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Fan account of Det Går Bra

Our translator, Anna, got a chance to see Tarjei’s play in Oslo! Her account is below the cut. We want to remind people that this play is an exaggeration of truths in the actor’s lives. Tarjei is playing a ‘douchey’ version of himself etc. We do not know the extent of the truth behind his confessions in the play.

Trigger warnings for mentions of rape, please proceed with caution. 

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anonymous asked:

Can you tell us some facts about Tarjei?? I don't know much about him and since I saw you're one his fans I thought you could tell me something more!

Lmao I don’t know much either but sure why not lemme try ahahha

1) His full name Tarjei Sandvik Moe

2) He is 17 years old and his birthday is 24th May 1999

3) He is a theatre kid, he has always done plays, musicals, and theatre, but SKAM is his first official job as an actor.

4) He studies music, dance, and drama at Hartvig Nissens Skole, which is the exact same school used in SKAM. He’s also the same age as the character he plays.

5) It’s revealed in his current play “Det går bra” that he suffers from social anxiety since kindergarten. (This might be a character exaggeration for the play but it’s not that farfetched really) 

6) Hence why he does not have any public social media. He deleted his Instagram right before season 3 took off, and his Facebook is private apart from a few public posts.

7) He has 5 best friends which he goes to school with which is Rumen, David (Magnus on SKAM), Alfred, Jakob, and Shaun. I mention this because they’re kinda a clique lol. They are always together and there’s even a fan Instagram account dedicated to them called boyzsquad4443

8) Tarjei is relatively shy and awkward in fan encounters but he’s completely confident on stage performing.

9) He is currently filiming 2 shows which is season 4 of Skam, and Østkant/Vestkant, and he is performing in Antiteateret’s play “Det går bra”

10) He is nominated for Best Actor in Gullruten 2017!