naming her is the hardest thing ever

100 Days of Development, Day 1

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Tap, tap, tap. The pen made a rhythm not of music, but of confusion. Frustration. Of all things to do, starting was the hardest.

Lyrelark scratched his beard, then brushed away a stray red hair from the nearly-empty paper. All it said was ‘Dear Piper,’ with a small drawing of a crane on the bottom right corner.

“I doubt I’ll ever get past this if I can’t even go further than your name.” The cooing baby lie on the bed behind him, with the very crane he drew lying beside her. Naturally, the red-headed infant was too young to understand her father’s plight; but it didn’t stop him from complaining.

And suddenly, something clicked. “Name… Name.” With whatever realization this was, he started writing.

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   The bounty hunter was one that happened to rather enjoy her job. Hiding behind a helmet and a name allowed her to have endless amounts of money so long as someone needed someone else dead. She was happy to jump on jobs and this time it was one for a rogue Jedi- one of the hardest she ever found to take on. Clemintine had been following this one for a while now, she preferred to take her time compared to most bounty hunters. Lurking in the shadows, she waited until the Jedi was in a closer range before she made her move.