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I was also shock that the sub said "sister-in-law" tho. ((And, am I a meanie if I am hoping that, if Akira has a wife, I hope that his wife's VA is NOT Nami Miyahara? Or am I just being paranoid?))

Where did it say ‘sister-in-law’? Because I was watching the subs and didn’t see that, though I admit my attention was split because I was writing up my reactions.

And Nami Miyahara… I looked her up, apparently she voiced Akari? Why don’t you like her?


Casshern Sins - A Path

I haven’t finished this anime yet, but my God, this scene! It’s just so beautiful I can’t stop thinking about it and listening to this song, so far it’s really made the anime for me

Just wow…made me shed a few tears as well


Freetempo - Dreaming feat. Nami Miyahara

So, this morning, I decided to see what anime Netflix had on my Wii. After scrolling past a few anime, I wanted to check out Casshern Sins. Once I heard the opening them to the anime, guess who I heard? 

Yes, it was none other than Color Bottle, who also did “Soul Drive” for Zexal.

In Casshern Sins, there is a character named Luna, who is voiced by Nami Miyahara. She voices Akari in Zexal! 

How did I not realize the strange connection between both anime.