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During the genocide route, there are several instances where red text is used. One of them is the infamous ellipsis that is displayed when checking out the family photograph. 

As with most text in the game, there is affordance for multiple interpretations of this silence. Perhaps it shows Chara cares about the Dreemurrs and may even regret their actions towards them. On the other hand, the silence may suggest that Chara no longer cares about their adoptive family, to the point where they have nothing to say. Based on Chara’s treatment of the Dreemurrs, the evidence seems to support that Chara’s silence is not a sign of caring, but rather of silent fury.

Keep in mind that this theory focuses on Chara in the genocide route because this “…” text only appears for the photo in the genocide route.


During Toriel’s fight, the following text is given by Chara if the ACT “Talk” is selected.

This is how Chara feels about Toriel. Toriel isn’t worth Chara’s words. Worse, Chara instantly kills Toriel with one strike, rather than needing to wait for a betrayal kill. The reason as to how Chara can kill a boss monster like Toriel in one hit at the very start of the battle is stated by the victim herself.

Monsters are susceptible to ill intentions. The stronger the hatred or intent to kill, the more damage is inflicted upon the monster. This is supported by the text in one of the library’s books.

This damage is different from a betrayal kill because a betrayal kill can only be committed when Toriel’s emotional defenses are down. However, with the immediate genocide kill, Toriel still has her defense and guard up. She is dedicated to her cause of fighting the human to keep them in the Ruins. Yet Chara’s hatred easily outstrips Toriel’s defenses and kills her in a single hit.

So how can one be sure these are Chara’s feelings and not Frisk’s?

Just prior to Toriel’s battle, Chara identifies themself in the mirror. This is proof that the ill intent belongs to Chara.


A popular quote that relates to both Chara and Asgore is the “Still has that sweater” line, which can be interpreted as a sign of either fondness or annoyance. However, considering the tone of the other red text in New Home, it’s more likely that Chara states this observation as mere fact.

Upon meeting Asgore, Chara does not hesitate to start the fight, interrupting Asgore while he is talking. There is no Mercy option presented in this fight, and this time it is not Asgore’s doing. Since the Mercy button is not destroyed by Asgore, is not removed by the player, and Frisk has not shown recent signs of influence, it is presumably removed by the only other entity on the battlefield: Chara. Chara then strikes Asgore before the fight properly starts. This is a one hit kill.

Asgore may not have instantly died, but none of the bosses die right away. They are always able to hold on for their final words. It’s also clear that Asgore’s HP bar is fully depleted by Chara’s attack. 

As previously stated, this means Chara has a strong intent to kill and –  as implied by Toriel’s final words – is fueled by hatred.


When Flowey realizes that Frisk is actually Chara, he tries to help them. At the end of the Ruins, Flowey does not even flinch at the indiscriminate murder and encourages Chara to continue the genocide route. Flowey believes that Chara would be wiling to cooperate with his new plan “to become all powerful,” which is similar to Chara’s failed plan from ages ago.

Later Flowey acknowledges that the plan to be all powerful includes Chara as well:

I think if you’re around…
Just living in the surface world doesn’t seem so bad.
We don’t even need to leave to get them this time.
The king has six of them locked away.

This is why Flowey solves all the puzzles for Chara. He is useful to Chara, making Chara’s journey through the underground faster and easier. Despite this, at the end of the genocide route, Chara disposes of Flowey without giving a choice to the player. Flowey has outlived his usefulness. Not even a plea using Asriel’s face and voice stops Chara. Even worse, Chara slashes Flowey repeatedly, without pause. Chara has been able to kill each boss in one strike, so multiple strikes are unnecessary. Why is this kill so vicious then? It’s likely because Chara kills him out of vengeance for his betrayals.

Asriel’s first betrayal happened when he stopped Chara from using “our full power” against the humans on the surface. This lead to both of their deaths. Later in New Home, Flowey makes a wrong move and mentions how both he and Chara are capable of killing each other if necessary.

Chara’s response is one that instills fear in him.

…what’s this…
… feeling?
Why am I… Shaking?

Whether the dread is triggered from Chara’s expression or a dawning realization, Flowey feels genuine fear, something he is not used to experiencing. 


Hey… Chara…  
No hard feelings about back then, right?

H-Hey, what are you doing!?
B… back off!!

Though Flowey does not describe Chara’s behavior in detail, it’s implied here that Chara advances toward Flowey in a threatening way. When Chara doesn’t back off, Flowey switches tactics and tries to call off their plan.

I… I’ve changed my mind about all this.
This isn’t a good idea anymore.
Y-you should go back, Chara.
This place is fine the way it is!

S-s-stop making that creepy face!

Finally, Chara breaks into their creepy face, which must be one with a smile or laughter considering Flowey insists the situation “isn’t funny” and that Chara has a “SICK sense of humor!” This response from Chara shows how little regard they hold for Flowey’s dread and that Chara is actually amused by Flowey’s fear of being murdered by them.

Flowey goes on to then betray Chara again. This time, he warns Asgore of Chara’s arrival, likely in the hopes that Asgore will absorb the human souls and destroy Chara before Chara has a chance to kill the two of them. Of course, this betrayal backfires: instead of fighting, Asgore tells Chara that Flowey warned him.

Lastly, when Chara is ready to finish off Asgore, Flowey appears and betrays Chara one last time. He destroys both Asgore and the soul, eliminating Chara’s option to pass through the barrier and get to the surface in this route. (While there’s some indication that Chara does not want a boss monster soul, having the choice eliminated probably is not appreciated.)

These betrayals likely influence Chara’s brutal slaying of Flowey. Regardless of the reason for their hatred, Chara shows no mercy or compassion for their old best friend, while they silently and viciously cut them down.

Is Chara Corrupted?

It seems unlikely that Chara is corrupted for the following reasons:

  • Chara takes control as soon as twenty kills are made in the Ruins to clear out the area, then and only then. Killing twenty in any other area or in total over multiple areas will not change the narration to Chara’s first person narrative because it’s their choice to take control.
  • Chara guides the player in the genocide route. The player and Chara are partners, though later Chara states the player was never "THE ONE IN CONTROL.”

If Chara is corrupted as soon as the genocide route begins, then it’s very unlikely that they would feel any remorse upon seeing the family photograph at the end of the route anyway.

Did Chara ever love the Dreemurrs?

It’s possible Chara loved and cared for the Dreemurrs during their lifetime. However, if they did love the Dreemurrs, that love did not stop Chara from trying to coerce Asriel into helping them kill six humans. Furthermore, it appears that being betrayed by Asriel on the surface had a profound and lasting impact on Chara to the point that monsters are now seen by Chara as “the enemy.”

If the genocide route is played after a neutral route (as it was probably intended), then there would be even more reason for Chara to feel betrayed by all the Dreemurrs.


Perhaps from Chara’s perspective, Toriel has been replacing Chara and Asriel with other children. Toriel even tries to force Frisk to stay with her. (This is a sentiment that is expressed by Flowey.)


While Asgore may have kept Chara’s possessions, Asgore fails to mention his second child when he talks about his son, Asriel.

He does mention Chara in alternative dialogue, but not as his child – only as "the human that fell here long ago.” In a similar manner to how Toriel seemingly replaces her lost children, Asgore seems to replace Chara with Frisk as the new hope for the underground.


Asriel confesses to Frisk that Chara wasn’t as great as he originally thought and that Frisk is the type of friend he had always wanted.

In these excerpts from the game, each Dreemurr appear to have moved on from Chara’s passing. While this is healthy, this isn’t something a dead child may understand. Chara’s love for the Dreemurrs would actually be even more reason for Chara to feel hurt when they see how their family has replaced them and moved on.


From the very start of the genocide route, Chara does not see Toriel as someone worth talking to. They kill her in one hit, the attack fueled by hatred. They instill fear into Flowey in New Home at the mention of something Chara may have considered betrayal. They then kill Asgore and Flowey out of their own choice, even after visiting their old home.

Given Chara’s behavior before and after seeing the photo, it seems likely that their silence is due to apathy (it’s not worthy of comment) or fury (over the perceived betrayal). After all, Chara never uses dialogue to directly state their anger or hatred. Instead of using words, Chara expresses their feelings through actions, including killing the Dreemurrs and terrorizing Flowey. Therefore, the absence of comment for the photograph seems to be a case of Chara feeling strong negative emotions that they do not want to talk about. Instead, they express their feelings through their actions.

Ultimately, the ellipsis prompted by the family photograph is up to interpretation. Based on it’s exclusivity to the genocide route and the events that surround it, the silence supports the genocide narrative of Chara losing their compassion towards the Dreemurrs.

‘Kingsman TGC’ by the Perfumer’s Story by Azzi

Azzi Glasser—the designer behind fragrances for the likes of Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp—is launching her latest perfume, Kingsman TGC, under her own brand, the Perfumer’s Story by Azzi, in September. Coinciding with the release of its movie namesake, the tobacco-flower-and-neroli-infused eau de parfum was created in collaboration with director Matthew Vaughn. Double agents.


Meet Team Lime Green!

This fresh team is here to have fun and looking good while doing so! They might not be as high ranked as their rivals but they have managed to catch a lot of attention in a short amount of time. Also, don’t let their smiles catch you off guard. These flower children are no push overs either. These 4 are very close and look after each other like a family. 

Note, I’m using EU names of the gear


Coloured Shades I  Cycle King Jersey I  Dark Green Hi-Tops

This dashing young man was once a member of another team but soon decided to form his own team. Like his namesake flower, he is very narcissistic and thinks highly of himself. He considers himself the freshest squid around, a fashionista and a gift to both men and women. This confidence is not made from whole cloth since he is idolized not only by his team but by many other inklings as well. Jonquil is a smooth talker and a flirt (but a lot more subtle than Daisy). He comes from a rich family but he supports himself and his team on his own. 

At first glance, Jonquil might look like a joke in battle since he seems to care more about his looks than actual battle but don’t let that fool you. Jonquil and his splatling gun are a deathly combo and he is the main offensive power of the team. He is a good winner and he takes loses better than the other captains. But Jonquil is known to have some anger issues so deliberately angering him is not wise. 


Bobble Hat I  Layered Vector LS I  Blueberry Casuals

Only female of the team but this does not bother Daisy. On the contrary, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Daisy has a… not so subtle appreciation to male beauty and she is not ashamed to show it. She flirts with every boy that catches her fancy. Despite this personality trait, she can be very serious when needed and getting on her bad side is not healthy. She looks after those who are dear to her, especially her younger cousin Tanrine and Sorrel. 

In battle Daisy play the supportive role. She lands squid beakons and is in charge for inking the ground. She is a trickster and loves to mess with her opponents. She super jumps between her own beakons and is often seen making crazy dashes to the enemy base, only to surprise them (especially males) with her kraken.

Daisy lusts after Jonquil and the captain doesn’t seem to mind this affection at all and often returns these feelings. The duo is rarely seen apart. But if asked if they are a couple, they just laugh.


Colourful Heaphones I  Retro Gamer Jersey I  Yellow Seahorses

The name’s Cosmo and don’t you forget it! Cosmo is an energetic and very extroverted member of the team. He is easily bored thus he’s often seen outside hanging around his friends. Arcade his favourite place to hang out and he is constantly checking if anyone has beaten his hi-scores (and trying to win them back). Cosmo loves video games but his true passion is music and on his free time, he remixes music and sometimes even does DJ gigs. He is also somewhat skilled with computers in general. It’s easy to dare him to do craziest of stunts. Cosmo also loves to make bets and it’s hard for him to decline a challenge, even if the odds are against him. This constant need to show off combined with his jealousy issues has cost him multiple relationship in the past. But now he enjoys being a part of team green and is currently dating Taloupe from team orange.

In battle Cosmo is a mix of support and offense. With sprinklers he helps Daisy to cover the ground and builds up his special for inkstrike. He also ambushes any opponents he can and tries to take them down fast. 


Safari Hat I  White Anchor Tee I  Gold Hi-Horses

Sorrel is the youngest greenhorn member of the team. He is loud mouthed, a bit of try hard and wants to be the very best, but he clearly has a long way to go. It also doesn’t help that his teammates aren’t the most serious players there are and he’s constantly annoyed by their antics and wishes they’d take things a lot more seriously. But deep down he’s grateful Jonquil and the others asked him join them, even if he’s clearly a lot weaker player than them. Sorrel is a bit socially awkward when it comes to having fun but hanging out with his extroverted teammates has helped him to open up a bit. He has a one sided crush on Cyanthia from team violet.  

In battle Sorrel is helpful offensive support for Jonquil and he picks up those the captain missed. Thanks to his ninja squid ability he can move around unnoticed and he also plants mines for nasty surprises. But due to his inexperience and lack of patience, he’s an easy target for opponents. Thanks to this, Daisy often looks after him.

On the Subjectivity of Pain

Prompt: Sakura gets the curse mark instead of Sasuke.
Submitted by: anon
Setting: genin AU
Pairing: SS

He was demonic - the compilation of all the world’s filth and perversion into one being. This was the first of three thoughts that entered Haruno Sakura’s mind as she watched Orochimaru’s neck extend to thrice the length of his body.

The second was that this insidious creature was after Sasuke, her Sasuke-kun, and the third that she would not let him have him. It was this that drove the kunoichi to gather all the strength and agility at her disposal and shove her exhausted teammate out of the way.

Within the same second, a pair of fangs pierced the tender flesh of her neck. A liquid chill seeped into her bloodstream. For the first few blessed seconds, Sakura felt nothing at all. A numbness. Then the screaming began.

The kunoich’s body convulsed as it was wracked with indescribable pain. An agonized wail that seemed both inhuman and undoubtably hers was wrenched from her throat.

Sasuke, though unnerved by the sound, did his best to appear unfazed. He stepped in front of Sakura protectively, sharingan spinning wildly. “What did you do to her?” he demanded.

“Kukuku,” the sannin’s grin stretched into something unnatural. “What a foolish little girl. She’ll be dead by daybreak.”

Just then, Sakura’s screams broke off into miserable sobs. Her body tensed and shuddered, trying to fight the seal’s devastation.

Sasuke’s frowned deepened and the venom in his glare intensified. “Release your jutsu. That wasn’t meant for her.”

Orochimaru chuckled again. “I could not remove the curse seal even if I wished to do so.” And obviously, he didn’t. Unwittingly, the sannin’s intended prey had revealed his weakness. “I’ll leave you for now, Sasuke-kun. But when you tire of watching her suffer, you will seek me out without fail.”

With that the sannin slunk off into the forest leaving Sasuke to kneel at Sakura’s side. She was still writhing in pain, and the sobs had long faded into whimpers.

Sasuke’s brow furrowed as he watched her. Why had she done it?

The girl watched him with a tearful, unsteady gaze and shakily reached out to grasp his hand. She squeezed it tightly until her consciousness faded. He was still there, he was safe, so the hell she was going through was worth it.


Almost a full day later, Sasuke sat in a nearby cave watching over his incapacitated teammates. The Uchiha scarcely allowed himself to blink, fearing that the reptilian fiend would return to slaughter them if he did.

He removed the wet washcloth from Sakura’s forehead, and pressed the back of his hand to the side of her face. Her fever kept prevailing stubbornly despite his efforts to stop it. It was as though Orochimaru’s curse was devouring her from the inside out. Sadly it seemed like the frightening shinobi’s words were true. At this rate, she wouldn’t make it.

Another death, he thought grimly. Another casualty in the divine’s apparent quest to leave him with nothing. Another testament to is weakness, his inadequacy - a precious person that he failed to protect.

But this time it would be different. He would not be powerless. He would keep Sakura alive no matter the cost. He would do anything, sell his soul to any ghoul to keep her heart beating.

Just as the young Uchiha resolved to find Orochimaru once again, Sakura began to stir. After a moment or two, her jade eyes blinked open. “Sasuke…kun.”

“Sakura,” his voice conveyed a deep sense of relief. She was still terribly pale, and beads of sweat glazed her forehead but the kunoichi was finally awake. “How are you feeling?”

Immediately, she shot him a smile meant to be reassuring. “I’m alright,” she said. But as she tried to sit up, a sudden wave of pain caused her to shudder and release a small whimper.

The guilt barreled into his chest like a physical blow. Sakura, as innocent and fragile as her namesake flower, was suffering because of him. If she wasn’t on the same team as him, the snake like man would have never encountered her.

He sighed. “This is serious, Sakura. Don’t try to hide anything from me.” Not that he wouldn’t see through it anyway. To Sasuke she was all but translucent. “What’s wrong?”

Despite her condition, and the general gravity of the situation, Sakura found herself fighting off a blush. He was actually worried about her.

“I still feel really tired,” she admitted. “And this spot on my neck keeps hurting.”

Carefully, Sasuke brushed her soft pink hair to the side to see three comma shaped marks pulsating at the nape of her neck.

“So that’s the curse mark,” he said, mostly to himself.

“What?” the kunoichi asked tiredly.

“Nothing. Don’t worry.” Sasuke gently pushed her back down onto the cave’s floor. “Sleep some more.”

“Alright.” The girl complied, twitching as the mark began to act up again.

Sasuke sighed wearily as he watched her. “What were you thinking?” The question was half rhetorical.

“I wanted,” she yawned daintily, “I wanted to keep you safe, Sasuke-kun.” Because she knew that disgusting man wanted to give him that mark for a reason, and because seeing him in that much pain would have been even worse than experiencing it herself.

In this way, it can be said that the concept of pain is a highly subjective one.

Notes: So, I wrote a better version of this earlier today but it got lost because the WiFi cut off as I was posting it. (I cried). But here it is anyway. Happy birthday to Sakura (though I don’t wish the circumstances of this fic on her at all).

Thanks for reading, guys! My ask box is always open.

Anyway I totally did not just read several “soulmate au” fanfictions and for an unrelated reason now I’m thinking about fairy soulmates.

  • Tink has a dewdrop tattoo on the palm of her left hand that seems to wiggle when she moves it. On Silvermist’s is the stewpot that represents TB’s talent mark–the smoke waves and swirls when she blows on it.
  • The ever-present dots of gold on her shoulders are not real grains of pixie dust but her soulmark from Terence, and they tingle and glow whenever he’s around. Terence has a compass that always points–not North–but in the direction of Tink.
  • On her back between her wings, the pattern of a snowflake. Periwinkle has her namesake flower blooming in the same spot.
  • Zarina and Tink leave each other sleeves of scrawled notes/blueprints for experiments/inventions from the back of their hand crawling all the way up their arm.
  • When Tink meets Peter Pan, she gets a little white bird over her heart that crows when she and Peter have adventures together, but she’s never seen a reciprocal soulmark on him. He does however have a thimble in his palm where Wendy has an acorn button.
  • Rani’s soulmark on Tink is a tear that clings to her cheekbone, only streaking down her face and disappearing while in the presence of the other fairy. Rani has a tinker’s hammer above her heart, ever tapping away.
  • Tink and Prilla don’t get marks for each other immediately, but when Tink claims her to be an honorary pots-and-pans talent, Prilla gets Tink’s talent mark on her, and Tink finds a daisy on the inside of her left wrist.


  • She ends up with a cute depiction of a beehive dripping honey on her torso, above her bellybutton, and the matching bee is on Nyx.
    • See, a beehive is scary on the outside but sweet inside, like Nyx, Tink likes to say.
    • A bee seems sweet on the outside but could kill you with one sting, like Tink, Nyx counters.
  • But that little bee is constantly moving as if trying to get the Nyx’s attention–it can’t often be seen since her scout uniform covers so much skin, unless it circles her neck where the neckline ends but even then it’s still hard to spot under chin.
  • It only becomes distracting when Tink herself is trying to distract Nyx from her duties and it goes all the way up to her face. In that case it likes to rest at the corner of her mouth, like it wants her hidden kiss.

This ship writes itself and so does this AU–I mean fairies are already magical, why not magical soulmate AUs for all your friends, family, and loves??

anonymous asked:

u know what would be so cute tho??? Valjean and his grandchildren oh god I think I'm gonna cry just thinking about it

Oh my God.

What if Marius and Cosette have a daughter and a son, and name them Éponine and Jean?

And they think their grandfather is the most wonderful, because he lives in the country and being around him is never ever boring. He knows so much about all sorts of flowers and plants and things, and Éponine and Jean love visiting him and playing chase in the fields near his cottage. Like his namesake, Jean loves gathering flowers and weaving garlands of poppies and daisies, and bestows them grandly on his grandfather and his sister. Valjean can’t help but smile because it reminds him of Cosette when she was younger.

He loves his grandchildren, because he spent so much of his life alone, without anybody who cared for him, and these two little children who are so full of light and laughter can cheer him up, no matter what.

They love the stories he tells, especially the ones about Marius, and in the evenings, they’ll sit by the fire and plead with him to tell them their favourite ones:

“Did Papa really spend months and months following Mama around?”

“The one with the handkerchief! Tell us the one with the handkerchief!”

Marius goes bright red, and everybody else finds it hilarious.

soufflegirlandfishcustard  asked:

Bog King + flowers/gardens for Marianne (because why wouldn't he build a gazillion gardens for her)

The Dark Forest is wild and lush and always has something new to uncover - each flight out there brings a new discovery, but Marianne is still delighted each time she finds new blossoms there, new plants that she’s never seen before. As she flits in and out of shadows, going from one stalk to another, Bog knows that for her, each one is as good as an adventure, another way for in which to love his world. Fairies crave sunlight and flowers, it’s in their blood - Marianne just craves it in a different way, preferring the reflected sunlight of the moon and flowers that arm their beauty with poison and prickers. He watches her cradle the blooms, caress them, the dark petals lush and fragrant under her touch, and gets a seedling of an idea… 

Stuff and Thang and a select group of goblins manage to undertake the task with minimal mishaps, and one evening over in the Dark Forest Bog says he has something for Marianne. He’s nervous, dreadfully so, but Marianne is already thrilled to know that he planned something for her, he did something with the only intention being that he wants to make her happy. She can hardly contain her happiness but her eyes practically glow as she tells him to lead the way, and Bog’s unease is somewhat lessened. 

When they finally reach the spot, he asks her to close her eyes, and Marianne realizes in that moment just how deeply he has gotten to her when she does so without thinking, without any hesitation at all, she trusts him so entirely. Claws gentle circle her wrists and she is pulled through a curtain of hanging moss, and she opens her eyes, and…

It’s a small grove, very small, but it’s filled with flowers, all of the flowers she’s admired here, black bacara roses and bat orchids and black magic violas and so many more, their petals soft and dark and velvety in the moons glow, vines thick and curling around everything. There are pathways for her to walk, tall leafy ferns for her to curl under, patches of moss spongy and verdant for her to relax after sparring…

Her namesake flowers are everywhere, and the perfume of everything hangs in the air, and the scent and moonlight mix drug her senses like a potent elixir… 

It’s serene and dark and all hers, a place of deep shadow and luminous moonlight, he made this for her. A dark oasis in the midst of wildness, no fear of brambles getting to her wings, all for her, just for her, he did this…

Bog watches her drink in everything, and he can’t help wringing his claws. “Do…do ye like it -?”

Marianne tackles him and they topple onto one of the mossy patches, and her smile shines so that Bog would wager the moon itself would turn sick with envy over how she glows in that moment, she’s so happy. “You did this for me.” 

He attempts a blasé shrug but Marianne is having none of it, and the kiss she pulls him into makes him melt even further into the moss. Her new garden gets an extremely passionate christening that night, and the moonlight has never been more perfect than in that moment.