• Wife:Baby, roll over, you're snoring.
  • Me:I will as soon as I get more ammo.
  • Wife:What? Roll over, you're snoring
  • Me:I will babe when I get more ammo.
  • Wife:OK, we'll get more ammo. Now turn the fuck over!
  • (I roll over angrily)
  • Wife:Baby, this is going to be funny in the morning.
  • Me:No it won't. I'm plenty awake now.
  • I do not remember this at all. I do remember playing Battlefield earlier last night and getting pissed that people were not dropping ammo packs.
Lots of fun at their expense (we aren't nice adults)

Did I mention they are all cheerleaders?

Some of them not as bright as others. I actually make the comment. My buddy mentions, they are definitely shiny, but not bright.

One of the girls pops up with, I love shiny things. (Of course the least bright of them.)

And no Anne, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t like this.