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                                 “Don’t give up now, Lala-Lulu!”

                                 If you stood close, you could hear this proud otaku cheer on his adoring 2D magical girl along in her battle. He was totally engrossed in the heat of the moment that everything around him just didn’t seem important anymore. Lala Lulu was the only thought being prominent in his head.

                               Izumi, you fool.

                              Just a second later Izumi mindlessly crashed into a passerby, nearly knocking himself ( and his precious manga ) to the pavement.

                              “I – I’m really sorry. I wasn’t paying attention – are you hurt?”

                              What an idiot.

varnpyr  asked:

can we pretend i'm actuall y on namidatsu and this is from pris bc y ey e she'd l ove to kis sh im hes adorable?? ▒

Send me a ▒ and my muse has to kiss yours.

[ ☊ ]» First he’s overwhelmed–he seems to make a habit of being knocked over by the slightest things, although a pair of lips on his is barely a slight thing.

“–Cilla!!” he manages to squeak as they part, his face contrasting entirely with the sandy hair atop his head. “You–I–! Nnn!!!!!”And there he gives up on words, a childlike noise let loose instead.

So I was planning on making this back when I had 100 followers, but then I passed it while I was asleep! So instead I thought I’d do it now, since I positively love this number! Thank you so much for getting me here, and I hope to be able to roleplay with each and every one of you~

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