The prototype of the tank “Merkava” Mk 4 in the Museum of armored forces of the IDF at Latrun
Basket for the property and chain fence of the turret of the tank “Merkava” Mk 4
The hatch of the tank commander Merkava Mk 4
Armour cap combined gunner’s sight of the tank “Merkava” Mk 4
Main battle tank Merkava Mk 4. Clearly visible is the roof of the tower and changed
the roof of the MTO
Heavy APC “Namer”

Hey taylorswift! I’m getting my first car, and this is it, but I’m having a bit of trouble; I don’t know what her name should be. Now, I have a couple of ideas that I’ve worked on with my sister, but I just don’t feel like they fit. So I’ve come to you, the almighty naming master of piglets and dance moves, to help me out on naming my first car. So if you see this, and you think of any names that reach out to you, would you please give me a yell (or alternatively a reply) - because something as big as this cannot be taken lightly and I must look to the experts for advice. Thank you for helping me out - you magical lyricist. Xx Talia

(TRANS) Haru*Hana Vol. 22 - BTS 2/3/4 Shot Member Talk

V x Jin x Jungkook
Q: The origin of your name?
V: My real name is Kim Taehyung and Chinese characters is 金泰亨. The ‘亨’ means all wishes come true. It has the meaning of even if I encounter something difficult, I will be able to pass it smoothly. My grandfather is a (professional) namer. He was the one that gave me my name. The meaning of my dad’s and my name is very similar.

Jungkook: My real name is Jeon Jungkook and Chinese characters is 田柾国. My grandfather, who has past away, gave me the name. I don’t know the origin of it (laughs).

Jin: My real name is Kim Seokjin and Chinese characters is 金硕珍. My grandfather gave me that name and it means “to become a huge treasure.” I really like it!

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