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what other webcomics do you read? i need some recs

ok I’m genuinely into EVERY comic i’m about to suggest so pls take the time to check them all out if you’re looking for some reading material

first of all, read Octopus Pie. it’s a classic. it recently ended, and there’s a huge backglog to go through. really well written w/ real professional art i’m actually rereading it RIGHT NOW.

next, Gunnerkrigg Court. this and octopie are the goodie oldies of webcomics, they’ve been running forever. the art starts off a little more simple and cartoony and evolves into some of the most gorgeous, vibrant paintings for panels. the story is EXTREMELY engaging and i’ve been reading it for years. there’s also some rlly cute queer stuff… no spoilers.

i’m almost positive you’ve already SEEN some of Hark! A Vagrant’s strips around the internet. they’re fucking iconic and I don’t really need to say more to you. all i have to do is show you.

now it’s time to talk about Bad Machinery, another BIG FAV. the arcs are cut up to be case-by-case, as a group of school kids solve a slew of supernatural mysteries. I’m really in love with the playful art style and the writing gets. REAL heavy at times. the characters actually do get older and move forward in time as the story progresses, which is something i really appreciate in school-setting comics. pls read it, it’s great.

Kill Six Billion Demons is a new one on my list. It’s…. Insane. I read through it almost all at once, it’s really hard to stop, and it hasn’t been running for too long. The art is some of the most stunning shit I’ve ever seen in my life, forreal. It genuinely makes me want to scream.

Namesake holds a VERY special place in my heart. The illustrations are gorgeous, the wizard-of-oz setting is really cozy for me, and it’s extremely well written. (ALSO QUEER STUFF) don’t pass up this one, yall.

I have a lot more, should I keep going??

a funny story with a dark twist: a playlist for the Rippers of Namesake (8tracks | Playmoss) [yeah, I made this playlist about a year ago but I’m reposting some stuff to playmoss since everyone seems to be heading there]


Rootless - Marina and the Diamonds // Body - Mother Mother // Cruel - St. Vincent // Good Intent - Kimbra // Run the Heart - Sleigh Bells // Taste It - Little Boots // Sleep Awake - Mother Mother // Hi - Psapp

This has been on my mind for a long time.  Emma from secondlina and savvyliterate‘s​​ Namesake and Emma from Once Upon A Time, both with fairy-tale worlds, both with distinct epic stories.  Finally threw this together, because YEAH THEY NEEDED TO TEAM UP OR SOMETHING

This is also a nice break from some other Namesake fan art I hope to finish next week alongside drawing homework and comic making WOOOOOO :)

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Hi! I was wondering, how do you get your characters to have this lovely glow to them? Your coloring just has so much texture and life, and usually when I try to color something it tends to be flat and lifeless. Any tips?

Thank you very much, you’re so nice :)

Here’s a process gif featuring Elaine from the fantastic webcomic Namesake 

Individual steps + quick explanations are under the cut:

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Namesake fan art! One of my absolute favorite characters; the sassy, snarky, sizzling Hercilia! (Cheering) I’ve been burning to draw some Namesake art, and especially dear Hercilia! On the left is a photo of my original sketch, and on the right is the final digitally colored version. (I refuse to apologize for flame jokes!) Anyway, hope fellow fans enjoy it, I certainly enjoyed making it! If you don’t know the Namesake webcomic-go read it! It’s awesome!