239: "The Straw Hat Pirates Are the Culprits? The Protectors of the City of Water!"

I’m back!

What an episode to return to! Honestly, I thought a straight up confrontation with the Galley-La would yield a few answers. Not so. The fight only muddied the waters further. There’s no chance I’ll see the bottom of this mystery for some time. But hey, I’m fine with that. There’s nothing I love more than attempting to unpick a mystery. ^_^

Once again, the action was great. The teamwork between Paulie, Lulu, Rob Lucci, Kaku and Tyleston was flawless and well-choreographed. The pace of the fight suited me: not too fast so I can’t see what’s going on (unlike Kill La Kill where I’m lucky if I know who’s hitting who half the time).

There were quite a few beautifully animated shots too. The art style has definitely changed. I’m finding it more and more difficult to choose a screenshot for the end of the post. xD

There were a few potential plot points I noticed that I want to jot down in case they become important later. There are also a couple of moments that simply stuck out for me that I’m not sure will prove significant but hey, you never can be too careful where Oda is concerned, right?

The first was when the Galley-La were applying their Flawless Teamwork in their attempt to apprehend Luffy. Dead or alive, Kaku reminded Luffy. Did Luffy know what those words meant, he asked. The laws of the world no longer protect the Strawhats. People can pretty much do anything they want to them (made abundantly clear when the random citizens of Water-7 grabbed Nami and tried to strangle her for being a Strawhat). Luffy answered that he did understand. As pirates, they are outlaws. Still, I think it’s only just beginning to hit them. Being an outlaw ain’t all fun and games. In my head, I’m calling this era post-Aokiji. The Strawhats are going to come up against some monsters.

Franky is one of them. The guy is powerful enough to send the Galley-La foremen running for cover. Now I see how futile it was for Usopp to challenge him. Maybe if Usopp could see that even Luffy and the Galley-La foremen have a hard time fighting him, he wouldn’t feel so awful (I can but hope). Franky, though. His coup de vent attack was impressive. I feel guilty that I like the guy so much, though there’s a definite mystery lurking somewhere in his past. Nami brought up something I really want to know the answer to. She said: “Who has the kind of technology to make a cyborg?”

That’s exactly what I’d like to know, Nami. I don’t know why, but I’m picturing a Wolverine origin-type scenario with Franky.

While Luffy escaped with Nami and went haring over the rooftops of Water-7, looking for Iceberg and a dose of The Truth, back at the Merry, Chopper and Sanji warned Usopp of the coming Aqua Laguna (which was so kind of them and I love them for it). Thankfully, Usopp isn’t great at recognising voices from a distance, and they were able to scarper while getting the job done. It’s good to know Usopp isn’t so injured he’s unable to move (must have used the little kit Chopper left him). I wonder if he’ll have to leave the Merry behind to reach higher ground? This troubles me.

Back at the hospital, Nami and Luffy sat on a dome, looking down on the building housing the injured Iceberg. Nami wanted to scout the place out and make a plan. Luffy being Luffy, he stretched his arms out and smashed himself through the window. xD

This lead straight on to the part in which even more questions were raised.

Luffy was charging about, causing merry hell. The crashes and bangs could even be heard in Iceberg’s room. Iceberg, naturally, wanted to know what was going on. Califa informed him (far too camly, I thought) that Luffy was in the building. Again, far too calmly, Iceberg asked Califa to invite Luffy in.

At first I thought this was because Iceberg was convinced he was strong enough to take Luffy, even in his injured state. But no. It was more complicated than that.

Iceberg is still convinced the Strawhats are trying to kill him. After he informed Luffy that Nico Robin was behind the assassination attempt, he pointed a gun at Luffy, said his words meant nothing to him anymore, and told Luffy the only reason he invited him to his room was that he had one request. “Let me speak to Nico Robin again.”

I have no idea what is going on, but I was right. Iceberg has some hefty unfinished business with Robin. I wonder if they’re the same age? Were they ever on the same ship? My mind is full of theories but nothing I can pin to anything concrete.

At the very least, I hope Robin at least feels a little guilty at all the mess she’s gotten the Strawhats into. I know she knows, reading her newspaper, hiding at the top of a building. Grr.

I need a gif of this Franky moment. xD

anonymous asked:

Could you do Ace, Law, Luffy, Sabo, Zoro and Nami finding a dragon and adopting it as companion? Pretty Please?

YESSSS I will accept this request with open arms

Ace: ACES EYES WOULD BUG OUT OF HIS HEAD SO FAR OKAY HE FOUND A GODDAMN DRAGON. first thing’s first, he’d make sure that it blew fire and fire only. he doesnt give a flying fuck about creatures that spew anything other than fire because he IS fire. then somehow he’d smuggle a little baby dragon on the old man’s ship and start out by hiding it in its room and sneaking out late at night to steal food from the kitchen to feed it with. finally, he’d just tell the crew that he has a dragon and they’d all say “ace we know. you cant just smuggle a dragon so easily onto this ship, man.”
ace would then spend the rest of his days training his dragon to be strong and especially super cool. he’d then take his little dragon friend everywhere on his adventures. he’d probably name it something fire related like “pyro”. PYRO AND ACE BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE. 

Law: the first thing he’d think when he sees this dragon would be “should i take its heart to fuck people up some more or should i just separate it into pieces? maybe i should skin it because they say dragon scales are magical for medical purposes. oh, the options.” then he’d just decide to leave it. however, the dragon would follow him around. law would get annoyed and start yelling at it because he is a very stressed man all the time (he doesnt have those dark circles for nothing). then he’d just sigh and give up with this creature. he realized how lonely it seemed and one thing’s for sure, law knew what it was like to be lonely. so finally he’d take in this dragon. bepo would get jealous when law would show up on their kick ass yellow submarine with a new animal. law would use his dragon to take care of getting medical supplies and whatnot. that’s about it really. law would just be really chill the whole time he had a dragon.

Luffy: *insert sparkle eyes* *insert “SUGEEEEEEEE”* ok luffy wouldn’t even hesitate to ask this dragon to be his next crew mate. however, dragons normally do not speak human. luffy didn’t care though. he decided to make it the pet of the straw hat pirates. that definitely relieved chopper because chopper has been labeled as the pet of the crew this whole time. luffy and his new dragon friend would ruin sanji’s life. they’d always be jacking his food (especially the meat) and that never made sanji feel happy in any way. so every day they’d return to their regular hangout spot with new shoe prints imprinted on their heads. luffy would be so serious about training his dragon to fight. he’d get angry when he’d realize that dragons can’t really punch for shit. luffy would take this dragon everywhere. he’d bring it to local restaurants on islands. he’d bring it to kick peoples’ asses with him. hell, he’d probably bring it in the bathroom with him. this dragon became one of luffy’s treasures (one being the hat and another being his nakama). 

Sabo: sabo would probably pass out. sabo would probably cry tears of joy. sabo would be so happy to find a dragon. he’d immediately call it his own and name it something really badass because it was a dragon. koala would get really irritated though because mr. number 2 of the revolutionary army was spending all his time baby talking to a damn dragon. some days, sabo would think he’s really funny, so he’d go find dragon (monkey d.) and bring his pet dragon along. then he’d say “hey dragon” and point to the creature “IT’S YOU”. dragon would just sigh and be like “sabo you fucking moron this is the twelfth fucking time ive heard this shit you need to stop”. sabo would treat his precious dragon as if it were his own child. he’d take it everywhere, especially on assignments. he’d also be very protective over it. 

Zoro: zoro would only find the dragon because he’d have gotten lost. the demon of the east blue would just be aimlessly wandering around some random forest or something, then he’d hear rustling behind him. every time he’d stop walking, the rustling would stop. finally, he’d get fed up with all that and pull out his swords. “YOU WANNA FIGHT” he’d yell to a bush. finally, a dragon would emerge from the bush and it sure as hell would freak zoro out. he’d think about killing it, but then he would be like “hmm better not. maybe i can bring this to everyone so they can all praise me for finding something so great”. so then he’d start wandering around with the dragon, still lost. when he’d finally reunite with the crew, luffy would flip. he’d be all over this dragon. “ZORO! HOW DID YOU FIND THIS?! WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS?! THIS IS SO COOL! YOU’RE SO COOL! JOIN MY CREW, DRAGON!”. the dragon would just bite luffy and make sure to be especially close to zoro if anyone tried to approach it. once zoro would realize that this dragon was only accepting of him, he’d get all cocky. “this is my dragon so it goes by my rules so you all can’t touch it or else it’ll take your arms off.”. long story short the dragon would follow zoro onto the ship and be his #1 pet. he would attempt to teach it the ways of being a swordsman but dragons cant fuCKING learn santoryu god dammit zoro

Nami: she’d probably cry tears of horror when she’d find the dragon. she would imagine that it would kill her, so she tried to keep her distance. however, when she’d leave it, it would follow her around. she’d get mad and probably hit it on the head, which made it very sad. poor dragon. nami would see it making puppy dog eyes at her and she’d be like “well fuck” and then she’d quickly apologize before trying to walk away again. the dragon wouldn’t leave her alone. finally, she’d just make the decision that this dragon needed some friends so she’d take it back to the crew. everyone was thrilled. by everyone i mean luffy. usopp was probably in a corner crying. anyway she’d eventually use this dragon as a method to get debts that people owed her easier. “zoro you haven’t paid your debts” “i know” “SICK ‘EM DRAGON” *insert dragon chasing down zoro*

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