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We all have that obnoxious friend, in this case, Usopp

Idk why I came up with this but I couldn’t get the idea of usopp being the IRONIC MEMER out of my head, sooo I made this to ease my mind lol

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Hope you guys liked it! 

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ok so you say if that Luffy and Sanji had resolved their problem with bento... then that's mean nami and sanji resolved there with smile ? in my opinion if that the case it's Great !!!!! and i think there relationship if it was romantically or not will be built more with trust and respect .. after what happened with them i love SANAMI EVEN MORE :')

At least, for now. Despite of wearing earplugs so they can’t hear a word, no words needed when the smile has been reassured with unspoken sentence like:

Sanji: “Don’t be afraid anymore, Nami-san. I catch you.”

Nami: “Sanji-kun! Okay, I forgive you just for now, baka.”

Though, remember this panel:

Nami says that she won’t forgive Sanji for the fear he made her feel and then says she’ll leave it behind for the time being. So if they would talk about it, I guess after the Tea Party is over would be the best. Even the emotional Luffy VS Usopp fight just ended with a sorry (a very emotional sorry though). But, who knows? Maybe Oda just make it off-screen or with Sanji saying thanks and apologizing to everyone.   

Keep calm & love Sanji x Nami.

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Wanda not just licks Nami's face and wears her clothes, if you look closely she also knocked Nami over on the couch and we only see hearts float up from behind. When they cut back, Nami is still knocked over and just laying down on the couch now. They had a tiny PDA session mid-conversation and Wanda is definitely Nami's newest girlfriend in my mind

Aaaaahahah you’re right! 

I am 100% for Wanda being Nami’s furry girlfriend who is super affectionate and doesn’t care about PDA and it exhausts Nami and embarrasses her a little but she’s not about to tell Wanda to stop. 

(And Robin ships them too) 

Luffy and Nami: Special Feelings

Luffy and Nami’s relationship has grown, developed, and evolved as the story of One Piece continues to progress. The bond, trust, and loyalty between Luffy and Nami is unparalleled throughout the series and every once in a while it is shown when other crew members and/or other friends are involved. It does not mean that Luffy and Nami favor each other out their friends because the two of them equally love and respect every single one of their friends. It just means that Luffy and Nami have “special feelings” for each other whether they are aware of those feelings or not and sometimes those feelings to protect, defend, and/or support each other is more intense or displayed in a way that more than just friendship. Here are examples of these “special feelings”:

  • Compare Luffy threatening to beat up Johnny and accusing him of lying when Johnny said he saw Nami kill Usopp at Arlong Park, but then Luffy not believing Zoro later on in Whiskey Peak when Zoro said the residents were bounty hunters after their heads.
  • Nami holding Luffy’s hand when he is unconscious while he is in a life-or-death condition like in the One Piece Special: Adventure of Nebulandia and in One Piece Chapter 826.
  • Nami hugging Luffy in their reunion in Zou and all of the skinship shown between the two since the post-timeskip.
  • Nami crying for Luffy when he lost Ace and wanting to be with him so that she could comfort him.  As well as Nami wanting to help Luffy when asking Haradaes to teacher her the weather of the New World during the timeskip. These are my favorite LuffyxNami moments because it clearly displays the bond and attachment Nami has towards Luffy.  Every crewmember had their moments that showcased their bond with Luffy and dedication to support Luffy by training during the timeskip, and each moment was unique among the different crewmembers. The scenes display Nami’s raw emotions towards her attachment to Luffy and it is shown that Nami is truely happy for Luffy saving her in her time of need and changing her life for the better, but at the same time she was greatly sadden that she didn’t know what Luffy was going through and doesn’t want and to suffer alone . 

  • The ENTIRETY of One Piece Movie: Strong World. There are two scenes that stood out the most.
    1) How furious Luffy got when he heard Nami’s message of leaving the crew and how she did not believe in him.
    2) At the end of the movie Luffy tries to confront Nami about the message and it revealed that Luffy did not hear the entire message.  Sanji described the message as a “love-letter” and right after Nami said she specifically directed those words for Luffy to hear.  When Luffy wants to hear the part of the message he missed, Nami panics and tries to prevent Luffy from hearing it because she is embarrassed, even though she knows the rest of the crew heard it.  It was revealed that the rest of the message was that Nami saying she wanted Luffy to prove her wrong and save her.
    • Strong World is the only One Piece movie completely written by Oda.  It is a debatable whether that the story of Strong World is canon or not, but the character interactions are canon because the movie was written by the author of the series.

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  • When Nami gets sick Luffy stays by her side to trying to make her feel better the only way he knows how by making her smile. Luffy gives Nami his jacket to help her stay warm as he was carrying her to find a doctor for her.  Luffy climbs ups a mountain with while carrying both Nami and a recently injured Sanji with his bare hands and feet just to get them a doctor.
  • The most sacred example of this is the fact that Luffy has ONLY directly placed his only treasure (straw hat) onto Nami to comfort her in her time of need and Nami realizing what Luffy’s hat means to him and Luffy giving it to her as he is about to fight Arlong for her.

There are many more examples throughout the series to these “special feelings”.

Nami always expects Luffy to be the one to come save her and Luffy always makes sure that Nami is happy.  Remember the promise between Luffy and with Nami’s father figure, Genzo.  Here is a link to it:

Oda does not focus on romance in One Piece, but on the adventure of the story and as the adventure comes closer to its end, then focus on romance between Luffy and Nami becomes more prominent as it is right now. That is why LuffyxNami moments have become less subtle and much more clearer and clearly displaying how much closer Luffy and Nami have become since the beginning of the series. It is masterfully done by Oda to build a strong, health, and natural relationship between Luffy and Nami and slowly bring them closer together in a way that it does not feel forced, but feels very natural when Luffy and Nami do decide to raise their relationship into a more “mature” level of understanding. 👒+🍊=❤️


A few weeks ago I made a post drawing attention to the lack of women with scars in One Piece, and I wanted to create this photoset to depict what Nami would look like if she where allowed to keep scars from her wounds like Luffy and Zoro are. Nami did originally keep her back/shoulder scar from Arlong Park, but Oda stopped drawing it after they made it to Whiskey Peak and it has never been seen since. I’m disappointed about that because to me it feels like it discounts Nami’s important role as a fighter in favor of keeping her as a pristine and flawless beauty, even though scars and beauty are in no way mutually exclusive–illustrating that is the main point of this graphic.

Nami is every bit as valiant a fighter as the rest of the crew, and I wish her character design better reflected the struggles she’s been through as a warrior.

Few thoughts about Sanji and Luffy in chapter 844

@curlysword​ wrote a interesting post about the relationship between Sanji and Luffy First of all there were many good points that I agree with and made me thought about things between them. I must admit I don’t ship Sanji and Luffy but I do believe they share a strong bond of bromance.

Hard to say who is the “closest” to Luffy because they all seem close to him, especially people whom he has known longest. But when it comes to his and Sanji’s relationships what I have noticed is that they do share some similarities in personality. Both are kind and never refuse to give help if someone needs it. They are also good at reading people and always put others to the first place even if it meant a possibility to die. Both cook and captain also share dreams which no one believed in the first place (Luffy was laughed when he told that he’ll become the king of the pirates and so did Sanji’s colleagues when he told about finding All Blue). Then one other thing that is tiding them tight together is their love for food.  Sanji’s passion to cook and feed people and Luffy’s passion to eat and enjoy the food. By my memory there hasn’t been any single food that theri captain has disliked and despite Sanji gets sometimes annoyed by Luffy’s bottomless hunger he becomes always very happy to see that his work and food is appreciated.

Luffy is one determinded guy who refused Sanji’s refusal and it has paid off. He didn’t only get a loyal friend but maybe the best cook ever existed in universe (at least if we ask Luffy). Like other Mugiwaras Sanji has for sure proven to be worth to hold proudly his title (meaning he has earned Luffys respect as a crewmate). Now seeing Sanji turning his back distresses Luffy for sure because they’ve been through countless things and now things are pretty much getting out of hand. I however do believe that Luffy knows what’s going on. Well compared to Nami (who was there when Sanji disappeared) he doesn’t know that much but still knows enough to not to buy his lies.

Blackmailing Sanji with hunger strike is a great proof that Luffy really has great sense of tactics because he has learned in early stage of their friendship that Sanji doesn’t allow let people starve due his own past spent with Zeff.
Even though his own nakama beat him into pieces Luffy  also shoved loyality to him because he never stroke back and kept his head cool when he had the opportunity to give back piece of his mind. I think he also knew that raw power will not be effective for a stubborn guy like Sanji and this could explain why Luffy chose to attack him verbally and it did affect because now Sanji who is usually hiding his feelings in front of men can’t hold the tears anymore.

There are so many discussions about did Luffy and Nami understood his message to stay away but no matter the answer is at least we know that Sanji only meant to save their lives by banishing his nakama away with this crude act. Probably seeing his acting a backstabber was a bit unexpected, especially when Luffy got kicked from the wagon but after I read Curlysword’s post  I started to have a feeling that Luffy might’ve been somehow prepared to this fact that Sanji isn’t coming back easily (because as you told us, Sanji was the hardest one to convince to join to the group). So maybe Luffy knew excactly what there is going to be right from the beginning of the rescue mission. It might be possible that because knowing him for so long Luffy already knew that Sanji is again putting his head on guillotine sacrificing himself. So Luffy could’ve have this inner instinct feeling that Sanji will not come back easily, that he will again refuse their proposals. If Luffy somehow foresaw this situation to come he could’ve planned to use the same tactic like back in Baratie, he will give time and space to Sanji but will never give him away.   He will wait for him (starving as he promised) and come help him once he is ready to admit he needs help.

Letting Sanji go does not only mean that Luffy respects Sanji’s will to take care of his own business but  also that Luffy has strong trust in him. If he wouldn’t believe in Sanji would be capable to survive he probably wouldn’t let him go that easily.  So at least for me Luffy’s words and response to whole scenario had very powerful meaning for both Sanji and Luffy and it definitely hurt them both to go against each other. 

I wrote a post where I was pondering that how this chapter effect on Sanji’s and Nami’s relationship and I did end up to conclusions that it does effect on them, even though they might not see it by themselves. Therefore  I do believe that also the relationship between Sanji and Luffy is now developing a lot. Remember how hard it was for Nami and Robin to trust foreigners due their pasts but how they’ve opened up after they got out of the darkness with help of their nakama? Nami isn’t hating pirates anymore and Robin shows more openly her emotions so there is no doubt that after this Sanji will be seen from new point of view (they finally get some explanation why he hid his past and probably start to understand him deeper), maybe he will even be a changed man if he finally gets out of the mental prison his blood family set him in.

Very hard to say if the development of the relationships between Luffy and Sanji is about romance but at least the trust and loyality will now step up and show up in a whole new level than before. Sanji still needs to keep his promise to come back and Luffy promised to wait and we know there is no way they would break their promise at any cost. As we know, every friendship has ups and downs and so do they but once they beat the obstacles their bond become stronger and they are able to forgive each other sooner or later.


Things I Appreciate in this Chapter: Sanji not Freaking out over Women

One of the things that I was worried about when this wedding plotline began was that it would be another opportunity for Oda to showcase Sanji acting like a buffoon when it comes to women, constantly mooning over Pudding and eagerly leaving the crew to get hitched with some girl he doesn’t even know. 


Unlike what many of us expected, instead of celebrating the idea of marrying a girl, Sanji instead seemed… very displeased. 

This was partially shown in the last chapter, when he looked shocked at the wedding being announced, but many of them had written it off as surprise over someone else knowing his last name (which definitely was part of the equation, to be sure).

However, over the course of this chapter, Sanji was pissed at the idea of marrying Pudding. He scowls, he glares, he attempts to reject the invitation, and he just generally does everything in his power to show that he really hates the idea of getting married to Big Mom’s daughter. 

Even further, he’s getting pissed off at marrying who he thinks would be a pretty girl, no less!! The last image? That’s what Sanji thinks Big Mom looks like, so he likely thinks that her daughter, Pudding, would be smoking hot as well. Despite that, and despite his infamous love for pretty women, he’s outright fuming over the idea of marrying this potentially beautiful Pudding girl!! 

In the end, the only reason why he even agrees to be a part of this wedding sham is to protect his friends. But even then, in the note he leaves behind for his crew, he refers to Pudding very dismissively as “some girl,” without any lovey-dovey embellishments over how amazing beautiful women are or some nonsense like that. 

He was just being very… reasonable and objective and awesome this chapter, it’s AMAZING

Additional Things to Note:

1. Sanji didn’t show any favoritism/preference towards Nami over his male crew members in this chapter. The only reason why he yelled out Nami’s name, rather than Brook or Chopper’s names, in this chapter was because she was the one in the most immediate danger, getting sucked into the ground while Chopper and Brook were merely getting restrained. It was a natural, logical reaction, and I really appreciate that. Then, in the end, he released them all the same way. Lastly, before he left, he said bye to them all with the same goodbye–no special messages for Nami over the males. It was amazing. 

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First, I'm love with your art <3 Okay. Remenber not to drink so much coffe next time. Now the question: Sabo, what did Luffy when show Koala to him? And how do you did it? Something like "o hey, meet the one who keeps me alive in the last 12 years"?

Omg Thank you  ! <3 Don’t worry I don’t drink coffee at all I prefer tea haha
Now for your question:

Sabo: More like this.
Koala: It’s about time someone gives him “the Talk” though…