set. It’s quite adorable, honestly.” Sean joked, glancing us two red faced teenagers.

“And they’re so close off-set, too. What was your ship name again? Y/S/N?”

This went on for a little while until Robbie finally answered a question that wasn’t related to the two of us.

Once the panel was over, Robbie pulled me away from the rest of our castmates so he could speak to me in private, I assumed. “I’m really sorry, Y/N, I had no idea they were going to do that.” He apologized sincerely.

I laughed, shaking my head, “It’s fine, Robbie. Don’t worry, I’m used to being embarrassed around you.” I joked, grinning as Robbie raised an eyebrow at me.

“Oh really? I didn’t realize I had that much of an effect on you, love.” He teased, a smirk on his face.

I rolled my eyes but the blush still made its way onto my face. Robbie had consistently called me love the first two weeks of shooting because I had been annoyed by it the first time he’d said it. Hearing it now, it made me blush and feel strange as my vision of the brunette in front of me practically shifted.

“Did I say embarrassed around you? I meant embarrassed for you.” I laughed and Robbie rolled his eyes, chuckling as Sean walked back up to us.

“Aw, lovebirds talking in secret, eh?” He teased, moving closer to us. “You’re not fooling anyone.” Sean whispered, laughing as he walked away.

The rest of the day went with Robbie… acting weird, ending conversations whenever I would walk into the room and using one worded answers to my questions to end the conversation. I tried not to take it personally, but it confused me.


The next day, everyone was acting as if they knew something I didn’t and when I got into my dressing room there was a rose with a note beside it.

‘For my beauty, from your beast.’

Weird things happened all day - Robbie would bring me coffee or hug me from behind to surprise me. Now, this kid was normally touchy and close but he was acting as if him and I were together.

When I wasn’t needed on set for a while, Robbie caught up with me in my dressing room.

“I wanted to ask you something,” The brunette started, a smile on his face as he walked towards me nervously.

“And what is that?” I questioned, raising an eyebrow at him.

“I was wondering if… you wanted to be my girlfriend?” He bit his lip, looking at me with an anxious look on his face. “I-I know normally I would ask you out on a date first but I just though… since we already know each other so well, it excused it?” Robbie rambled and I cut him off by hugging him with a laugh.

“I thought you’d never ask, Kay.” I mumbled against his chest as he hugged me tightly, one arm around my shoulders and the other around my waist so I was completely in his grasp.

“Oh, shut up, Y/N.” He laughed, the sound music to my ears as he kissed my head and he knocked on the door three times.

All of a sudden we hear loud cheering and clapping as I realized our castmates were all in on this. “You’re such a dork.” I blushed, burying my face in his chest.

The boy in my arms shook his head, lifting my head to look at him as he kissed my cheek and let his lips linger over the skin for a moment before pulling away. “I’m your dork.” He grinned cheekily, proud with his cheesiness as we walked out of my dressing room to be welcomed with cheers.


i tried, guys //: feel free to request! i’d also love your opinions on any of my imagines or my story on Wattpad.

Idr if I showed this lady off to you or not, but she’s a super neato ai who helps manage a super hero base! She started off as an ultra basic “my first ai” scripting test, but was stolen and repurposed by a scum lord who built a gynoid frame for her and used get as a sexual servant/crime partner before being rescued by the super heroes. Unfortunately, I’m not creative enough to have named her yet but she’s super cute and I love her.

names are the hardest part of new characters for me tbh i put it off long after ive actually made them

thank you for sharing her!! :D

one of the hardest parts of writing for me is naming characters

especially this one

this character HAS a name, technically, but i really think i’m gonna rename her. honestly, im gonna rename everyone in the book because it’s not set in the same time as the original version was. 

but now i have to decide what to name them all

this is why i need to write out a detailed map of this story, there’s gonna be so many pieces and parts ugh. 

Rucas Week - Day 7

Day 7: Rucas’ Wedding or Rucas’ future

One day I will write Lucas and Riley’s wedding but not now. Instead this is their Day 5 dreams coming true. The hardest part was the name of their daughter. I thought about it for months before I figured it out. I want something significant, personally, a little French, a little bit cowgirl, and something that went with Friar. I think this fits perfectly.

Lucas and Riley walked out of their Texas farmhouse to the horse paddock with their three and a half year-old daughter, Josephine, named for Lucas’ Pappy Joe, between them. She had a firm grasp on both of their hands, as she skipped along excitedly, her brown braids bouncing behind her.

“Are you excited?” Riley whispered to him knowing he’d been dying to take their daughter for her first ride and today was finally the day.

“I’ve been looking forward to this since before she was born,” Lucas responded softly, an obvious giddiness in his voice.

“I’m so glad we made our life here,” Riley said as she looked around them at all they had, “I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

“Me too,” Lucas agreed before adding, “But I would be happy to make a life anywhere, as long as you are with me.” Riley blushed upon hearing this, as she always did when he said such loving things.

“Daddy? Ride horsey??” Josephine asked eagerly, snapping their attention back to her, as they passed the bunny hutch, the pig pen, and chicken coop before finally reaching the horses.

“Yes, Joey,” Lucas responded sweetly, as it was no secret she had him wrapped around her finger, “We are going to ride a horsey.”

“Hi horsey,” Joey shouted as she released their hands and ran up to the horse standing at the fence waiting for them. Her blue eyes sparkled as she marveled at this large animal before her. Riley walked up next to her as Lucas went to the barn.

“Daddy is going to get him ready for you to ride,” Riley instructed tenderly, stopping their little girl as she tried to follow him, “We have to wait here, but we can watch him from over there.” Riley gestured toward the fence before they returned there.

“Hi Daddy!” Joey called out to him when she saw him walk out by the horse with the saddle and bridle.

“Hi Honeybee,” Lucas greeted Joey with his nickname for her and a wave once he put the equipment down, “As soon as I finish we can go for a ride.” Ever the natural, Lucas made quick work of getting the horse ready.

“Riles, if you grab her helmet, I’m ready for her,” Lucas announced to his wife once he was finished with the horse.

They went together to the barn before returning with a small helmet. Riley placed it on her little girl’s head and fastened the buckle.

“We can go now, Joey,” Riley informed their daughter as she offered her hand which Joey grabbed immediately. The two walked through the barn to where Lucas was waiting with the horse.

With helmet in place, they met Lucas in the corral. The girls watched as he mounted the horse first, with great ease. He slid back a bit, creating a space for the little girl. Riley then lifted her up to her daddy and he sat her in down between his legs.

“How do we look?” Lucas asked with a chuckle as he held onto Joey with one arm and took the reins in his other hand.

“There are some moments I know I’ll remember forever,” Riley answered, quoting to Lucas something he once said to her, “This is definitely one of them.”

“Mommy, I’m up so high!” Joey exclaimed proudly from her seat on the horse, waving at Riley.

“Yes you are, sweetie,” Riley responded before turning her attention to her husband, warning him, “Don’t go to fast Lucas.”

“I won’t. Don’t you worry,” Lucas reassured her, smiling at Riley in the way that still gave her butterflies, all these years later. “Wait for me, City Girl?” Lucas asked before they started their ride.

“We’ll be here, Cowboy,” Riley answered with a sweet smile, rubbing the barely noticeable bump on her belly. Lucas gave her a wink and tipped his hat before clicking his tongue, causing the horse to trot around the ring, much to Joey’s delight.

anonymous asked:

so what's Justin supposed to be in the imagine. i mean since he's not a human being... Had fun reading this tho!✨ i can't wait for the next part 💜💜💜

I haven’t actually constructed a name yet; it was a creature purely from my imagination and I loved every part of making him something completely different. The naming part is the hardest. I’ll get back to you on that. Thank you!💗💗


I’m still on the Jack with an emotional support animal! I’m thinking Siberian Husky because they do well in cold weather (hockey rink/ Canada), likes to run and exercise, and look at that fluff and eyes! Who would feel better snuggling with that!

I need help with names… I’ve started drafting for a fic, so if anyone wants to help or throw ideas at me I’m here! Names are the hardest part!

EDIT: I’m thinking something WWII related because Jack’s a huge nerd? Hmm…