names that start with a

i guess i like all the boys whos names start with ‘j’ ; jongdae junmyeon jyixing jminseok jkyungsoo jongin jbaekhyun jchanyeol jsehun idk thats just the way it is

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I bought a gorgeous red betta fish last summer, and named him Sam in honor of Mr. Heughan. Fish Sam started acting strangely a couple of weeks ago, when all this mess started, and this morning, he died. Just like our S/C dreams. I'm not saying Human Sam is responsible for Fish Sam's death...but Human Sam is responsible for Fish Sam's death. Have fun living with that guilt, Mr. Heughan. HAVE FUN. PS Hope this brings a little smile to your day, Jess!


This is the start of week 5 with Zoe! The name “Zoe” is Greek in origin and it means LIFE, Let’s just say it is a befitting name for her, she is FULL of life! The biggest changes this week are physical ones, she is going through a growth spurt.. Her legs are long compared to her body and her ears are to big for her head. Her puppy fur is disappearing quickly and “big dog” fur is taking it’s place. Her little black spots on her nose are getting bigger, and at some point with merge giving her a black muzzle.. She is growing and changing quickly.. One thing that has REALLY come to the forefront is her guarding instinct, no sound or noise escapes her, and for a puppy, she has a pretty intense, deep bark/growl!  At 13 weeks old she knows.. sit, stay, come, down,speak, sit up, do circles, leave it, get it, fetch, and is 100% house trained with no accident, she goes to the door and barks when she wants to go out.. She really is a smashing little girl, and I’m so pleased with how she is coming along!!

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Has anyone else noticed how discoursers have started using people’s first names very heavily, if someone’s name is in their about? Does this wig anybody else out?

Like, when you’re talking about somebody you plainly don’t know in person, and even more plainly loathe, being all, “Aiden just reeeally likes posting ahistorical bullshit,” or sarcastically saying, “Rose is at it again,” is just nails on a chalkboard to me. It’s so obviously trying to get at them.

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tell me something about julius i love him so much but dont know anything

His full name is Julius De Boer, he is from the Netherlands born and raised in Amsterdam. He speaks 5 different languages, has a psychology degree from the University of Amsterdam (UVA). He is trained in Krav Maga and Systema, he is also divorced and has an 11 year old daughter.

His boss in the beginning of his career while protecting Bey was Norman Oosterbroek he was Jay’s main bodygauard (he has now died if you google his name you will recognize him) they met in college.

At 24  he started his own Executive Protection company in Europe, now 12 years later he is the CEO of DeBoer Security Global. He has offices in Abu Dhabi,New York and London and partners on every continent.

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Worker visit was uneventful. She said they’re going to “get the ball rolling” on TPR soon- which is what they’ve been saying for two months. The ball doth remain still. I stressed that kindergarten registration is really soon, and while they definitely won’t TPR before then, I’d like her to be able to start the new school year with her new name, without the paperwork and issues that come with foster care school stuff.

Finally heard back from relative confirming the birthday visit. My instincts say something is amiss with their situation- we still haven’t talked with bio mom, and everything the relative says is “I” or “me and Rue.” If bio mom is having problems there’s absolutely zero chance the relative would say anything, and a 100% chance she would do everything in her power to cover it up- it’s what she did with Juni and Bean Sprout.

I guess we’ll find out next week either way.

Let’s see…other random stuff…

Paid off some debt with tax refund money- that felt good.

Found a Dyson for 175 on clearance at Target and you know I snapped that shit up. UGH it’s amazing. I thought our old vacuum was nice but I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT.

Bean Sprout’s dentist appointment went great- no issues, though they want us to ditch the pacifier asap. He loves his pacifier. It was encouraged in the NICU and with his issues post-discharge. And damn does he self-soothe well with it. We’ve been slowly trying to restrict it to sleeping times, but honestly I’m not too fussed about doing away with it yet.

Juni can sight read over 20 words and I’m so amazed by this smart girl. She was just about nonverbal when she came to us 20 months ago and now she picks up things so freaking fast it stuns me.

Okay. Bedtime prep calls. You are all amazing.

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Hey, I love the idea of this blog, sounds super useful! Just wanted to ask if you had any good tips on creating conlang naming conventions? I don't know if I'm quite willing to create whole languages for my worlds (yet?), but being able to keep some consistency with names would be really useful when trying to flesh out my cast a little more!

thank you! also, i love naming conventions so much, my first language actually started as me making the names consistent :D

so, there’s a few things i’d recommend

1) the most important: i always like to start a language with phonology (sounds). what sounds actually exist? in english, we have 44 speech sounds (think of letters with multiple pronunciations or diphthongs such as th). one of the most difficult thing about learning another language is learning sounds that we don’t have (such as a rolled r in spanish or the “ch” in german). just make a simple list of the sounds allowed in your language and stick to it. you can start by looking at the phonology of a language/region that inspired you (or just that you think is interesting) or you can look at a detailed ipa (international phonetic alphabet) guide and pick and choose on your own. this is also useful if you have different cultures interacting - give them different lists with different sounds

2) another way to make things more consistent is to look at syllable construction. do your names look like anelito or strumft? the first has a pattern of V-CV-CV-CV - your “allowed” syllables are probably going to be ©V (needs a vowel, optional intitial consonant). the second is CCCVCCC, ©©©V©©© is the basic pattern, but you can probably get a bit more specific. maybe ©©(r,l)V(m,n)©©? this is a lot more complicated, but the effect is strong. (note that “anelito” is allowed in the second. you may want to make one or more of the consonants required: C©(r,l)V(m,n)©© for example)

these were both looking at phonetic consistency, here’s something a litle different

1) figure out how naming works. is it GivenName FamilyName? Patronym GivenName? ChosenName GivenName Matronym? GivenName Profession? this goes a long way.

2) deconstruct where surnames come from. some can be used as first names also (Simon), some are patronyms (”-son”), some come from an ancestor’s profession (Baker), some are based on an ancestor’s location (Groves). there’s a lot to take inspiration from

3) keep a list of how this all works. if you go the profession or location route, you’re gonna want a list of everything you’ve used and what they mean. if you use matronyms and/or patronyms, find your morpheme (piece of meaning) that indicates that (such as “sun”), and make a bunch of sample names to get a feel for how it works. some names will stay the same but have an affix, while others may have to change

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Laurette for the ship thing please and thank!

  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa
    Laurens Who is a mess of a man. Confirmed can’t even pour a glass of orange juice.
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them
    Lafayette, they plan the future quickly and adore Who they even start to like their names would be on everything Laf would own. Notebooks and bookmarks and spare pieces of paper.
  • Who starts the tickle fights
    Lafayette, they aren’t ticklish and it’s a beautiful thing to see Laurens laugh for once.
  • Who starts the pillow fights
    Laurens he likes to tackle Laf with a pillow in hand and hear the squeaky noise of surprise emit out of Lafayette. This may evolve into tickle fights with pillows or kissing and giggling.
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile
    Lafayette, they just wish Laurens saw himself exactly how they did in that moment. Absolutely breathtaking, asleep, no worry upon his features no self-loathing sinking into his speech. Just a beautiful testing serenity that would lie over his figure until he woke only to start the cycle again.
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar
    Laurens, he didn’t expect the salt to be in a sugar container, Lafayette had done it whilst hurriedly unpacking when they had first moved to America and never thought to fix it even when they refilled it. Though the realization was charming and added a quaint fondness to Lafayette’s character, you know after he got the bitter salt taste out of his mouth after pouring some into his mouth.
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning
    Laurens because he’s both inconsiderate of anyone besides his own feelings and because Lafayette doesn’t touch microwaves
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines
    Laurens, usually they aren’t child-friendly.
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order
    Lafayette, though it’s because it’s their bookshelf.(because Laurens is the equivalent of Josh kennedy’s vine)
    Laurens: what up I’m Laurens I'm 22 and I never learned how to fucking read (Link below)
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies
    Laurens but he straight up puts his mouth around the spoon and Laf scolds him for a long while
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion
    Lafayette they love vanilla scented things…Laurens won’t admit but it’s endearing…
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen
    Lafayette they like to write hearts on Laurens and draw their favourite patterns they write compliments in french as well, because laurens won’t complain if he doesn't know what it means. Though Laurens will jot things down on Laf’s arms and hands sometimes to remind himself of things
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation
    Lafayette once more
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines
    Laurens because he’s an insecure sad child.
    They get into their most serious fights over personality quizzes and zodiac signs )

hello ! i guess this could be considered an angel call (is that what they’re called ? hshdf) i’ve yet to really make any personal posts here but i’d love to interact w/ other siblings and such.

my name is alessa, however i’m currently still trying to find my angelic name. i’m almost certain it starts w/ an H. (haziel sounds very very familiar but i’m still questioning)


  • i had one set of wings that could change sizes (typically they were rather small) and curly reddish hair. my wings were pure golden at the edges and shimmered like the sun’s reflection on water. i had hazel/green eyes that could change colors (sometimes to a deep violet)
  • i would always keep a gold cross around my neck, as it was very important to me. (gold stuff in general has high significance to myself)
  • i associate myself w/ warmth and softness…(sunshowers and warm ocean water feel familiar and like home to me)


  • i remember being some sort of royalty ? like a princess of sorts. (srry this part is super vague)
  • i’m uncertain as to if i was born before or after the war. i don’t recall any memories of this aspect of my life. i do know i’m a younger angel though.
  • love/romance is very important to me
  • i remember doing a lot of healing + comforting others
  • i know i fell in love a couple times and am still currently looking for those who i seemed to of lost. i communicate w/ a seraph who’s my personal guardian. (unfortunately they can only communicate to me through dreams)

ghdbf sorry this post got so long…i’m just hoping to find fellow siblings who may recall myself ? if you do go ahead and shoot me a message/ask !! 

Jeffmads #31

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James will finish Thomas’ question or statement to mock him. Thomas tried to finish James’ sentence once, and got it totally wrong. It was mildly traumatizing for them both.

Thomas’ excessive use of pet names (especially when used sarcastically) has slowly started to wear off on James, and he hates them both for it.

Not really a habit, but Thomas has gotten James so used to his own mac and cheese or Kraft (depending on how much energy he wants to put into dinner that night) that he’s almost as picky about it as his boyfriend. Fuckin macaroni snobs right here.

While he can’t always figure out what James is about to say at the end of his sentence, Thomas excels at knowing what James is thinking just based on his body language. James is pretty good at it too, but it doesn’t come in as handy since Thomas is much more open about what he’s really thinking.


I was tagged by both @jonesyi and @blindvogel, and it seems like a good thing to do for distraction on a Monday!

1) I’m named after the Bionic Woman. I was supposed to be named Susan, but my mom started watching the (original 70s) TV show when she was pregnant, and decided she liked the main character’s name better. So I became Jaime, and my little sister got to be Susan.

2) I collect tarot card decks.

3) New Orleans is my favorite place to visit for vacation.

4) I have strabismus - I am also farsighted and have a slight astigmatism, which really makes it wild that I managed to go for sixteen years (from ages 14 to 31) without wearing glasses at all. 

5) My favorite ice cream is vanilla soft serve. Yes, I know I’m boring. I don’t care. I love soft serve.

6) I started getting gray hair when I was 17 years old. At 40, I’d probably be full salt-and-pepper if I let my natural color grow out. Which is why I never let my natural color grow out.

7) I got my very first internet connection 22 years ago this month. Holy shit.

8) I was a hardcore Pepsi devotee up until I switched from regular to diet soda around 10 years ago; now I can’t drink anything but Coke (diet or zero).

9) I never have developed a taste for alcohol. I don’t mind the occasional fruity drink or hard cider, but I like those despite the aftertaste. Mostly, I just don’t drink at all, because it just has never been a priority to develop the taste for it.

10) One of my very favorite things to do is go out to dinner by myself and read a book. 

I tag … @lazyscience, @lifeofkj, @faejilly, @janiemcpants, @buckysleftarm, @summonerskies, @dimir-charmer, @rhiannon42, @scahill42, @lafemmedarla

So I started watching Star vs the Forces of Evil ( finally getting around to it even though I have had it on my list since the first promo but never got around to it because I try to only watch one or two animated shows at a time)

And I am confused on why ANYONE is worried that Star and Marco might end up with other people. Like this is a classic set-up for them to get together, probably not until at the very end of the series, but I have seen enough shows to know.

Dissociating stuff

1) I’m like… swaying back and forth and I feel like I’m being pulled backwards even tho there’s nothing there and I feel like I could float off at any minute and I’m just not in the same physical realm and I’m floaty and fake and my body can’t stay still and it’s vibrating and swaying and I can’t control it
2) any sorta “I live in a VR/this world is fake and so am I” thoughts isn’t scary to me,, like it’s calming, cuz nothing matters if I’m fake lol and idk but it’s just like swimming thru warm water and comforting even tho my world is probably burning on the outside whoops
3) I’ve made friends with the shadow people at the edges of my vision, we’re chill, I’m gunna start naming them. Also., are these my hands? They’re fuzzy I’m fuzzy who turned down the sharpness what
4) I’m just walking around lying on different thing, or maybe im standing, and wandering, going to bed to sofa to different bed and oh look we’re on the kitchen floor okay cool how long have I been stating at this cabinet what time is it what
5) is this grunge skater punk fashion or am I visable mentally ill? I’ve worn this same jacket for the whole month… I think the whole month… what month is it? December? January? March? June? July? Wait no still February, thank you google.
6) I checked the clock just a couple seconds ago and it was at 1:35, what do you mean it’s 2:38?
7) I’m numb, I should be scared, Logically I’m scared, I’m so scared, but also why bother, it’s cool, swimming in my warm water fish bowl, cool,
8) aaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHHhhhhh

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Picking out baby names !

hope this is okayyy :)

Jasmine settles in on her side of the bed with her laptop on her lap, Anthony just beside her with a million baby name books splayed out across the comforter, overwhelmed by it all. While Jasmine still had a little over two months until she was due, the two of them thought it was a good time to start looking at baby names and make a list of their favorites, wanting to be prepared for it all.

“Boy names or girl names first?” Jasmine questions, googling baby names for her to look through lists, praying that they would find names that they could agree on.

“Boy names. I think we’ll agree on them faster,” Anthony shrugs, flipping through one of the books and looking at the lists of names, trying to decide on names that he thought both him and Jasmine would like.

“Oliver,” He reads out, looking over to his wife as he looks at her reaction, Jasmine turning towards him.

“It’s a possibility, I don’t know. What do you think?” She questions, Anthony shrugging as he flips through the rest of the book.

“Noah,” Jasmine reads, Anthony looking over, shaking his head.

“I don’t like that one,” He admits, Jasmine laughing as she continues scrolling through the pages, reading out a few names while he read out a few more for them to add to the list as well.

“Maddox,” Anthony reads, Jasmine stopping her scrolling as she looks over at her husband, her eyebrows raising.

“Maddox Ramos,” She says out loud, a smile spreading across her face as Anthony smiles, nodding.

“I think we have a winner,” He smiles, Jasmine nodding in agreement as she leans back into the pillows, letting her hands rest against her bump for a moment.

“Now for girl names,” Anthony laughs, Jasmine groaning as she pushes herself to sit up, Googling girl names for them to decide on what they wanted.






“Aria.” Anthony stops trying to find another name when he hears Jasmine rattle off what felt like the millionth name that night, holding his hand out to stop her from going further.

“Aria Ramos,” He says out loud, Jasmine repeating it.

“I love it, it flows,” She smiles, Anthony nodding. He pulls her laptop off of her lap to lean over and kiss her, resting his hands against her cheeks.

“We have baby names, now we just need the baby to get here and everything will be perfect,” He whispers, leaning forward to kiss her again.

“Not soon enough,” She replies, her hands resting on her belly as she kisses her husband once more, praying that the next few months fly by, wanting more than anything to have their baby in her arms.