the aesthetic

windows 95 on cathode monitors in the middle of the night, keys clacking loudly in an empty ops room. an S&W Model 1076 within arm’s reach on the night-table, safety off and a round in the chamber. night desert fatigues with the nametapes removed, M4A1 SOPMOD Block 1s and NODs as the moon hangs heavy over the Arizona desert. Hueys over Cambodia, sitting on your helmet and wiping sweat from your eyes as something unspeakable rises from the jungle and the door gunner screams over the intercom

+P loads in an old .45, hands slippery with sweat on the grips, trying not to breathe too loud. a shattered weaponlight

muzzle flashes in a wheat field at night. a naked man emerging from the Potomac River. blinking sleepily into the eyepiece of a starlight scope, trying to figure out if what you just saw was a glitch, your imagination, or something else

that’s the aesthetic

Day 8- A picture of your favorite piece of jewelry that your man has gotten you and why it is your favorite.

Before my boyfriend left he bought me a nametape bracelet. He went to a site and designed it himself. It is hot pink (my favorite color) and ACU paracord. And he picked three charms to put on it. They say, “my boyfriend wears combat boots” “army girlfriend” and “my boyfriend my hero.” I love it! I had no idea he ordered it, it came in the mail a few days after he left. I probably had the biggest most dorky smile on my face. It was hard to pick my favorite, but I can use the other two pieces for other days :)