This right here

This is what killed me the most this chapter 

Nami begs Sanji to stop


Nami, who’s always loved Sanji as much as the rest of the crew, who’s known him longer then half the crew and who’s always trusted him and known how kind and generous he is, and who’s always been chivalrous to a fault has thrown all she knows about Sanji out the window and is sobbing and is so hurt by his apparent betrayal that shes willing to just give up

Oda why u gotta hurt me in this way

I’m Dying

After chapter 844, I am totally loss for words. My heart is aching so badly.

But through this chapter, I can see how much Luffy treasure his cook. Throughout the whole fight, he just refused to lay any hand on Sanji. Because he knows Sanji is already emotionally hurt and he couldn’t bear to give him any more pain… 

And we all know how much Luffy LOVES food and he is willing to starve to the death. 

Imagine how is Sanji feeling after that line. He is the most precious cook who will cook for enemies, cook for rats, cook for ANYBODY. And right now, his captain had showed his trust through this way. 

To be honest, I am a little bit disappointed in Nami. But at the same time, maybe she also know the truth and she needs to protect her captain too. BUT WHY SHE SLAPS SANJI T.T WHY

The way Sanji cried just killed me. 

One Piece ワンピース [Thriller Bark Saga] : Shichibukai Bartholomew “Tyrant” Kuma vs Roronoa “Pirate Hunter” Zoro 

“Just stay back, all of you!! He challenged ME didn’t you hear?! I’ve accepted the challenge I don’t need help. So don’t humiliate me by butting in! When disaster looms, you’ve got to step up or shove off. Making excuses isn’t going to change anything. If I die here…then I wasn’t worth much to begin with!!”

This is my absolute favorite moment in One Piece. There are so many great scenes in OP, and the “Whitebeard War” Arc is still the greatest as a whole, but this moment holds a special place for me. Before Captain Kidd, Zoro was (still 2nd) my favorite character because he’s hilarious and brazen but when it came down to it, Zoro always handled his own and got shit done. When Kuma came to annihilate all witnesses to Gecko Moria’s defeat and challenged Zoro, the hype killed me!! Just the fact that they just defeated a Shichibukai and it took all they had and then another one shows up and Zoro stands his ground even though he’s clearly outclassed was like, “wow, what a badass”. But of course, what sealed the deal for me was when Zoro threw down his swords and offered his head, the head of the future “Worlds Greatest Swordsman”, in exchange for Luffy & his crewmates’ lives and then took in all of Luffy’s battle damage. Magnifique. Truly, Oda molded the perfect right hand for the future Pirate King!

♪ : Mozart - Lacrimosa


I’m pretty sure that being so harsh towards Nami is incredibely hard for Sanji. He doesn’t even say a word to her, always speaking towards Luffy (which is probably super painful already) and after beating him up and Nami slaps him with tears in her eyes, he won’t even look at her. I don’t think he could’ve, he’s never been in such an emotionally exhausting situation before…

Also that slap was a very painful scene, I find the impact of that part interesting considering all the fighting in this chapter. Let’s wait and see how these three keep going, I’m excited about character development and dynamics between them, I’ve always felt this trio is very special.