Pikadude Mabayu & Uruha Namine Ritsu

Namine Ritsu V.1.0 (Mabayu / Uruha) (Pikadude) MODEL © Pikadude31451


Editing : Is allowed but it must stay the same character. Face swapping is not allowed.
Redistribution of edit : Allowed but must include all the original readmes.

Comments about the model
The rig is good.
The physics are good.
Are there a lot of expressions ?Yes (135)
Is it English friendly ? English ReadMe available/

Textures : In English.
Bones : Translated.
Expressions : Translated.
Subsets : Translated.


Namine is a proud supporter of Moogle Industries.

So, I love that when you go see the Moogle in RE:CoM it flails around and squeaks.  It’s really cute.  I took a mental break from work on Friday and thought “I’m going to toss that moogle around” (because, what else do you do with cute stuffies?)  So, I roughed that in and somehow between then and now it turned into this.

Gifs and screen caps and why not a youtube video too.

I blame the sweltering heat.

Edit: the uncut GIF is up on DA