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the thing about dan and phil is, that they’re so smart?? we’ve come to a point where it’s basically a #fact that they share a bedroom, but we still have managed to keep our calm. and that’s becuase they are so intelligent with their words,, they have only let us see the parts of their relationship that they want us to see and slowly, they have been letting us in more, editing less and it shows in the way it has affected the audience. they have managed to be authentic and true to themselves, but have also managed to keep important things personal to themselves. dan has become more himself in front of us and phil has been more liberal with words,, they have been so brilliant at being comfortable with themselves and also made us more comfortable and eased us into the idea of them and just,, dan and phil are so smart and genuine

Modern AU: Sanji being a stylist and Nami being a nursery school teacher.

Day of Action: NAMI

Hey Tumblr, in honor of Mental Health Month and Post it Forward (@postitforward), we’re declaring today as a Day of Action to support NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (@namiorg), because we believe that everyone is entitled to mental health care and support.

What’s NAMI?

NAMI is the largest grassroots mental health organization in the US. On behalf of the millions of people who are affected by mental illness every day, NAMI is dedicated to increasing awareness and resources for mental health conditions, combating the social stigma that surrounds mental illness, and advocating for better and equal health care for anyone seeking mental health treatment.

How can I support?

For Tumblr’s Day of Action, we’re encouraging the community to take the NAMI StigmaFree Pledge. By signing the pledge, you’re showing that you wish to fight the stigma that surrounds mental illness and demonstrating your support for all who are affected.

And, if you have the means, you can donate $5 or more to Tumblr’s Crowdrise fundraiser to support NAMI and help build a national network of accessible mental health support and resources for all.  

While 1 in 5 people will experience a mental health condition at some point in their lifetime, we’re all likely impacted by mental illness—by friends, family members, or people in our community. Together, we can encourage acceptance, understanding, and support for mental health, and ensure that no one is alone on their mental health journey.


Valentine's Day: Straw Hat Crew Edition
  • luffy: the fuck is a valentine and can i eat it
  • zoro: fuck i got lost on the way to your heart
  • nami: i stole your heart and im not giving it back unless you pay me
  • usopp: might as well call me cupid cause i made a perfect hit right on ur heart! haha usopp u sly dog
  • sanji: hey girl ;) r u my cigarettes? ;) ;) bc i have an addiction 2 u ;) ;) ;) pls help me seek medical help
  • chopper: im lovesick and I don't think any medicine can cure it
  • robin: there's nothing appealing about an actual heart but at least you're appealing to the eyes
  • franky: ay u are SUPER rad my dude ha bros 4 lyfe
  • brook: if i had a heart id love u with all of it but
  • law: haha hey let me replace ur head with a cannonball i literally don't want you to talk to me haha
  • ace: there's a gaping hole where my heart should be. literally
Today Will be a Good Day Bath Spell

A morning bath spell to bring on a good positive day.

You will Need:

  • Lavender (happiness)
  • Rose Petals (happiness, joy)
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil (happiness, empowerment, positivity)
  • Rosemary (energy, positivity, self love, happiness)
  • Rose Quartz (happiness, self love, general positivity)
  • Clear Quartz (increasing energy)
  • Tiger’s Eye (peace of mind)
  • Lavender Incense
  • Sachet or coffee filters (with string or rubber band to tie)


  • fill your sachet(s) with your lavender, rosemary and rose petals. If you do not have a sachet that works in a bath coffee filters work just as good
  • Begin filling your bath with warm water and place your herbs into it in their bag
  • Drop a few drops of sweet orange essential oil into bath, not too much.
  • Along the rim place your rose quartz, clear quartz, and tiger’s eye
  • light your lavender incense and get into the bath
  • While in the bath visualize all of the negativity in and on you fading away like steam as the water glows with a soft light and mixes around you, so you too are glowing. Breath in and out slowly and let your body relax, meditate if possible.
  • “Today will be a good day, today will be a nice day.” repeat this three times then return to visualization.
  • Once you are ready to get out: “Let today begin.” 

Notes: this spell is to be done in the morning before the day has really started. If you cannot access a bath you can soak the bag of herbs in a large basin of water and use it to wash your face. Or if you have a shower, tie your coffee filter to the head of the shower.


Day 8 - Favorite anime couple(s)

Zonami (One Piece)

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Gruvia (Fairy Tail)

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Gale (Fairy Tail)

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Taiga e Ryuji (Toradora)

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Ban e Elaine (Nanatsu no taizai)

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Yato e Hiyori (Noragami)

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Shoya e Shouko (Koe no katachi)

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Shizuku e Haru (Tonari no kaibutsu-kun)

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Jinta e Meiko (Ano hana)

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Yona e Hak (Akastuki no Yona)

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Nanami e Tomoe (Kamisama hajimemashita)

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