Japanese Names


  • Aiko: meaning “little loved one”
  • Amaya: meaning “night rain”
  • Amora: meaning “love”
  • Asami: meaning “morning beauty”
  • Azami: meaning “thistle”
  • Chiasa: meaning “one thousand mornings”
  • Emiko: meaning “blessed, beautiful”
  • Haruka: meaning “far off”
  • Inari: meaning “shrimp”
  • Izumi: meaning “fountain”
  • Kaida: meaning “little dragon”
  • Kaori: meaning “fragrance”
  • Kazu: meaning “peace”
  • Kimiko: meaning “child without equal”
  • Kiyo: meaning “pure”
  • Mai: meaning “dance”
  • Nao: meaning “pleasant”
  • Sora: meaning “sky”
  • Yuki: meaning “happiness”


  • Akeno: meaning “in the morning”
  • Benjiro: meaning “enjoy peace”
  • Hiro: meaning “generous”
  • Ichiro: meaning “first son”
  • Isao: meaning “honor”
  • Jiro: meaning “second son”
  • Kado: meaning “gateway”
  • Katsuro: meaning “victorious son”
  • Masaki: meaning “elegant tree”
  • Miki: meaning “beautiful”
  • Namiko: meaning “wave”
  • Raiden: meaning “thunder god”
  • Reizo: meaning “cool, calm”
  • Rumi: meaning “father”

Jhené Aiko: “Behind The Seen” Documentary

i cannot listen to “promises” without crying & seeing nami recording the song & jhene talking about miyagi has me in tears all over again . 😭