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Namikaze Satellite album:

  • Artist - Snorkel mp3
  • Album - Namikaze Satellite mp3
  • Year - 2005
  • Genre- Soundtrack


  • Namikaze Satellite
  • Justice
  • Ssaw Japan Tour

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Naruto Opening 7 Namikaze Satellite (by Sun Flower)

How I miss these days. Waiting once a week, hoping for these naruto fillers to end.

And having fake hope that the fillers were ending by the message dattebayo fansub left at the end of the opening. Which was a lie that countdown meant nothing >.> !!!!!!!  



Song: Namikaze Satellite

Known as Naruto opening number 7!~ ;)

Namikaze Satellite

time is flying

so we just keep running

but i find myself chasing your back

and you don’t look back

so it’s like an endless game of tag

what will it take

for you to realize

that i’m right behind you

because people are looking out for you

whether you know it or not

and i will run my entire life

in hopes of you acknowledging it

so under this sky

i will make my vow

to keep chasing you to the ends of the world

in hopes you know someone is there for you

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Oh God this song.