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anyway! thats enough discourse. what are YOUR favorite lgbtq+ headcanons? i personally like trans redtail, tallstar x jake (of course), closeted lesbian leafpool liking mothwing and going off with crowfeather because Compulsory Heterosexuality, stormfur having a crush on brambleclaw and tawnypelt x feathertail, and ace hollyleaf 

Confession:  I played Dragon Age Origins in 2009, and even then, I thought that “Aeonar” was an awfully familiar name. A few times when I’ve written about it with friends, I’ve misspelled it as “Aenar” before catching myself, never knowing why. Only now, in 2017, do I realize that it’s because “The Aenar” is the name of an episode of Star Trek Enterprise. Weird how little things stay with you for years.

So I was checking some stuff and…

You all seeing this shit…

Let me point it out better…


I never would have even dreamed of having that many followers ever! 😀

You all are amazing people, I’ve made great internet friends on here with @spnfangirlforeversammyrules @official-castiel-winchester @grellaofasguard @princess-of-erebor1992 @percussiongirl2017 @assbutt-still-in-hell @dean-winchester-is-my-cherry-pie @kidneys-and-custard @lucifersagents @winchesterprincessbride @hunter-avenger-demigod-wizard

To name a few there’s just so many of y'all! 😊

You are all amazing and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have a great Tumblr experience without any of you. To all my followers, mutuals, and internet friends.

I love you guys!


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Call out post

These blogs are grade a assholes and from what I was able to gather are responsible or at least they play a big role in all the discourse that has taken over the stim community and stim blogs. These people say they are keeping trans and non binary people safe from icky awful blogs uwu and they put up those banners that say who can and can’t interact (like and reblog) most of the stim videos and gifs aren’t even theirs to begin with so who do they think they are? What gives them the right to police stimming? There are many autistic people, people with anxiety disorders and adhd (just to name a few) that stim and find stim blogs calming. But these bloggers don’t actually give a shit they only care about those who blindly follow their twisted views. I do not care if they claim to be minors. They do not get a free pass to spread ableism, homophobia, and ignorance.





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Name a few things you have no opinion on.

That’s actually pretty hard. Maybe Fire Emblem? Star Wars? Mostly things I don’t enjoy myself/aren’t familiar with but also don’t hate or anything. 

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everyone has that one character in a show they watch where during every ep they’re usually just waiting for that specific character’s scenes to come on and enjoy everything about them from the way they talk to the way they walk and smile whenever that person comes onscreen. a scene without that character in it feels like it’s just missing something and in your eyes they’re the best thing about the show and you don’t want anything bad to happen to them ever

Boy Band...

I guess there’s this show called “Boy Band” that’s looking for the next One Direction cause there’s been a and I quote “void in the boy band world since their hiatus” and I watched this News Feed video on it and was like…really cause…

I think

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