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This took so long OTL …but it was a good exercise!

Of course I had to draw Sanji cooking + as much food as possible for this prompt :) And I managed to squeeze a few references to some of my favourite manga/anime while I was at it! (for those looking: Death Note, Naruto, Bleach, Reborn!, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic)

Also, Sanji in jeans because of wassereis

My baby IS BACK!!!! After more than a YEAR of being nowhere here he is! Even if it’s just for just some pictures it’s enough for me ! 

I can’t wait to know what happend to them while fighting Big mom and who are all these person that they are now fighting and also when/why did they change clothes(Chopper with an outfit of american football player?!)

Now I can’t wait to read the next chapter

A Navigator’s Resolve

Nami Week Day 2: Favorite Scene: Episodes 184-85 (Nami faces Enel)

Title: A Navigator’s Resolve
Rating: T
Genre: Angst / Adventure

“The truth is, there are a lot of things that I want to do and have. But if I have to abandon those guys and go with you to get them -then I don’t want a damn thing!


His name, uttered with a heavy tongue, emerged a whisper. Even as it left her lips, the wind carried it away; as if she’d never said it at all.

Hollow, Nami stared. The place where her captain had stood was empty. A gaping hole and shattered wood were all that remained. Her fingers were numb. She couldn’t feel the straw beneath them, nor was she aware how tightly she gripped the hat which pressed against her chest. Her heart beat, wild, beneath its wide rim.

Just moments before, Luffy had clung to the ship’s edge, face contorting with frustrated rage, as his arm stretched, trapped within the golden ball that hurtled towards the island below. The wood had cracked beneath his fingers; and he’d glared at Enel, defiant, even as the monstrous weight dragged him relentlessly back.

And then Enel was before him. The rail, struck by the pseudo-god’s staff, crumbled at Luffy’s back. He slid back, sandals scraping over wood. As he tipped, teetering at the broken edge, his eyes found her. His foot slipped, and his eyes widened a fraction of an inch. Then he was gone.

Her legs finally obeying her, Nami stumbled to the ship’s edge. Trembling fingers gripped the rail. Panting, she leaned as far over as she would dare.

There he was. The gold sphere flashed as it caught the light. Trailing behind it, his slim form tumbled through the air. He and the ball were growing smaller by the second. Around him, a flying form desperately circled. Nami squinted. It was Pierre, the flying horse. Aisa, the young Shandian girl, was perched upon his back.

Would Pierre and Aisa be able to catch him? Even with the extra weight of the gold dragging him down? Nami gripped the rail. So focused was she on the scene below, that she almost missed the crackling in the air. It was gaining a charge.

She realized what was about to happen a second before it occurred.

Throwing herself further over the rail, she screamed. “Aisa! Pierre! Watch out! Get out of the way!

It was too late. The warning had barely escaped her lips when thunder tore through the air. It was accompanied by a vicious flash. Cringing back, Nami shielded her eyes. When she opened them, Luffy, Aisa, and Pierre were gone. Struck down by Enel’s blast, the gaping canyon that stretched below the ship had swallowed them into its dark depths.

“Luffy!” A pause. “Aisa!” “Pierre!”

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