Garecave! Georgia Edition

So, last Friday, I did a crazy thing. I drove to Georgia.

And it was awesome.

I went to meet an wonderful gal I’d met on tumblr, Amber, who’s known as lovelylookingnerfherder. She’s got a lovely (hee hee) blog, and is a total sweetheart, so check her out!

It wasn’t just her, either; I got to meet two of her fantastic friends, Rachel (lovelylittlecatlady) and Alexis (namihatake)! They were both interesting and cool as hell, too. I DON’T THINK I’VE EVER BEEN AROUND SO MUCH SHIPPING IN REAL LIFE. Their blogs are just as sweet, too, so check that shit out. :)

We played N64 until it sadly and shortly died… *places a hand on his forehead and salutes* We got some good Pokèmon Stadium time in, though. Fuckin’ Drowzee game is a poopy dick smelled over a skunk’s anus. We hung out in general and just talked, and we went and ate at Mellow Mushroom. Mighty Meaty. Crazy-awesome hair waitress. Nice butt. Thirteen dollar tip.

We marathoned some Doctor. Some of the feelsiest to the silliest to the creepiest ones. Fuck those wooden doll kids. We watched Horrible Bosses, too, which was probably one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time. Charlie Day, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis…they’re a dream team of actors. I don’t think they could’ve picked a better trio.

After all that, it was definitely worth the three and a half hour drives to and from. I couldn’t ask to spend time with some cooler people and I’d definitely do it again.

Everything good. Stay fresh, everyone. Especially you three. We’ve gotta hang again sometime. :)

P.S. For those curious nothing came of the feelings I had for her and that’s ok. In the end, I’m just glad to be friends.

P.P.S. I’m gonna post a picture of us soon! For post’s sake. Heh.

Someone just started pounding on my door, and I automatically assumed it was my friend Alexis because she always does that kind of thing. So I yelled “go away you moron, i have no time to put up with you” (like in a loving way, because we say really mean things to each other but we are the best of friends) and I opened the door to my room only slightly lit from my dim laptop light with the most pissed off face….and it wasn’t Alexis. It was my roommate’s best friend. Needless to say she looked extremely creeped out and she is probably going to tell Katie how much of a fucking weirdo I am.

To those of you whom keep up with my life, my ex sent me a letter from basic training and I sent one back explaining why we couldn’t be together again (politely) and me and Kason are hanging out next weekend for my unofficial-birthday celebration and I get to meet his friends. I am getting tired of my housemates.. they have been treating me really badly. I miss my college ladies and I hope that soon I can go see them and bring Kason along with me so he can meet the best people in my life. I love my job, and I think the army is totally out of the picture. Oh and I’m getting Internet hooked up soon so I should be on more soon enough.