One Piece 833 - Review/Thoughts ...and Sanji!

I’ve already posted some of my thoughts on this chapter HERE, but I’ll still talk about them in this review and go more into depth about things I didn’t mention. As you can probably guess this review will be long as there is sooo much to talk about. I loved this chapter, and not only because it focused on Sanji, but it was just really exciting and emotional. It even had some quite funny moments too, so basically this chapter had pretty much everything I love about One Piece in it. Not to mention it looked beautiful.

Also, first things first; I love this color spread! It’s so beautiful. I always love how Oda colors, but this one is particularly well done. The goldfish and the huge watermelons are really nice addition that really makes me think of Japanese summer.  And seeing them all dressed in yukata enjoying the summer festivals is so nice, I love seeing the strawhats in all these (kinda AU) situations.

Spoilers under the cut for Chapter 833 – Vinsmoke Judge

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So guys: from this screen shot that I took we notice that:

There is a building with the name The Dice. In the show there is a character call Dice that Zoro is going to fight in the Movie.

Zoro is captured by Tesoro. In this scene you see in the background only:


You see that luffy lose the first small fight against Tesoro in Gear 2. After that Mr Tanaka uses his devil power and open a big circle in the ground where Franky&Luffy fall down. In the last picture there are 8 straw.hat + Carina. Note Zoro is missing!

source: youtube


based on me and my friend @r-for-real‘s talk a while go. We figured Sanji and Nami WOULD do this, so I drew it. If you’re confused about the position, don’t worry. Me too. Rie was holding me on headlock too all of sudden without any explanation after she read certain post about my past (even tho she already knew about my past) XDD

Yeah. Things change. So, don’t give up! No matter how harsh life is. Things will get better. You’ll find your place, someday. Your family is out there. You will be belong.

This can be taken as SaNami or just platonic Sanji and Nami because I think both works that way.

Oh, did I mention my friend is going to cosplay Nami? Maybe you should expect some SaNami cosplays from us later when we finished our cosplays! ;)