names moe

hello everyone!

I’ve decided to join the studyblr community (cue applause) and I thought I’d introduce myself to you all.


My name is moe, I’m a sixteen year old girl from canadia🇨🇦. I’m in my second last year of high school right now and next year I plan to be studying abroad and finishing high in Europe! Also this is a side blog so I follow from @paperkltes.

fun facts

my favourite colour is red❤️ (although I also love all pastels)
have three dogs and I love them all more than I love myself🐶
I love painting (especially with watercolours) even though I’m not very good at it
skiing is my favourite thing to do
and I still have no idea what I want to do with my life

favourite studyblrs
@college-cafe @colormecosmic @eintsein @elkstudies @librarystudies @soymilkstudies @slytherin-study-ing @thecoffeedesk @sprouht-studies

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name: Marina and I love my name okay.
alias:  Moe, Molly, Momo and idek at times ppl calls me Vani but idek why,
gender: panda (?)
place of birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
spoken languages: English and Spanish, and everythin  I learnt from japanese it’s a mystery.
drink / smoke / drugs: I drink at times, not really an usually thing to do but when I do I enjoy it! well I am sure I will never get drunk so it’s all good, as for the others nope.
likes: Video games, anime, drawing, cats, stargazing, night sky, tiny animals, terror movies, cute accessories, ride on bicycle fuck yeah, swimming, nature, green spaces, black tea, etc.
fears: huge places at night, heights.
personality traits: cheerful, shy at first, supportive, caring, mama friend, jealous, posessive, patient af, energic, lazy butt

hair colour: dark brown-ish
eye colour: brown.
height: i’M SMOL OKAY.
tattoos: none
piercings: none

siblings: one older brother.
parents: dad and an uncle.
children: Michi & Naru are my fluffy children <3.

sexual preference: b o y s, like srsly gimme all the boys and fictional male characters.
relationship status: in love??? like??? yeah?? <3