namid desert

Namib Desert, Namibia
The Namib-Naukluft National Park is an ecological preserve and includes Namibia’s vast Namib Desert. Here, southwest winds have created the tallest sand dunes in the world, with some dunes reaching 300 meters in height. The park hosts a collection of animals that manage to survive in this hyper-arid region, including oryx, hyenas, jackals, and springbok. In the center of this 2000 Landsat 7 image, giant dunes line up along the edge of Sossus Vlei, a clay pan at the end point of the Tsauchab River. While the river now flows 30 kilometers into the Namib Sand Sea before ending at Sossus Vlei, it may have once extended much farther west through the desert, with the dunes gradually invading as river flooding declined.

Credit - NASA - Earth as Art


From Wikipedia: 

Kolmanskop (Afrikaans for Coleman’s hillGermanKolmannskuppe) is a ghost town in the Namib desert in southern Namibia, a few kilometres inland from the port town of Lüderitz. It was named after a transport driver named Johnny Coleman who, during a sand storm, abandoned his ox wagon on a small incline opposite the settlement.[1] Once a small but very rich mining village, it is now a popular tourist destination run by the joint firm NamDeb (Namibia-De Beers)