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@wingheadshellhead made a post so I started writing a stevetony thing. Maybe I’ll add more to it at some point? Maybe. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

“au where tony, despite being more of a cat person, has a dog, and steve, despite being more of a dog person, has a cat and their pets end up being friends and getting into trouble w/ the neighbors together and this is how they meet”

Also does anyone have suggestions for what Steve would name his cat? I’m sooo bad at naming things. 

Yes, Tony names his dog Cap (a golden retriever) in a non-powered AU, because he’s that much of a dork. Love that boy. 

Cap has been missing for two hours and Tony is officially ready to start tearing his hair out. 

It’s his own fault, really. Tony knows that Cap has learned how to nudge the gate open with her nose, but he’d been too busy making a morning coffee before heading off to the university to pay too much attention to her when he let her out into the backyard after she’d scarfed down her gourmet breakfast of kibble. Tony was exhausted; he had been up late in his shop, lost track of time and only managed to stumble upstairs at two in the morning, bleary-eyed and covered in grease stains. 

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Please meet my new puppy Mozzie! Mozzie is almost 3 months old and came all the way from Puerto Rico to live in Maine.

My adult doggo Milo is slowly adjusting to this rambunctious little yip-yapper. Hoping they have a lifelong furball friendship!


my dogs name is Stryker, he’s a long haired chihuahua and hes 13 yrs old! he runs around like hes still a pup though

my cats name is Angel and she is 4 years old. she acts just like a pup

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oh god i couldn't agree with you more about the percy jackson stuff! i had a 13-year-old kid from my boyfriend's family go "i've been OBSESSED with mythology since i started reading percy jackson" because our dogs are named after greek gods. i'm like "but do you actually know any real things???"

i really do like that pjo did introduce a lot of younger people into Greek mythology because Greek mythology is honestly so amazing and so interesting but those books are a very loose and modernized interpretation and only kind of a gateway into Greek mythology and i think some people forget/don’t realize!

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My dog's name is Kira and every so often some weeb is like 'u kno that means killer right?'

Like dude, Kira Kira means glittering in Japanese.

Kira in the Japanese borrowing of the word killer is literally just that. The borrowing of the word.

If they tell you that, tell them that it actually means shining.

And that their bitch weeb asses don’t know shit.

5 things tag

I was tagged by @sweetsouthernvalove (Thanks Sara, I love making lists)

5 things you’ll find in my bag: 

The only bag I have are the bags under my eyes from lack of sleep.

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

1) A giant map with pins in all the places I have visited.

2) My Uni degree and MLT licensing certificate.

3) The very first stuffed animal I was given the day I was born (a dog named Barkley).

4) My guitar that I never play.

5) A globe.

5 things I want to do with my life

1) Travel to 100 different countries.

2) Love the people in my life well.

3) Have an epic vinyl collection, like a full room of wall to wall vinyl.

4) Continue to become a better lab technologist.

5) Own a log cabin in the woods with a couple dogs.

5 things I am into right now

1) Shawarma- I discovered this shawarma place across the street from me and it takes all my self control to not have it for dinner every single night right now

2) Cadbury Creme Eggs cuz its Easter

3) Peru because I go in a couple months and I have just been researching it a lot

4) The new Elevation worship album

5) Crossword puzzles. For the last couple months I have gotten back into doing a crossword puzzle everyday.

5 things you might not know about me

1) I really love puzzles. A really good night for me would be sitting at home, drinking tea and doing a jigsaw puzzle.

2) I have the coolest coworkers. One of my coworkers owns the only 2 jaglions (one parent is a lion, one is a jaguar) and she is going to have me over to help feed them in the spring. I also have a coworker who is also a beekeeper and she is going to let me help harvest the honey.

3) I am half-Scottish (my mom was born in Scotland)

4) I just have one sibling (a younger brother)

5) Umm any of these 10 facts about me that I have used before because I can’t think of a 5th one.

Im not going to tag anyone but do this if yah want!!1

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1) Matthew used to be in love with a mortal, Gilbert. But later after Gilbert died he didn’t know what to do.

2) Matthew enjoys the silence and roomy places.

3) Matthew has a dog named Kuma.