New art for the next Duel Deck, Mind vs. Might! Featuring Lovisa Coldeyes, she who was shanked by an icicle (who’d you know if you read my Ice Age series!) and Jhoira: student of Urza, namer of Karn, friend of Teferi, love of Jodah, and most importantly: Probably still alive.

Yeah. If we aren’t going back to Dominaria soon, Ill be shocked. These artworks are amazing.








Oh look who’s joined us? It’s thicc dragon loli

But this fake latina will have you crying to your mommy

Better make a reservation for your next mental hospital

Because I’m hitting these rhymes harder than your mother hits the bottle

You think you’re kawaii, you think you fake your race?

I faked my race 6 times over you pathetic mental case!

I’m ugly but at least I show my face, you’re in second place

Try and find someone who doesn’t know my name

Realize that 15 minutes of that shit you call fame

Is nothing compared to mine, I go to school with Baron Trump

I have people who’ll reblog when I fucking take a fucking dump!

I fucking doxxed myself for some gifts, go and try and be dumber

At the end of the day, you’re just that bitch from TUMBLR


… Sorry what was that? I think I heard my name

I got lost counting up how many followers I gained

Check my instagram and it may just hurt your brain!

I’m pretty sure you can’t count too high, a shame

But doing your race fractions had to count for something though

It adds up to 125%, wanna try a second go?

I may want people with aspd to commit suicide

But at least I don’t got shit to hide, should we count your lies?

At the end of the day I’ll be your demise, you had to apologize

How many times?

I guess I lost count of how much this bitch sold out!

While your mutuals keep blocking you, I’ll be here laughing

You talk about my editing like it’s a bad thing, you know what’s a sad thing?

You’re preaching to the choir 

I may do some editing but at least I’m not a LIAR.




Safe and Sound


Best friend’s sister


A spot on the backdrop of the universe

Body count (1/?)

Body count (2/?)


Getting to know Buck Barnes

Five times you were Switzerland and one time you weren’t

Twisted Destiny


What’s your name

Red Sweater

Everyone deserves a first Christmas


Living Nightmares


Curiosity killed the cat


Your Forever


Theme songs

Giggles, Sisters and pizza

Starlord (AKA Peter Quill)

Shining Stars

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Black Paladin Lance?

Okay.  Okay.  You didn’t know the can of worms you were about to open, and I’m sorry, but hoooooboy.

Watch me lose followers over this (especially if they started with the fucking lion swap post) but No Thank You.

Lance is not really Leadership, tbh.  I don’t want him to be, because it forces jamming that Fanon Woobie I’m So Perfect and Sad But No One Appreciates Me I’m Going To Wibble Sadly In The Corner While Being Perfect version of the character in the armor and position and asking to act totally contrary to canon because he’s the fandom baby and they want him to be The Best and therefore In Charge because god forbid the fucking show be about someone else for a little while.

Lance is the archetypal Lancer (fuck, if someone said the original version was the goddamn trope namer I’d believe them).   He forces Keith to stay on his toes as a leader, which is way more interesting than suddenly pretending Lance fits a SINGLE Black Lion trait (at least Keith is trying).  He’s waaaay more fun as an low-key antagonistic 2IC forcing everyone to step up their game.  

A ton of people complain that the Keith thing has no set up, but it does: an entire season’s worth, now.  This entire season was him growing as a character to at least approach the Black Paladin position.  We see him start to come to terms with it and work on it with Hunk (the best character to do so with).  Lance has ZERO of that build-up and for him to suddenly get the job would be crazy unsatisfying, no matter how many fans would go nuts.

Long story short: No.  You want Lance to lion swap?  Yellow.  Dude threw himself in front of an explosion for Coran, that’s Classic Yellow.

Even more flaty: Shiro should stay the fucking Black Paladin but that’s not even narrative that’s ‘I will fight the show’ but we’ll see

Can we as a fandom go back to treating Lance as the character he is rather than the archetype we want him to be?  Please?  So I can enjoy him again?

thehardheadedsteelhead  asked:

BMP-3 vs the technicality that is the Merkava?

I guess you meant the Namer 

And I mean, she’s an up-armored Merkava, already considered the best armored tank in the world, so she’s almost Sturmtiger-levels of ridiculous amounts of armor. 

But with just a miserable .50 machine gun, supported by a 60mm mortar, she can’t do shit against a BMP, where the BMP can at least try using her cannon-fired AT missiles to try and dent her.

So really, it’s basically a tie. 

Hey taylorswift! I’m getting my first car, and this is it, but I’m having a bit of trouble; I don’t know what her name should be. Now, I have a couple of ideas that I’ve worked on with my sister, but I just don’t feel like they fit. So I’ve come to you, the almighty naming master of piglets and dance moves, to help me out on naming my first car. So if you see this, and you think of any names that reach out to you, would you please give me a yell (or alternatively a reply) - because something as big as this cannot be taken lightly and I must look to the experts for advice. Thank you for helping me out - you magical lyricist. Xx Talia


IDF Achzarit Heavy APC

The Achzarit (”cruel” in Hebrew) is a modification of the T-54/55 tank, removing the turret and re-configuring the insides to create a heavily armored APC for urban conditions. The Achzarit acts as a sort of cheaper alternative of the similar Namer heavy APC based off the indigenous Merkava chassis. It’s mainly armed with a single .50-cal M2 Browning and two 7.62mm MGs, but an Achzarit equipped with  RCWS-90 mounting a 20mm autocannon has been seen.

anonymous asked:

Your request are open, I'm so glad ! Hope you don't mind if I ask something, I love your blog so much ! <3 I was wondering, how the UA's boys would names their gf or if they gives them a nickname how would it be like ? I'm sorry if it's kinda stupid or somewhat but I'm really curious :') By the way, sorry for my grammar and keep the great work, you're awesome !! Thank you ! <3

The biggest pet-namers are definitely Kaminari and Kirishima. No shame, they’ll call their s/o any number of cheesy nicknames. It’s almost sickening how fucking sweet they are. You might have to tell them to stop.

Names: Sweetie, hon, babe, baby, etc

Midoriya and Iida are more likely to use pet names in private, since they aren’t big on PDA. They’ll be laying with their s/o and just mumble something like “love you, dear.” Or other subtle nicknames like that.

Todoroki doesn’t really get pet names that much, he just thinks they’re a little extra. He’s not big on them, but if he knows you like them he’ll call you pretty much anything you want.

Bakugou refuses. He won’t do it. Fuck you.

Nisam želela da znam. Nisam želela da saznam ništa što me može povrediti, uznemiriti, potresti. Želela sam da budem pošteđena. I bila sam. Mene niko nije prevario, niko me nije izdao, gotovo da mogu reći da me nije čak ni ostavio bez moje prethodne odluke. Ali ipak, bez obzira na to… saznala sam sve ono što nisam želela da znam. 

Dečko koga si volela, voleo je nekog drugog. Ljudi koji su trebali uvek da budu tu, otišli su. One koje si zamišljala kao kumove svojoj deci, nestali su. Saznala si da te je dečko koga si volela godinama lagao. Poklonila si poverenje nekome kome nije trebalo. Onako usput čula si s kim si se to “kresnula” i porekla si kao da hladnom oštricom noža presecaš stabljiku cveta. Dečko koji je izgledao tako dobrodušno, ispao je kreten. Gledala si na koje sve načine ljudi koji se navodno vole varaju jedni druge. Gledala si drugarice koje se ponižavaju “zbog ljubavi”. Sada su u srećnoj vezi. Ili možda ipak nisu? Ne bi ti tu cenu nikad platila, ni zbog kakve veze. Na dan svog najvećeg uspeha, napila si se sama u kafani. Ne veruješ u 70 % onoga što ti ljudi govore. U obećanje poveruješ, pa se razočaraš. Ne zanima te većina onog što ti ljudi govore. Voliš da budeš sama. Zaneseš se nekim, brzo se i ohladiš. Malo koga nazivaš svojim. Malo koga nazivaš prijateljem. Ne veruješ ni u kakvu trajnost. Ne veruješ u dobre namere. Negde u dubini duše znaš da ljudi više brinu za tebe, nego ti za njih. 

Saznala si sve što nisi želela da znaš. Saznala sam sve što nisam želela da znam. Meni niko nije slomio srce. Ali moje srce se promenilo. 

Every priesthood has what we call mandates - laws handed down by the gods themselves to those who serve them. In most temples, these are complex, messy, annoying things. In the priesthood of the Benefactor, things are easy. We only have two. The first one is, THIEVES PROSPER. Simple as that. We’re ordered to aid one another, hide one another, make peace whenever possible and see to it that our kind flourishes, by hook, or by crook… ”
  “But the second mandate,” said Chains, lowering his voice and glancing around in the fog to make double sure that were not overheard, “is this - THE RICH REMEMBER”.
  “Remember what?”
  “That they’re not invincible. That locks can be picked and treasures can be stolen. Nara, Mistress of Ubiquitous Maladies, may Her hand be stayed, sends disease among men so that men will never forget that they are not gods. We’re sort of like that, for the rich and powerful. We’re the stone in their shoe, the thorn in their flesh, a little bit of reciprocity this side of divine judgement.
—  Scott Lynch, Red Seas Under Red Skies