Markiplier Compilation of Hearts and Heros: Mark Saying the Character Names

I’m going to blame Markiplier for this again. It was his idea. (I watched this Let’s play twice now, Mark.) I really liked it so it was pretty fun to edit. The original video is over 4 hours and this video is just whittled down to 5 minutes of him saying the names of the characters he made up himself. Sometimes the names looked painful to get out. Others flowed out nicely. Just having him say Tuump the whole time would not have felt right without all the other party members. Haha, I think he had too much fun saying all their names. So I guess this is really a big compilation of Mark making strange noises because he likes to hear himself talk.

Iron Enough to Make a Ring.

On your first day at Elsewhere, you tell them to call you Sun, after the girls you love. It’s ill-fitting, and it burns the roof of your mouth when you form the syllable of it. You suppose that makes it safer, but you still don’t like it. When you set foot on campus for the first time, the stone at your neck and the iron band on your pinky finger warm and grow cold, respectively. You smile, teeth poking into your bottom lip. You can’t see from this angle, but the blood that wells up there is a tad greener than it ought to be.

In your first year, you dorm in Greenwood Hall, on the fourth floor. It is uneventful, except for your weekly meeting with the crows. You tell them jokes and call them “cousins,” let your eyes fade from shifting hazel to raven-black when you speak with them. When you register for your Gods & Monsters class, you get an error message in place of a room number. When you try to visit the English building, you see why, but it doesn’t stop you from entering. Something inhuman at the back of your mind drives you forward and down—the human part is bucking wildly, screaming for you to go. As you have done most of your life, you ignore it.

The Wyrm does not recognize you right away (you’ve never met it, not this you), and you’re saddened, inexplicably. But after a few minutes, its eyes snap open.

It calls you by a name you recognize in a language you’ve yet to learn to speak, and you startle. It isn’t one you’ve used in lifetimes. It asks what you are, now, and you tell it to call you Sun.

It says, Not that. Which of the twelve.

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anonymous asked:

I came out to my friends and started going by a different name long before I came out to my parents but I feel bad about not letting them have any input on my new name, is it ok to have them choose my middle name?

Kii says:

If you want them to choose your middle name, then that’s fine!

Sedum acres

I have posted this little guy before, but the wikipedia page has been updated since then (yeah I use wikipedia, fight me). 

Here is a new list of real, official names for this plant:
Goldmoss Stonecrop
Mossy Stonecrop
Goldmoss Sedum
Biting Stonecrop

Welcome Home Husband Though Never So Drunk [citation needed]

Last time I posted this I was all about that Wallpepper. But that’s not a name, that’s a sentence! A name is a quick thing to identify, otherwise why not go with “small perennial type of yellow plant that is cute” as a name?

“Oh look mother, there are some what a piece of work is man how noble in reason how infinite in faculty in form and moving how express and admirable’s growing in this garden, my favorite!”


1. Garland Ironmonger is the best name I’ve ever seen.

2. I looked Mr. Ironmonger up and it turns out he grew up to be an honest to god fighter pilot.

3. COLONEL Ironmonger flew F-86 Sabres.

4. Garland Ironmonger: Sabrejet Pilot sounds like something straight out of a bad 70s sci-fi novel that I would totally read.

(source: The Newport News Daily Press, December 15, 1936.)

How to get used to your new name when you’re not out
  • Set Siri/Google Assistant/Cortana/etc. to use it.
  • Play a video game where you can name your character. (I recommend Animal Crossing since it uses your name very often. You can create up to four characters.)
  • Go to Starbucks and use your new name when the barista asks you for it.
  • Google Chrome allows you to change the name displayed on top of the screen without changing anything else. You can also create a new profile without having to create a new Google account.
  • Change the name of your Windows user account.

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when you’re choosing a new name you’re not obligated to choose one that’s the opposite of your given one.

if your given name was feminine, it’s okay to choose a new name that’s also feminine if you want to.

if your given  name was masculine, it’s okay to choose a new name that’s also masculine if you want to.

your gender identity, whatever it is, is no less valid because of the new name you decide to choose for yourself.

Not to be too cheesy but I just love the idea of trans/nb people choosing their own names. Its like thats your main identifier, even when you aren’t around, and the idea that you get to pick it yourself, whether its a 2 second process or a 10 year process, is just so amazing to me. You no longer carry a name that just holds meaning to someone else, you get to carry a name that means something to you in particular, even if the meaning is just “I feel like this fits me”

(YES, This applies no matter how you chose it !!) 

Signs as beautiful greek names (feminine)

Aries: Alexis - defender

Taurus: Phoebe - shining one

Gemini: Helen - bright, shining, torch

Cancer: Mellita - honey

Leo: Erika - work, power, strength

Virgo: Callisto - most beautiful

Libra: Irene - peace

Scorpio: Malaina - black flower

Sagittarius: Elissa - wanderer

Capricorn: Teodora - gift of God

Aquarius: Sofia - wisdom

Pisces: Barbara - foreign, strange

♡ tag yourself: cute names

love: overthinker, long baths with rose petals, sad yet powerful smiles, old libraries, often found staring at the stars, hands smudged with graphite, no sleep™️

honey: messy hair, loud yet beautiful laughter, bold colors, swirly handwriting, pink lipstick, wandering through art museums, dancing for no reason, vibrant dreams

sweetheart: summer breezes, compliments everyone, probably owns a pair of overalls, tea drinker, can’t sing for shit but still does anyway, favorite type of food is dessert

cutie: likes baking, says they’re stupid but is actually really damn smart, wants pastel hair, takes really nice notes, ice cream, favorite article of clothing is an oversized hoodie, pretty eyes

darling: s o f t, fav color is either yellow or pink, lots of flowers, wants to pet a cat, sleepy, actually has time to eat breakfast, rainy days, lip gloss